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Caller ID

(315) 803-5949

Public Information
Area Code (NPA): 315
Exchange (NXX): 803
Full Phone Number 315-803-5949
Country USA - New York (Syracuse, Utica)

Reports and Comments about 315-803-5949

Most Recent Reports
Reported as unsafe by 71.90.xx.xx about 11 days ago

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Recent Comments

  • Cynthia JACKSON
    about 2 minutes ago

    Keep calling from different number and not leaving a message !

  • Brandi Kayhill
    about 7 minutes ago

    The phone number has a heavily accented person trying to scam rental money out of people.

  • JK
    about 10 minutes ago

    I've gotten three calls from this number in the past 45 minutes. Phone only rings twice then stops

  • Sam
    about 12 minutes ago

    Pretended to be an ex harassing me and attempted blackmail me with nude photos, but did not say who they were.

  • Nancy
    about 19 minutes ago

    No msg left. Blocked

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