People on this thread are dumb. So after a year of nobody posting about this number, you thought to show up and let us all know your dating someone wh... Read More
about 3 hours ago (MikeHuntleton)
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about 5 hours ago (ブランドスーパーコピー)
Called April 2 2020 6:58 CST, Caller ID indicated a VOIP "+19729417877". Called twice in a row, no message. Spam.
about 6 hours ago (Spameater)
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about 8 hours ago (腕時計ショップ)
esto me parece un robo... o un engao
about 9 hours ago (Alezx)
If you get this text on thursday 4/2 you do not have an extension and are dispatched for pick up today call blake at rapid 954-519-4040
about 10 hours ago (izzy)
Called me cell. And left odd voicemail: Transcript Beta: Call list press three we did not receive a valid entry please try again. ? WTF?
about 10 hours ago (Jules)
Call went to voicemail, no message left. ATT flagged the call as "spam risk".
about 10 hours ago (JoeKier)
They call and dont say anything
about 10 hours ago (Linda Torres)
Called - No message left. I do have a parent in assisted living situation. Agree with others it could be a scam.
about 11 hours ago (Partzhead)
total scammer!!! its okay... God has a way of making things even out! Karma will get him sooner rather than later!
about 11 hours ago (Mg)
That's weird, as I have relatives in Haverhill, Lawrence, and Lowell, lol. (But my caller ID also said "Tyngsboro" which I've never heard of in my lif... Read More
about 11 hours ago (ChristyD)
Phoney scam call.
about 12 hours ago (Bill)
about 13 hours ago (Had Enough Of This [***])
long annoying political message
about 13 hours ago (Vlad)
These mf'ers said they are erc but i googled it and they were not the number
about 14 hours ago (Mary chapple)
call came in @ 11.01am, 4/2/2020. No message left. Caller ID: Insurance Saver (I can bet it's a telemarketer)
about 14 hours ago (Wendy)
Calls and does not leave message. Just long recorded pause, I called and it is Home Advisor double checking a review.
about 14 hours ago (Pamela)
Called about a job I didn't apply for and was very rude and unprofessional. Confused on why I would ask for the job description and talked over me whe... Read More
about 15 hours ago (Barbara)
Keeps calling even though I've asked them to stop.
about 15 hours ago (MG)
It was a text from warranty people to rate my experience with the technician that fixed my refrigerator.
about 16 hours ago (Tina)
Blocked, as I do with all numbers and names that I don't recognize.
about 16 hours ago (oldthing)
This number has called 20 times in the last 5 days. I blocked after the 1st call, so all I see is missed calls. Geez...enough already!
about 17 hours ago (Tired of Scam Calls)
This is a legitimate recorded call from Connecticut Orthopaedics, asking patients with appointments to reschedule if they are experiencing cough, feve... Read More
about 17 hours ago (Zanny)
I live in Jamaica and this number has called me 4 times in the last 3 days. all of which I did not answer.
about 17 hours ago (Natalee )
Independence Blue across- most likely a solicitor for health insurance. They called me 2 times yesterday 4/1/20. Cousins in that area. Though it was a... Read More
about 19 hours ago (Nicole)
Many calls to my cell phone from this number. Is from (or at least the caller says so) American Van Lines calling to give me an estimate for my move f... Read More
about 24 hours ago (Yulondi)
I have had them call everyday asking for ss no or bank account no! When I asked whats it in relation to they couldnt answer, said he was based in the ... Read More
about 24 hours ago (Eileen)
The caller ID presents "Cleveland, OH"; however, they left NO message. Most likely, this is a scammer, and I wasn't around to answer. Hucksters are ou... Read More
about 24 hours ago (Scam_Fighter)
I didn't answer it, and they left a dial tone on my answering machine.
about 24 hours ago (Mad Dog Mc Fist)
Caller left voicemail in Chinese, scam call.
about 24 hours ago (John)
Number called. No one responds if you answer.
about 24 hours ago (Honor)
Left voice mail message regarding auto insurance info
about 24 hours ago (T B)
I returned their call...but it wouldn't go through. So I sent a text message...but it "couldn't be delivered".
about 24 hours ago (Grandmother)
Has left a cut-up message that my Credit Card will be charged $299.00 for some subscription.
about 24 hours ago (Christy)
You lie and stop living denial you mentally ill moron
about 24 hours ago (Anonymous)
I live in Windsor Ontario, how will I be able fo buy the dog ?
about 1 day ago (Rani)
My caller ID says only "Wilmington MA". I've received three calls from the above number today, four calls yesterday, and 3 calls on 3/26. Never leaves... Read More
about 2 days ago (Scoop)
Repeated calls from San Antonio. Numbers change slightly. Do not leave a message. Tonight they called at 8:45.
about 2 days ago (JKO)
Claim of a $130 Costco card for filling out a survey. Obvious spam.
about 2 days ago (Dave)
sends spam cell phone texts
about 2 days ago (reporter)
This number coming up as RES has called here 71 times today. Leaves no message.
about 2 days ago (Joe K.)
He says he is from the Justice Department and wants to know about calls I am getting about sweepstakes winnings.
about 2 days ago (Penny Jack)
Carpetbagger called demanding to speak to the person that handles that PG&E Bill - Clearly a scammer - AVOID
about 2 days ago (Carpetbagger Basher)
Received calls on the number from justice department and attorney. Funny both calls came from same number. Bunch of scammers
about 2 days ago (Henry)
Oil investment call. If youre not looking to invest, ignore. If you have an itch, give it a listen.
about 2 days ago (Stephen)
I just received 1 ring from this number. They didnt leave a message.
about 2 days ago (William)
Selling ad space to Relators
about 2 days ago (Realtor)
Text from Emily from VBC Research. Asking for a yes or no response to re-elect President Trump.
about 2 days ago (Enough)
Left a voicemail of typing noises.
about 2 days ago (And another call)
Said I had 2 felony charges against me for debt collection
about 2 days ago (Mike )
Unsolicited, unidentified SCAMMER or FRAUD caller from an unregistered number did not leave a message. Call in violation of the National Do Not Call r... Read More
about 2 days ago (Maddas L.)
Theyve been calling me since 2019, several times a week and sometimes two or three times a day! Never leave a message. Tried calling them back and got... Read More
about 2 days ago (Jenna )
Received six calls in a little over two hours. All went to my answering machine. No messages left.
about 3 days ago (G.T. )
Scammer about auto warranty
about 3 days ago (Tamara)
Guy want to send a free sample of bed bugs cover Caller Id Evans John
about 3 days ago (joe)
everyday a call from this number. no message
about 3 days ago (sandy)
They text asking for my ex sister in law to call them back.
about 3 days ago (Annoyed)
Scammer asking for social security number!!!!!! I think due to stimulus checks!!!!! I do not do business with anyone in Florida!!!!
about 3 days ago (Aloysius Korenkiewicz)
Unknown number. Called it back and it was busy
about 3 days ago (Donna)
Thanks for the heads up! I received asimular message, my husband says says just ignore it, by calling them theyll probably get me to join something or... Read More
about 3 days ago (Eidy Monteclaro)
They have taken 1000$ from me and i haven't received the puppy
about 3 days ago (xx.xx.231.34)
Llamada estafa
about 3 days ago (Anonimo)
Abusive robocaller.
about 3 days ago (Abigail)
This wants you to believe its the Republican National Committee.. IT IS NOT.. its is the National Research Committee.. they are doing back handed poll... Read More
about 3 days ago (DL 1)
Called is 970-233-8369. Scam!
about 3 days ago (CTC)
Hi, I was wondering if there are any puppies left?
about 3 days ago (Adriana Cedilot )
Almost daily caller to my Verizon landline. Caller ID states it is a Spam call from Acton, MA
about 4 days ago (Killarney)
Since I do not live near richmond, Va, Not sure why they called me. Alas, for them, I have only two children, and I know where they are. Also, If some... Read More
about 4 days ago (Grickerti)
Called our cell. We did not answer. They left no msg.
about 4 days ago (wj)
Says Express Script, called number back and they asked if I wanted help refilling a medication that I had received last week. I have never had a refil... Read More
about 4 days ago (Brenda )
Scam / Phony utilities poll
about 4 days ago (Chris)
Some car warranty scam
about 4 days ago (Sr)
They called, left no message. Called them back....... Hello, we are MDS communications. We are a non profit organization. they are now call blocked on... Read More
about 4 days ago (Don B)
about 4 days ago (GUEST)
Called four times in a row said I requested insurance when I didnt Im only 17
about 4 days ago (Meredith )
Keeps calling and leaves no message. I see where some say it is a debt collector. If that were true wouldnt they leave a message?
about 4 days ago (Doug)
Was text about needing an officiant. He mailed a check to my house and asked to deposit it and send money via PayPal to a videographer which I did. He... Read More
about 4 days ago (Mike Romano)
Call Hang Up
about 4 days ago (Aquarobic Services)
this caller said they were from the health dept. Then they asked me how I was doing. I said fine. then I asked them how they were doing and they hung ... Read More
about 4 days ago (ted)
Good to see why Im getting phone calls from this number everyday. I also started getting calls from this number after I cancelled Direct TV. Never had... Read More
about 4 days ago (Molly)
about 4 days ago (Jimy)
Called landline 12:33am (after mid nite) on a Sunday night, what the ...? No message.
about 4 days ago (just a mom)
I called back, its about a newspaper subscription. Blocking for sure
about 4 days ago (Jonathan)
A/O 3-28 I have received 13 calls from this #. I just ignore and do not answer the phone !!! I have also received other calls from area code 202. ie: ... Read More
about 4 days ago (Louis)
The NRCC has no shame. Stop the calling immediately and forever! Only call people who actually want your calls, likely less that .1%. People have far ... Read More
about 4 days ago (Fred)
Hello baby : I know I will be all right. Mom send her prayers and love
about 4 days ago (Jean)
Block them , I pay 4 a month and the cell company blocks unknown numbers immediately
about 4 days ago (Gidalti Gonzalez)
NRCC: national republican congressional committee, NO message, SCAM, ROBO, BLOCKED
about 5 days ago (cheesehead)
Here it is March 28, 2020 and these jerks are still harassing people across the country! Called Saturday evening at 7:12 pm EDT. A ROBOCALL CHARITY SC... Read More
about 5 days ago (Jack Malone)
Get the calls all the time and have it blocked
about 5 days ago (Jim)
constantly sendind text k to me
about 5 days ago (al o)
202 7652832 dont answer i have message that says i dont answer unknowen calls if your scaer or telemarkerter im on the do not call list they dont leav... Read More
about 5 days ago (marlene)
Called cellphone on dnc registry .no caller id. No message. BLOCKED!!!
about 5 days ago (Snort )
Misleading company with many lawsuits and questionable collection tactics. Someone shut this company down
about 6 days ago (Gerald)
Also said I won 7.5 million and a new car
about 6 days ago (Tennessee resident )
Has called repeatably ten times in a row Guy says he is with the Gov health services Goes How r u today on recorded message. Scam calls
about 6 days ago (rhonda L nelson)
this number calls me several times a day when I answer they hang up.
about 6 days ago (jeff)
Got a call from this number and blocked it. Came up on Caller ID as follows: Encinal TX 956-758-8010
about 6 days ago (Sandy)
I just got one to . It said heres your prescription card ... I do take prescriptions . And dont have insurance. Has to be a scam .
about 6 days ago (Bo)
Total Scam. Do not believe one thing they tell you. Could seem like its true but they hack people.
about 6 days ago (N/A)
call to my cell, no meg left. likely spam, thanks for posting... now blocked
about 6 days ago (leed)
Call from an unknown and spoofed NJ # that left no message. Scam.
about 6 days ago (Walt)
Male called and said "we received a personal file on you this morning." Then he tried to get additional information from me to "confirm" it was me. A ... Read More
about 6 days ago (Dodged a Scammer)
Constantly getting robocalls from this area code.
about 6 days ago (Robert)
Robo call didn't answer on call back
about 7 days ago (robert smith)
Its a collection call for St Jo
about 7 days ago (Samantha )
Person claiming to be a Patrick Bryan working dept of treasury.
about 7 days ago (Bernard)
Left a message. Calling about my cancelled Norwegian cruise
about 7 days ago (AA)
Caller said their name was Monica and that she is a vacation specialist.
about 7 days ago (DHB)
Man asked for me about a car warranty. Told him he should be staying at home and keeping everyone else safe then hung up.
about 7 days ago (ANNOYED)
about 7 days ago (J. Bring)
Well known scam outfit. If those were actually "realty" debts then you would have had a lien against the property and would not have needed a collecti... Read More
about 7 days ago (BigA)
Anonymous caller
about 7 days ago (HK)
Called twice in a row. When I answered each time you could tell someone was on the line but didn't say anything and eventually hung up.
about 7 days ago (Dana)
Warranty scam. Call 970-691-4338.
about 7 days ago (*)
IRS scam said they we gonna sue me, and had an arrest warrant in my name. SCAMMERS, hung up and BLOCKED number. Why don't these people GET A LIFE.
about 7 days ago (Cesar)
Caller ID reads: NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee)
about 7 days ago (Festus)
I get a large number of calls from 972-737-xxxx with the last 4 numbers always different. I don't answer the number any more. They don't leave a messa... Read More
about 7 days ago (Curmudgeon)
I'm almost 100% sure this is a scammer. They keep sending me text messages saying my renewal payment is over due but neglect to tell me what kind of r... Read More
about 7 days ago (AC Brewer)
More of automated Joni Ernst with some codswollop about a telephone town meeting, or somerhing.
about 7 days ago (EmotionalProblems)
Calls every 5 mins even on blocked
about 7 days ago (Nichol Forte)
Don't be scammed by a puppy scam for someone with cancer who needs you to only pay adoption fees, and they will try to get more money for a special cr... Read More
about 7 days ago (tdn)
This is a fax machine that is calling numbers over and over - i faxed back a sheet of paper asking them to stop but that number calls us about every 3... Read More
about 7 days ago (madaline williams)
I've messaged a few of the ads and received the exact same message back from each, yet they have different phone numbers and are all different breeds ... Read More
about 7 days ago (xx.xx.205.18)
Calls, asks for me, hangs up.
about 7 days ago (Cynthia)
Has tried calling numerous times.
about 7 days ago (Cheryl)
Phone rang a few times and as I went to answer it they hung up. Called it back and said they were unavailable.
about 7 days ago (John)
Blocking works! They called again.
about 7 days ago (LuLu)
Caller asked for spouse by name...surprising. Have multiple calls from this number. ID says GSI
about 7 days ago (Helen Marshall)
Same here on my voicemail.
about 7 days ago (Rebekah)
Oops! the pending posts just showed up & said this is Frontier's call block. Guess it's back on.
about 7 days ago (KB)
I have to agree with Big A. Also, if these places dont have the curtesy to leave a name or place of business, then not must be important. Very annoyin... Read More
about 7 days ago (OmaW)
Didn't leave a message.
about 7 days ago (Annoyed)
received several calls during March 2020 from his Massachusetts city and several others one after the other. no messages left from any of them. BLACKS... Read More
about 7 days ago (MarcB)
Calls several times a week - blockedthe number
about 7 days ago (Alberta)
AT&T scam call, offer 50% off your bill, but you have to pay $300* in advance. This scam has been going on for some time, don't fall for it.
about 7 days ago (Carl)
when I get another call from this number I will let them know if they cal again I will be reporting their scamming ways to the ICE FBI team.
about 7 days ago (sale)
diddn't ans, no message
about 8 days ago (tom)
Didn't answer because it said United States as location. No voicemail was left.
about 8 days ago (kmx2)
All morning till now this number keeps calling !!! Just beeping like a fax on the other end! Totally annoying!
about 8 days ago (Sue )
The Republican Congressional Committee. Told them to stop calling but they continue. Remember when I vote next Fall to oust these [***].
about 8 days ago (James)
Selling precious metal investments. Not worth answering in my opinion.
about 8 days ago (GB)
The usual recorded line, you recently inquired about soc sec disability. Said "you do not have permission tobrevord, where did you get your info" she ... Read More
about 8 days ago (me)
about 8 days ago (Scam)
about 8 days ago (Katy)
robocall-did not answer-did not know #-always the same message this is a little bit Parker how are you today hello are you there goodbye-same message ... Read More
about 8 days ago (Allie)
Reported as Unsafe and Spam Risk. Robocaller ignoring do not call registration. Fails to leave voicemail. No Caller ID. Report to FTC and block number... Read More
about 8 days ago (Dorris)
called my cell number left no message.
about 8 days ago (Adam)
Sprint robocall saying to pay bill they increased on you without asking
about 8 days ago (Bboi)
I gave him a name and address, Mr Meg Griffin at 31 Spooner st quahog Rhode island USA Also email but had the same phone number
about 8 days ago (Alan)
Is his name start with an n.. he is really controlling and is looking for a lady to create into a lady he agrees looks his way crazy I have blocked hi... Read More
about 8 days ago (Utah)
Same here. We've gotten a few calls from Viacom from different numbers, none of which leaves a message. Go away.
about 8 days ago (D.)
This is a blatant scam. I can provide texts and an email that would without a doubt prove this. I'm out 300$ because of this
about 8 days ago (xx.xx.205.18)
Here it is 2020 and these idiots are still calling - Called at 1:17 pm EDT Wednesday, March 25, 2020. More than likely UNWANTED POLITICAL BS. Received... Read More
about 8 days ago (Jack Malone)
Saw an ad for my local area, thought it was too good to be true though so I started googling and found him under several scam complaints. I called the... Read More
about 8 days ago (Ammie)
they call 2-3 times every day no message so I never answer.
about 8 days ago (rudy)
Portfolio Recovery - Bottom feeder debt collection
about 8 days ago (JP)
This is portfolio recovery, they use a bunch of numbers to harass you
about 8 days ago (Diane)
Plays some classical bg music then shuts off.
about 8 days ago (jill)
Robocall : Hi my name is Erin, I am a medication specialist calling on a recorded line... beep
about 8 days ago (Have Faith)
You know, I don't understand why I do a reverse number search to find who has a phone number and you say this is free however you make me wait 10 minu... Read More
about 8 days ago (Robert)
Unaware of this number or person, keep sending text messages
about 8 days ago (Dedg)
From Pompano Beach, Florida. Never leaves message. I've had several call from this location over the past several months. It's always the same.
about 8 days ago (dmgrinnell)
Total SCAM. Pretending to represent Medicare (Social Security). I hope they idiot themselves to Non-Existence..
about 9 days ago (Jerome)
Received call did not answer. Called back no answer, blocking number.
about 9 days ago (Val)
They called me too. When Caller ID reads "Out of area" it's usually a fake number or scam call. I picked up and very quickly hung up. After seeing the... Read More
about 9 days ago (Smarter Than They Are)
Claiming to be RBC from burnside branch and that they have a package for me
about 9 days ago (xx.xx.188.208)
Scam. Call forwarding from non fixed voip phone.. ..970-323-7654.. 970-877-4215 numbers.
about 9 days ago (*)
about 9 days ago (Eli Staley)
These idiots are scam calling during the middle of a pandemic.
about 9 days ago (Reject Scam Calls)
SCAM! threaten to call my employment for verification. Like for what?! Sound like a robot Lady on the Vm.
about 9 days ago (SoSo)
DO UNTO OTHERS...........
about 9 days ago (JESUS  CHRIST)
calls at work medical supply comapny calls every damn day never leaves message
about 9 days ago (bk)
I need answers and guidance.
about 9 days ago (Devon)
Left voicemail. Important message but never identified who they were with.
about 9 days ago (Roadgear)
Caller hangs up when answering machine picks up or if they talk to you wont take no for an answer. They should be prosecuted as harassing someone as w... Read More
about 9 days ago (D Urbaniak )
The lady name is Coleman and said I rent a car and I never returned it that they were gonna lock me up
about 9 days ago (Ronald jefferson)
No messages, blocked call.
about 9 days ago (A)
Looks like it is on there website. So you are trying to mislead people? No doubt so that you can steal information and credit card numbers from them. ... Read More
about 9 days ago (Concerned about why you are lying)
DO NOT TRUST THESE POSTS SAYING THE NUMBER IS LEGIT. It is not legit. It is not on the BECU site. It is a scam.
about 9 days ago (Concerned Cit)
This is a lie. It is not on their site. Do not trust this comment. Look at the site yourself. This is a scam.
about 9 days ago (Stop Misinfo)
about 9 days ago (Pathel)
They called, I dumped the call. The number was way outside my regin.
about 9 days ago (TxOz)
I received this call today, 3/24. They didn't leave a message and I don't know anyone in Oregon.
about 9 days ago (Victoria)
Answered call, someone making muffled noises and call ended. Didnt call back
about 10 days ago (Terry)
Scammer. Indian accent. Couldn't understand what they were saying hung up on me
about 10 days ago (xx.xx.173.234)
Don't answer and now Blocked.
about 10 days ago (Joe)
Easter Prayers for Mac & Mary Duffy. Thanks. 3/24/2020.
about 10 days ago (lilia V.)
Was a call to ask if I needed more help with prescription medicines. Said it was a follow-up to a letter I never received. I assumed it was a scam so ... Read More
about 10 days ago (Robin)
Same thing happened to me make a police report and go to that's for the FBI we need to get this piece of [***]caught
about 10 days ago (Mayra )
same same
about 10 days ago (tom)
Said I was approved $5000.00 loan from Capital One .The guy Jordan now wanted up fees of 125.00 before they deposit the loan.They have all my banking ... Read More
about 10 days ago (Kathy Warshum)
They’re sending unsolicited snapchats
about 10 days ago (Unimportant )
Called landline 3/23, no msg, blocked. Bought a car from someone who had an extended warranty which has expired.
about 10 days ago (stop scammers)
They call the same time of night everyday and never leave a message
about 10 days ago (Toni)
You are all insane! Its amazon/whole foods customer support for deliveries
about 10 days ago (William)
No envia El mensaje de activacion
about 10 days ago (Daniel)
I have received several messages from 206-408-1081. It says: Hello, King County wants to hear from you! Please c. I did not open the message.
about 10 days ago (Anna)
Rang 1X with no message left.
about 10 days ago (NoMoreCalls )

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