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Caller ID

(209) 301-8727

Public Information
Area Code (NPA): 209
Exchange (NXX): 301
Full Phone Number 209-301-8727
Country USA - California (Lodi, Merced, Modesto)

Reports and Comments about 209-301-8727

Most Recent Reports
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.217.31 about 11 months ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.176.244 about 1 year ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.20.82 about 2 years ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.105.223 about 2 years ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.30.129 about 2 years ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.79.105 about 2 years ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.196.69 about 2 years ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.128.2 about 2 years ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.166.111 about 2 years ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.204.182 about 2 years ago
  • C avatar


    about 1 year ago

    SCAM ! Robo call claiming to be the authorities who will arrest me. Don't fall for it.

  • Bland avatar


    about 1 year ago

    I got a robotic voicemail from a 209-301-8779 notifying me of the following: "my tax filings will be expired in 24 hours and afterwards I will be taken into custody because there are serious allegations against me." Okay, FIRST this makes no sense because: 1) I have not done my taxes yet. 2) If there was any allegations, I would first be notified in writing...which I wasn't. 3) In the US, the IRS is not quick to put people in custody over taxes without having multiple conversations and attempts to resolve the matter with you first. The IRS just want their money, they're not about putting people in jail so quickly. Jail time will come after years of IRS inquiries and failed collection attempts. The average American usually will just have to pay a penalty or back taxes (if any). So basically, what I'm saying is that this is clearly a scam and not a very smart one.

  • Deborah avatar


    about 2 years ago

    Call this morning from this number. Total scam, IRS sends certified letters to contact a person.

  • PSP avatar


    about 2 years ago

    It's a SCAM. Stating they are with the IRS

  • Marlena avatar


    about 2 years ago

    IRS SCAM. Do not call or provide any information.

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    about 17 minutes ago

    "it is very important that you look into this for me". This is a phone number look-up site. That's all. No one here can "look into this" for you or an...

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    about 47 minutes ago

    I don't know this phone number or why keep call me every day it is very important that you look into this for me

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    about 5 hours ago

    Dead air.

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