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Caller ID

(807) 770-0451

Public Information
Area Code (NPA): 807
Exchange (NXX): 770
Full Phone Number 807-770-0451

Reports and Comments about 807-770-0451

Most Recent Reports
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.231.37 about 11 months ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.31.34 about 12 months ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.227.97 about 1 year ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.228.92 about 1 year ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.240.207 about 1 year ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.45.97 about 1 year ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.223.226 about 1 year ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.79.194 about 1 year ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.196.178 about 1 year ago
Reported as unsafe by xx.xx.98.170 about 1 year ago
  • Cristina avatar


    about 11 months ago

    HUGE scam. I have emails to prove and text messages.

  • Tanya avatar


    about 1 year ago

    This is a scam. ad said the dog is in Hamilton Ontario but when I inquired they said they moved to BC and if I send money they will ship the dog. Also every time they send me a text they type (ok) which also tells me some of these reviews are written from the scammer. Please do NOT send them money!!

  • Stacey Jariett avatar

    Stacey Jariett

    about 1 year ago

    Scam! Buyer Beware!!! They are advertising on many sale sites that they are selling puppies. The ad stated they were located in North Vancouver. My little boy got his hopes up, only to be devastated when these scammers began to call us at 3 am. They had strong accents and were NOT from Vancouver. Puppies were advertised at 600$. Upon researching, we found that they used the same pics on different sites and said they were from whatever area the ad was for. Shame on these lowlifes. Another Nigerian scam.

  • Na avatar


    about 1 year ago

    This is a scam the people that wrote good comments probably came from him.

  • Report SCAMS avatar

    Report SCAMS

    about 1 year ago

    this is a scam all the way avoid contacting

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Recent Comments

  • Tariq Sultan avatar
    Tariq Sultan
    about 12 hours ago

    Ivetee is the owner of this phone number. December 16, 2019 was the last day she appeared in WhatsApp. Today is January 19, 2020. Can you please ...

  • X avatar
    about 17 hours ago

    message says: X, your move is coming up soon. Please call me 972-510-2010 or click here aptmovers.com to get your discounted move rates. Amy

  • James avatar
    about 18 hours ago

    Unsolicited calls to minors, unknown caller seeks personal information and data, appears to be recruiting for something. Does not accept return calls ...

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