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Marked unsafe by 99.31.xx.xx
about 3 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 68.3.xx.xx
about 4 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 67.245.xx.xx
about 4 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 207.189.xx.xx
about 5 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 107.242.xx.xx
about 5 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 84.133.xx.xx
about 7 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 74.127.xx.xx
about 9 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 107.77.xx.xx
about 23 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 73.234.xx.xx
about 23 hours ago
Marked unsafe by 69.156.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 172.58.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 99.101.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 184.88.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked safe by 96.23.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 174.68.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 65.95.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 108.210.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 73.124.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 174.207.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 173.52.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 72.49.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 73.196.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked unsafe by 156.111.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked safe by 207.195.xx.xx
about 1 day ago
Marked safe by 66.91.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 221.121.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 76.121.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 71.59.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 76.167.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 172.56.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 97.87.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 66.87.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 174.68.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 174.20.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 49.146.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 69.130.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked unsafe by 142.150.xx.xx
about 2 days ago
Marked safe by 99.224.xx.xx
about 3 days ago
Marked unsafe by 24.66.xx.xx
about 3 days ago
Marked unsafe by 12.231.xx.xx
about 3 days ago
Recent Comments
Received the same number and not fallin for it!!! Call someone else!!!
about 3 hours ago (P Young)
Have no reason to be calling me, number is unlisted online.
about 4 hours ago (Bob)
Some guy leaves several messages per day saying he is coming to my workplace to kill me and many other coworkers.
about 4 hours ago (Joahna)
As I do not live in CA nor do I have any relatives or business in that state, I have blocked ALL California area codes! My house is now blessedly peac... Read More
about 5 hours ago (Old Lady)
Calls several times during the week & weekends . Got a robo message saying to wait for the next available rep. Guy gets on told him NOT to call again.... Read More
about 5 hours ago (Kasey)
they call every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times, no name on CID, I never answer, drives me crazy!!
about 5 hours ago (P. Denk)
Scammers calling over a holiday weekend.
about 5 hours ago (David)
Contacted this individual (identifies as Stevens) re rental home on Craigslist. Asked me to deposit rent and security deposit remotely. When insisted ... Read More
about 5 hours ago (Renter)
these are nigerian scammers also 2818215341 has same ip address 218 Remington heights htown,tx77073/2819428193 jean Robert ar... Read More
about 5 hours ago (Jean robert)
wants to buy house
about 5 hours ago (anon)
May 26, 2019, @ 2:06pm. The second call from this number Calling on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society.
about 6 hours ago (Patricia)
Tons of Numbers
about 6 hours ago (Billy Bob)
Caller said they were from social security office.
about 6 hours ago (Kris krueger)
SCAM. Never answer my phone anymore if I dont recognize the number.
about 7 hours ago (113.22.xx.xx)
Got same call and message today. Obviously da SCAM. Never answer my phone anymore if I dont recognize the number.
about 7 hours ago (Louise)
Robocaller has called me twice, second time stating my soc had been given to them by the agency. Something they will -never- do. Rated +5 for scammin... Read More
about 7 hours ago (Anonymous)
Called on 5/25/2019 at 11:54 AM. Left a message in a prerecorded deep male voice, as follows: Long pause, then, \"Hello, is Katie there?\" then hangs ... Read More
about 7 hours ago (Pup314)
I got the same call from national disability. Amy said I applied on I told her this is a recorded phone call she hung up now. If they are ... Read More
about 8 hours ago (Cathleen)
He tried the same thing on me they ebay. Im in GA. But I did manage to find his email address:
about 8 hours ago (Larry)
This number is ComWave trying to get you to switch to ComWave, from what I have heard about them I would not buy there package, nothing but trouble.
about 8 hours ago (Ken)

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