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By: Wade 2018-10-06 14:12:01

Louisiana secretary of state warns of potential voter scam

Louisiana's chief election officer is warning residents of a potential scam to get sensitive information from would-be voters following similar concerns in several other states.

The scam involves a caller claiming to work for a voter registration assistance organization. The callers offer to register residents over the phone and in some cases to send the voter an absentee ballot, said Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin.

According to state law, residents can't register to vote or request an absentee ballot by phone. Registration and requesting an absentee ballot, however, can be done online, in person or by mail.

The voter scam has been confirmed in several states — including neighboring Mississippi. There are no reports of these calls being made in Louisiana yet, Ardoin said in an interview Tuesday.

"Social media is (also) susceptible to deceiving voters. There's some nefarious actors up there that we are told might try to disrupt the election by putting out false information with regard to polling location changes or voting hour changes," he said. "We're asking voters to make certain that they come to trusted sites like the Secretary of State's Office."
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  • Z avatar
    about 6 hours ago

    I got the same exact text message. word by word and the same number

  • AB avatar
    about 6 hours ago

    Just called this Sunday evening (6-16-19). Caller ID now changed to "calltrol_123". No message, of course.

  • Tygerkat avatar
    about 7 hours ago

    Of course it's a scan! By the way, if your calls are coming from Chicago, why are you in this thread, which is clearly for a D.C. phone number?

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