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Google wants to help block robocalls

Google has a new tool to help deal with the ongoing epidemic of robocalls.

The company on Tuesday announced a feature that lets people answer calls with an automated system — a virtual assistant that deals with unwanted phone spam. The feature, "Call Screen," will be available in the upcoming Pixel 3 smartphone.

"When you get that call, and you can't or don't want to pick up, just tap the screen call button and your phone will answer for you and ask who's calling and why," Liza Ma, product manager at Google, said during the company's annual "Made By Google" event.

The program then provides a real-time transcription, leaving users with the option to pick up the call.

"You can decide whether to pick up, send a quick reply or mark the call as spam," Ma said. "You will never have to talk to another telemarketer."

The feature uses Google Assistant, the company's artificial intelligence system that can understand human speech.
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    Got a call today, no message. I assume it's spam.

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