about 11 minutes ago (Killer)
Texted my number called me by name and knew my address. To say I had wont a grant. I blocked the number because I never submitted for any grants.
about 2 hours ago (Bill )
I called it too and it said it couldnt receive my call either
about 4 hours ago (Anonymous)
T Mobile blocked it.
about 5 hours ago (Hou)
Left txt message saying my Netflix account was going to be cancelled. I don't have a Netflix account!! Scammer
about 5 hours ago (David Digby)
Oh, probably.
about 5 hours ago (Tygerkat)
This is the 7th spam call from San Antonio this week so far. Do not answer and block!
about 5 hours ago (Anonymous )
Called but left no message
about 5 hours ago (susan)
Supposedly from Amazon claiming someone tried to order something on my account. I checked with the real Amazon and they found nothing. Scammers had sp... Read More
about 5 hours ago (Susan Watt)
Got the same message this morning. Havent looked at it to see the complete number but assume its a scam now that I see your posts. Thanks
about 7 hours ago (L)
Too easy for them?
about 9 hours ago (TheRealSeriouslyⓇ)
I just got this message this morning . Netflix already has a note on its site that they detected spam messages in my region and gave an address to for... Read More
about 9 hours ago (Jackie)
Instead of asking since random person in the internet, why don't you call your insurance company at a known phone number, such as the one on your insu... Read More
about 10 hours ago (Tygerkat)
Same but claimed to be from UPMC for You...legit??
about 13 hours ago (Homemaker)
Same as above. Email 'Purchase Order Confirmation' with 209 813 1985 ph. #. Checked PayPal acct., nothing there. Forwarded email to PayPal.
about 13 hours ago (Kevin)
Susie called me as well saying I sent Money to terrorist nothing further from truth.
about 13 hours ago (Mary Randolph)
Got a random text of just a web address. No explanation at all.
about 1 day ago (LA)
Scammers spoofing a disconnected number from Texas , even calling on Thanksgiving
about 1 day ago (D.)
On Thanksgiving Day I received a call from this number informing me of my compromised identity due to illegal activities. A holiday for scams should b... Read More
about 1 day ago (Dena)
Called me and said there was a fraudulent charge on my Amazon Acct from Dayton Ohio in the amount of 799 dollars. Wanted my personal information and I... Read More
about 1 day ago (Erik koster)
They called on a Sunday. The FEDS don't call on Sundays Moreover, the SEC and nearly all Federal Agencies do not use the phone to make first contact. ... Read More
about 1 day ago (jim)
I am really interested in adopting your puppy
about 1 day ago (April)
They will send you a spam text along with 4 other people's numbers to make it hard to block the number.
about 1 day ago (Cowgirl)
Claiming legal case requiring response; if no reply, will file arrest warrant.
about 1 day ago (Wiz)
Amazon calling ( not really) charge put on account for $895.00 If not me press 1 now SCAM not amazon number and nothing on my account
about 1 day ago (LB)
Got the same thing but with amazon prime. What is the purpose of this? Is it wrong to open the email or do they get access to your phone when you call... Read More
about 1 day ago (Juana)
about 1 day ago (---*)
What is the purpose of this nnumber 604-227-7060
about 2 days ago (Sharon brooks)
Calls every other day and I totally ignore as I don't participate in calls from strange phone numbers. They always hang up after ringing several times... Read More
about 2 days ago (HATETelemarketers/Scammers)
Continuously calls although blocked.....and when i was answering they would sit and say nothing only 2 hang up....when i tried to call bac it would sa... Read More
about 2 days ago (M smith)
Thanks BIGA
about 2 days ago (Mar u)
Did she help you? Same deal.
about 2 days ago (Mary Randolph)
They called. I didn't answer
about 2 days ago (Annoyed)
I got a text from this number this morning saying hey allana did you ever find out who this is
about 2 days ago (Allana)
Auto Warranty Services
about 2 days ago (Dawn)
Left voicemail breathing heavily into phone for 20 seconds. Was creepy.
about 2 days ago (S)
Called with Indian accent on cell. Claimed he was in Portland ME. Wanted to buy my house, had address.
about 2 days ago (Annoyed )
Are any of labradoodles left? Are they mini, medium or standard size please?
about 2 days ago (Denise)
Received a phone call - said my computer has been compromised. Told him I do not have Comcast. He said then you should have received a refund. A refun... Read More
about 2 days ago (Michelle)
They have called me twice in the past month.
about 2 days ago (Meg)
Blocked number because I am tired of all the UNSOLICITED calls that come in making me run for the phone, hang up before I can answer, make me look up ... Read More
about 2 days ago (Tired of It)
Got a call from Carlos Garcia at Sachs and Associates saying that he was calling on behalf of a defendant (name of close family member) and that I nee... Read More
about 2 days ago (Autumn)
Received call about Student Loan forgiveness. No student loans. Attempted scam.
about 2 days ago (MBRENDEN)
Is this a scam?
about 2 days ago (Cindy Stolz)
Call to a cellphone, not answered. Tagged as a robocaller by another website.
about 2 days ago (NJdotCom)
Those two phone numbers were at the bottom of a Geek Squad invoice sent to me saying my around was charged $381.00. If I have questions call the above... Read More
about 2 days ago (David C.)
spamming day and night
about 2 days ago (lisa)
Continued calls daily no msgs left. I called fro. a different phone number, it turns out this is a scam call. Block number!
about 2 days ago (Joyce)
Offer of a free item in limited time
about 2 days ago (Rebecca Koetje )
This number called me twice and both times they left a voice message saying another number and that the lady calling's name was Tina. They said someth... Read More
about 2 days ago (anon :/)
Saying my Netflix account was locked because payment was declined
about 2 days ago (Anna)
Warning that my Netflix would be blocked because the payment was declined. Link.
about 2 days ago (Susan)
Called but said nothing.
about 2 days ago (writejerry)
This number called me and then when I answered there's no one answered and stay on the line do I hang up which is weird for me and scary
about 3 days ago (Dina Eldeeb)
More than one call from this number to more than one of my phone numbers. Others report collection calls from this number, but in my case no messages ... Read More
about 3 days ago (Confidential)
I didnt answer as this is the 5th call from San Antonio this week! They left no message. Spam suspicion!
about 3 days ago (Anonymous )
Called late in the evening. Blocked and reported for spam. No message left on voicemail. I'm in AB. I'm also registered on the DNC list and these bugg... Read More
about 3 days ago (Annoyed)
Received the same message! It was from Kristen & she used my maiden name. I haven't gone by my maiden name in 12 years & I could hear commotion in the... Read More
about 3 days ago (Amee H.)
unknown caller at mid afternoon
about 3 days ago (jR)
Yet another vendetta thread.
about 3 days ago (Looks Like)
Recieved a call from this number.
about 3 days ago (Melinda)
Calls and calls and calls...cowards never leaving a message. Called tonight, Sunday, at 7:33 PM. Enough! Now on my blocked call list
about 3 days ago (john)
calls, leaves no message. Assume Spam
about 3 days ago (KAZ)
Left message could barely understand, I do not have an account with whatever bank he claimed he was from, and didn't say what the call pertained to
about 3 days ago (JenK)
This is the Alabama Outdoors billing/shipping department! I ordered something off their website. They were just making sure my address was correct. To... Read More
about 3 days ago (Jenn)
Claims there's an investigation associated with my ssn. FRAUD!
about 3 days ago (Sparky)
Then why are you here? Do you often look up known phone numbers?
about 3 days ago (Tygerkat)
Left message stating I needed to call back or press 1 now for authorization of a payment.
about 3 days ago (Judy)
I get these calls way to often different number, different name, same male voice. Offers student loan forgiveness. States I have filled out part of an... Read More
about 3 days ago (CJ)
Just receive a phone call from this phone. Never answer beacuse i don't know nobody in Alabama. Google and found this. Following. Think it's scam.
about 3 days ago (Someone. )
hang up - identified as wireless caller on caller id - blocked
about 4 days ago (fed up)
(USPS Notification) Your package is ready for collection!
about 4 days ago (Alice)
I also have to wonder why you think that someone who clearly posted here in January of 2019 will be stopping back after a year and 11 months to answer... Read More
about 4 days ago (BigA)
Doxing a spoofing victim on this site is not allowed. Post reported for removal.
about 4 days ago (BigA)
Guy introduced himself as representing Texas Coalition of Police and Sheriffs. Background noise suggested it was a call center. After introduction he ... Read More
about 4 days ago (TC)
Property scam they didnt even spell my last name correctly
about 4 days ago (Sickofscams)
They called my mobile phone and played music interrupted by a click as if they were listening for 1:59 seconds...phony call
about 4 days ago (Dick)
SCAM - have received both "Netflix account to be suspended for lack of payment" (I don't *have* a NetFlix account) AND something about a $5963 credit ... Read More
about 4 days ago (New York State )
Same as Oliver.
about 4 days ago (Jim in Puyallup)
Phone rang but no message left
about 4 days ago (TJ)
971-545-9508 "How are you doing"
about 4 days ago (Trust No One)
Constant calls, block them and they call from another number. Even our local hospital it comes up as
about 4 days ago (Michelle )
+1 (979) 217-3917 This number comes in as a silent call. Who is this company. It I s very annoying since no message is left.
about 4 days ago (Sue Johnson )
50 percent off Christmas items. Scam text.
about 4 days ago (Ess)
Same thing. They call with the first name of the attorney which I do not like. It's always Mr. or Ms. Anyway, you could hear talking and laughing in t... Read More
about 4 days ago (Eileen)
Left a message: "Please call 877-939-3933 regarding your PC Financial MasterCard or the # found on the back of your PC Financial MasterCard." Appears ... Read More
about 4 days ago (David )
Scam from Social Security Office
about 4 days ago (Anonymous )
They sent a text, claiming to be Netflix, stating the following: Your Netflix account will be locked because your payment was declined. Then they want... Read More
about 4 days ago (Gregg)
Repeatedly spamming the thread results in posts being removed by the moderators.
about 4 days ago (TOS)
This is a scam as I dont have a Netflix subscription. Your Netflix account will be locked because your payment was declined
about 4 days ago (Edwin)
Text Message received indicating my Netflix account will be disabled because my payment failed. I cancelled Netflix long ago. Don't fall for this!
about 5 days ago (Mike)
Received a texted from this number on Saturday November 20 claiming to be from Netflix. It informed me that my account has been locked for non payment... Read More
about 5 days ago (JM)
Same thing but it sounded like a Chinese woman
about 5 days ago (Rachel)
left no message
about 6 days ago (flor)
Voicemail of "Hi this is Ado (?? Asian name/woman). We are buying houses in your area..."
about 6 days ago (Seattle WA)
My caller ID showed this number.
about 6 days ago (Tom)
Been persistently calling 1-3 times a day. Blocked.
about 6 days ago (sleeping)
Spam say they are UPS and have delivered your package with a link to click on but I wouldn't click it. I don't want a virus.
about 6 days ago (Jamie)
Got a text message that basically said that my Netflix account has not been paid so access to the service has been terminated. It included a link. I d... Read More
about 6 days ago (SB)
Same hear in 2020 November
about 6 days ago (John)
about 6 days ago (thomas)
This was a text message. "Your netflix payment was declined"
about 6 days ago (Christine)
I got a text at 1:06AM from some guy named Vernons from OURTIME dating site using this number
about 7 days ago (DKG)
Now that was bit racist wasn't it?
about 7 days ago (BigA)
My daughter received multiple texts from this number claiming they found number on a dating website and insisted that she send a picture of her and he... Read More
about 7 days ago (Lindsey)
One ring then stopped ringing.
about 7 days ago (A)
calls incessantly-sick of them CID reads Enviro America-did not answer-no message left
about 7 days ago (Allie )
Calling my ex-husband telling him state filing charges, and leaving messages and ext
about 7 days ago (Ronda)
Hang up... los angeles unwanted spam. Sorry to report they are blitzing our lines once again.
about 7 days ago (Brenda)
Called and left a 20 second silent voicemail
about 7 days ago (SK)
Caller said he was my neighbor, and that my nonexistent daughter had kicked his dog and it now needed an operation.
about 7 days ago (Sam)
I called Cra and it was accurate and they are the agent working from home for CRA
about 7 days ago (naghmeh keshavarz)
Rec'd call from this #-didn't answer. Auto voicemail left identified caller as Social Security Admin advising me that my SSN had been suspended due t... Read More
about 7 days ago (Ragdoll Annie)
IRS tax scam from a non-working number
about 8 days ago (Rod)
Auto warranty Service spam call
about 8 days ago (Rod)
Unsolicited scammer trying to buy real estate
about 8 days ago (Rod)
Unsolicited call trying to buy real estate
about 8 days ago (Rod)
Robo IRS tax forgiveness scam from a non-working number
about 8 days ago (Rod)
First make a police report and if they give you permission forward those texts to 7726 so that carriers will block them.
about 8 days ago (BigA)
Received text about $273.94 a day for life!!!
about 8 days ago (K.D. )
Ive cussed these people out. Wanting to buy land or drugs
about 8 days ago (Dmoney)
Just received a call from this number. They hung up without leaving a message.
about 8 days ago (Ben Tuk)
who u
about 8 days ago (dabiel)
keeps calling every day several times never leaves message
about 8 days ago (Bub)
robo call trying to get me to see my house
about 8 days ago (andy)
Automated call from sales lead company.
about 8 days ago (troy)
Keeps calling. It's unwanted. I've tried to block it.
about 8 days ago (Sara)
Some type of robo call
about 8 days ago (bob)
Keeps calling wont identify who they ate
about 8 days ago (Kathleen Coe)
9723079812 is a persistent robospamster which keeps calling 1pm each day. it hangs up soon as you answer.
about 8 days ago (Sal Aldridge )
Same thing called me and left a message in Chinese and the number was from LA but I live in North Dakota.
about 8 days ago (Rosie)
Said they were going to take $300 from checking account unless I call them back!
about 8 days ago (Wanda)
This number calls our business land line multiple times per day. No one is there, so we hang up, but it is an interruption to our day.
about 8 days ago (Mary)
Asking me bout my daughter death
about 8 days ago (D)
Receive constant calls often from different numbers but trying to sell car insurance and seem to have my info from a third party. Repeatedly asked the... Read More
about 8 days ago (Kate )
Annoying as hell
about 8 days ago (Jacqueline)
I've been getting phone calls around 12pm-2pm every other day from scammers I just don't pick up any phone calls that I don't know the number too anyw... Read More
about 8 days ago (Nicole)
"Maria marerro" contacted me and said they were going to open 2 criminal cases against me for fraud of an institution....but couldnt tell me the name.... Read More
about 8 days ago (Amber)
Called my cellphone on 11/19/2020 and CID displayed Scam Likely and no VM was left. Since no message was left, the call wasn't important. Another numb... Read More
about 8 days ago (Gilligan)
It was about my cars extended waranty
about 8 days ago (Jen)
Sham - called every hour for three days..............
about 8 days ago (willy)
Recorded message in Spanish. I know enough Spanish to realize that this is a SCAM.
about 8 days ago (Ar Be)
Car warranty scam
about 8 days ago (ae)
Got the same e-mail. Just reported it to PayPal.
about 8 days ago (Walter)
I get calls from this recording multiple times, daily.
about 8 days ago (JSpock)
Checking my phone this number was listed as "Potential Spam" Didn't answer just checked with 800 notes
about 8 days ago (tuck67)
Me too! Freakin jerks.
about 8 days ago (Black Betty)
several calls a day from this number. unknown number to me
about 8 days ago (r jordan)
Received this text from the above number: Attention: $3,739 was deposited into your account as financial aid. Please confirm your details here hp12t.... Read More
about 8 days ago (John W. Creasy)
Using a local phone number to fool the callee
about 8 days ago (Inquirer)
about 8 days ago (Carol)
These people have redefined the word "obnoxious" I have received a dozen calls in a day, right over the top of my telemarketer blocker! Some kind of s... Read More
about 8 days ago (annoyed again)
Thank you for posting. So many scammers. And phishers. Take care
about 8 days ago (Grateful)
Text claiming AMZ PRIME member of the month, click on link to claim prize. Beware of such unsolicited messages.
about 8 days ago (JR)
Same as Scarlett.
about 8 days ago (Sandy)
Scam/spamming/texting about BS products. Block number!!
about 8 days ago (Wiliam)
"There are grants available in the amount of $3000 for assistant in these times to anyone who needs."
about 8 days ago (JR)
Nice story. It's also pure fiction & 100% BS! Scammers don't show up at peoples homes. They lack the courage & don't like to be used for target practi... Read More
about 8 days ago (Gunnar)
Sent a text saying my membership was active and to review my information at a link...NOPE!
about 9 days ago (Melidna)
What makes you believe surveys dealing with utilities are prohibited by the DNC?
about 9 days ago (Sir Bedevere)
The are trying to get money out of people and they hung up when I told them that I was going to get a lawyer involved
about 9 days ago (Cynda )
I have calls all the way back to July from this number. Have blocked from the first call. WTF do they want?
about 9 days ago (Jeff)
Then why did you post in the thread dedicated to calls from 9792706969?
about 9 days ago (BigA)
They asked me for money said I would have to go to court if i didnt settle for fraud it was a private number at first
about 9 days ago (Valerie McKay )
unwanted call-did not answer
about 9 days ago (Allie)
The fact that you answered tells them they can call again. Those kinds of people are intrusive criminals and they couldn't care less about you.
about 9 days ago (Freddy)
No name ID no msg harasser call Uses different spoofed no name numbers.
about 9 days ago (eit)
Didnt answer....blocked!
about 9 days ago (Anonymous )
about 9 days ago (RK)
I answered the phone. Shouldn't have after reading this. However, he asked for two of my sons, neither of whom live here. Said he was from the Assinib... Read More
about 9 days ago (Val Surbey)
Called at 10:45 pm. Recording talked something about Frontier. I had been asleep.
about 9 days ago (Not happy)
Persistent -,dont message (Dont answer
about 9 days ago (Kirk C)
786-373-3315 is a CraigsList SCAM BUYER: beware
about 9 days ago (CraigsList SCAM BUYER)
Sent an email regarding a PayPal transaction Total amount $479.25
about 10 days ago (Adi)
203-693-9580 3:56 a.m. Call
about 10 days ago (Un happy)
Call at 8 pm. # was already blocked. Listed elsewhere as Rasmussen survey whatever. Blah blah and blah. Another useless robo call. ID was Wireless Cal... Read More
about 10 days ago (Brianna )
robocall google business spam.
about 10 days ago (Rob)
Dialed three times in a row, no one ever spoke, even when I answered.
about 10 days ago (Simone)
Chapman Dodge las vegas, nv
about 10 days ago (xx.xx.0.68)
Unknown, unsolicited, unwanted call.
about 10 days ago (CA)
They called, left no vmail. Will block if they call again with no vmail.
about 10 days ago (R,)
What's the reason for your call
about 10 days ago (Me)
This phone rang. I was getting ready to answer but then I realized it had a long bit, like if it was waiting for you to provide your business informat... Read More
about 10 days ago (Someon)
left message that my student loan is eligible forgiveness and needs to verify information to call back at emily martin 2027688597. Never had a student... Read More
about 10 days ago (john)
Someone i know got called by them, they called them slurs and all that. :/ The call location is traced to DC.
about 10 days ago (anonymous)
Asked for me and I pretended to be Mexican and they hung up. Lol
about 10 days ago (Juan Bueno)
This Is George Washington Medical Center in NW DC
about 10 days ago (D anderson)
about 10 days ago (Cristella )
Same as above-did not answer & caller did not leave a vm. Blocked the number.
about 10 days ago (CB)
Text from this number that my "T.D EasyWeb locked" with a link to "Restore immediately". No TD account so clearly fake, although maybe some money I do... Read More
about 10 days ago (Lyns)
Verizon survey fro free mcbook
about 10 days ago (None of ya business)
Got the same type of email today. Decided to call, but did the *67 before I dialed the number so they wouldn't see where I was calling from, and they ... Read More
about 10 days ago (Anne)
Got a call with no message left.
about 10 days ago (Grace)
This number 214-272-4921 calls our business office every 3 minutes without interruption. No response when answered. Caller ID is International A. Very... Read More
about 10 days ago (DMS)
I received repeated calls from this number with no voicemails left. The calls would not stop.
about 10 days ago (Lmarie)
Same here. So annoying.
about 10 days ago (J)
2 back to back calls from this number, when I called back the message said "if this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 911...I'm sorry, but the ... Read More
about 10 days ago (Hannah)
Letoya Jackson and provided DL number: 8mxs942.
about 10 days ago (Nancy Farrior )
Calls multiple times but leaves no message
about 10 days ago (Dana)
Fraudulent - claims to be Social Security Administration
about 10 days ago (Kate)

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