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Marked unsafe by 63.141.xx.xx
about 3 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 166.70.xx.xx
about 4 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 209.234.xx.xx
about 7 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 47.38.xx.xx
about 7 hours ago
Marked safe by 208.98.xx.xx
about 9 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 65.132.xx.xx
about 10 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 49.248.xx.xx
about 10 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 142.68.xx.xx
about 10 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 49.248.xx.xx
about 11 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 65.110.xx.xx
about 12 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 49.248.xx.xx
about 12 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 159.121.xx.xx
about 13 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 69.244.xx.xx
about 14 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 71.73.xx.xx
about 14 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 71.217.xx.xx
about 15 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 172.58.xx.xx
about 16 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 107.77.xx.xx
about 16 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 174.226.xx.xx
about 17 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 75.76.xx.xx
about 18 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 65.30.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 27.50.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 172.112.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 173.75.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 104.34.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 50.38.xx.xx
about 3 days ago
Marked unsafe by 104.230.xx.xx
about 3 days ago
Marked unsafe by 68.107.xx.xx
about 3 days ago
Marked unsafe by 99.248.xx.xx
about 3 days ago
Marked unsafe by 174.217.xx.xx
about 3 days ago
Marked unsafe by 96.88.xx.xx
about 3 days ago
Marked unsafe by 198.96.xx.xx
about 4 days ago
Marked unsafe by 174.229.xx.xx
about 4 days ago
Marked unsafe by 49.248.xx.xx
about 4 days ago
Marked safe by 174.114.xx.xx
about 4 days ago
Marked unsafe by 68.71.xx.xx
about 4 days ago
Marked unsafe by 68.71.xx.xx
about 4 days ago
Marked safe by 99.255.xx.xx
about 4 days ago
Marked safe by 12.181.xx.xx
about 4 days ago
Marked unsafe by 107.193.xx.xx
about 5 days ago
Marked unsafe by 174.253.xx.xx
about 5 days ago
Recent Comments
Всё просто — Для получения вашего кэшбэка Нужно лишь зарегистрироваться затем, п... Read More
about 2 hours ago (Kenaoxync)
Received a call, similar. Phone #202-470-4016 guys name was Agent David Sosa. Referred me to SotoandSmithlawfirm. Same spiel. Got me for a bunch of mo... Read More
about 3 hours ago (Received a call from 202-470-4016)
Same here. July 2019. Glad I was smart enough to *67 the number then google it. Glad I found this forum. They are relentless I see. Postcard going in ... Read More
about 4 hours ago (Angie)
For several years, these people call for someone who has never lived here. I did speak to them a few times, and told them such, but this doesn't chang... Read More
about 4 hours ago (John Clay)
And actions filed on your Social Security number for fraudulent activities so when you get this message kindly call back at the earliest possible on o... Read More
about 4 hours ago (Gabby)
"Received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there is a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for crimi... Read More
about 4 hours ago (datamine)
Robo Called about someone using my social security number and that I would get in trouble if I didnt call the number they gave me back.
about 5 hours ago (Scott)
No idea who it is. Usually i dont answer unknowns unless they leave a message, this time I did and they sat there silent for 15 seconds while i repeat... Read More
about 5 hours ago (Jimby)
Message states "We have received orders to suspend your social security number on an immediate basis as your social has been found suspicious for exhi... Read More
about 6 hours ago (Holly S.)
This # calls several times a day sometimes every 2 min.
about 6 hours ago (Lynn)
about 6 hours ago (Daji)
The "federal" are not "working this scam call". This is a scammer pretending to be the government.
about 6 hours ago (Tygerkat)
Which, according to law must be done in writing. It would be up to the DC to honor a verbal request since they are not required to do so.
about 7 hours ago (BigA)
Three calls today, claiming my SSN has unusual activity so I should suspend it by pressing 1. Two other numbers called earlier, same message; blocked ... Read More
about 7 hours ago (TamiB)
unwanted calls from this phone number daily, interested in purchasing my property in Florida. I own no property in Florida. Suspect that it's a scam/r... Read More
about 7 hours ago (john)
If you choose to answer, ask CBCS Collections to validate the debt that they are contacting you about
about 7 hours ago (Joseph Ortega)
Like you to text me at this cell phone number
about 8 hours ago (Darrell Dean Conover )
Robocalling scammer, do not answer.
about 8 hours ago (Curmudgeon)
I am getting the same message as everyone else. They will debit my account $399.99 tomorrow morning to renew my subscription for three years.
about 8 hours ago (Jo)
Wanted to value our business. Told them we were not interested. Kept talking, got pushy. I told them I was not going to play their game. He started in... Read More
about 8 hours ago (Not going to fall for this)

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