This is the forward number for Robocop for spam calls. You probably signed up for this. Rings once and forwards.
about 11 minutes ago (Suzanne)
I got the same text on my phone. I called the number from work. It's a company wanting to help sell your car. I hung up.
about 39 minutes ago (RMS)
25 calls but never a message...Why waste your time?
about 40 minutes ago (Anonymouse)
An Arabic man call and said he was from the US government and I had been picked to receive a free 9000 grant for being an excellent citizen. Four real... Read More
about 41 minutes ago (Shelia stills)
SCAM hangs before answering machine can pick up
about 1 hour ago (Dog)
No message, called twice in 35 minutes. Now blocked.
about 1 hour ago (Johnathon)
I didn't get to the phone in time to answer it. So I called them back to see what they wanted. They spoke in different language so I hung up.
about 2 hours ago (Susan Furlong)
This phone number has been sending me threatening text messages
about 2 hours ago (Matt)
No message
about 2 hours ago (Nancy)
Scammer debt collector fishing.
about 2 hours ago (Fllyer)
Text from "Sanders group". Using 206 Area I just started calling an hour earlier asking questions. "Sanders group" is not who I started doing business... Read More
about 2 hours ago (BW13)
Calls every day, never leaves a msg...
about 3 hours ago (Annoyed)
This was a robo call congratulating me for winning the publishers clearing house. I thought it weird because she didn't use a name to address the pers... Read More
about 3 hours ago (B. L. MULLINS)
Loan accepted up to 25000 hung up they called back her name was Jennifer Williams
about 3 hours ago (Crazy)
Glad I looked thus number up. I got the same message.
about 4 hours ago (Kris)
I just got the same text msg and replied "who is this? If you cant call me then dont text me." No reply yet. I also tried to call but it went immediat... Read More
about 4 hours ago (Dwight)
Same story. Def a scam.
about 4 hours ago (FedUp)
Definitely not Verizon, considering we have At n t
about 5 hours ago (Jam)
How do I block a number I have the same problem thank you
about 5 hours ago (Joe)
ASV is a PAC, not a non-profit. Last reporting showed less than 1% of the donations went to DAV. I too have received calls from several different numb... Read More
about 5 hours ago (Randy)
Rude... annoying..rude rude
about 5 hours ago (Mercy)
Scam/Con Artist via way of telephone calls continously
about 5 hours ago (Taylor Poole)
Claiming to be a car financing agency.
about 6 hours ago (Renee J.)
at 5 am
about 6 hours ago (toronto)
Called at 9 p.m. on a lot of nights in Dec. no message.
about 6 hours ago (panda)
Call multiple times, hang up, and then when I call back they request information regarding life insurance.
about 6 hours ago (BROOKS)
If I doi not know who is calling I do not pick up the phone. You are able to report the call to # 608-371-6666 which I have done.
about 7 hours ago (nanci)
They keep calling home number how did they get the home number when its a private number
about 8 hours ago (James Fisher)
Called over and over. No one there. How does this guy get away with harassing someone? Who has time like this to waste? These are the type of people w... Read More
about 9 hours ago (John)
Fundraising scammer
about 9 hours ago (SCAM)
got a call
about 10 hours ago (Jack)
This is tiresome claim from cheerleaders for dysfunctional service who think hail of mystery calls is fair trade for dropping all security measures.
about 12 hours ago (Resident47)
Calls daily no message
about 13 hours ago (Tank)
Scam / CB: The number is not in service.
about 15 hours ago (JMac)
Married lying guy Beware ladies Lies about everything
about 15 hours ago (Anonymous )
This is legitimate call from Amazon delivery service to tell you they have package for you.
about 16 hours ago (Jack)
This number keeps calling me, and variations of this number keep calling. When I call back it just rings. Calls come in all day and night, the latest ... Read More
about 17 hours ago (Bridget)
I hope our government do something against these indian scammers.
about 18 hours ago (Luis)
Phishing scam
about 20 hours ago (Office mgr)
Calls ALL THE TIME, ALL HOURS, never leaves a message. Beyond rude.
about 20 hours ago (Aleigh )
Wanted my work email to send me an article where my business was apparently featured. I asked where she was calling from and she said Connecticut. LOL... Read More
about 20 hours ago (Britt)
callerid says survey call, no message left, now blocked!!
about 21 hours ago (Aloha1955)
Robot caller for Medicare supplemental insurance.
about 21 hours ago (Anonymous )
Same thing happened to me!
about 21 hours ago (BJS)
spoof number!! this is a scam is a fake scam compny
about 21 hours ago (Mike)
Got a call from this number.. No one on the line.
about 21 hours ago (Ruddy)
They call constantly. They don't leave messages and they dont answer when you call them back. I block the # and they still get thru. [***].
about 21 hours ago (Me)
Caliber home loans wanting you to refinance
about 21 hours ago (Sara)
Received multiple calls on the same day. When I pick-up, no one answers.
about 21 hours ago (Adm)
saying I had an arrest warrant for taxes and demanded money immediately
about 21 hours ago (Jay)
Calls late. Screechy noise when answered no voice. Hung up on whoever or whatever it was.
about 21 hours ago (Julianne)
Ive had several calls from this number but I have it flagged as a scam call so I never answer v
about 21 hours ago (Icki)
about 21 hours ago (ME)
Called four times in a row. Left no message. Blocked
about 21 hours ago (Dot)
Just a blank open line; no message. Robocallers at work!
about 21 hours ago (Cheryl)
208-334-7729 is a confirmed number for the Idaho State Tax Commission. This is not a scam call.
about 21 hours ago (Ginger)
Said they was canceled my medicare
about 21 hours ago (William Davis)
Been calling me for the last two weeks, at least once, sometimes twice a day. Refuse to answer because of what I've read here.
about 21 hours ago (alexsask)
Like others, they call me several times a week, but the caller ID says EDF, not GSI.
about 21 hours ago (Zifster)
This is a scam the people that wrote good comments probably came from him.
about 21 hours ago (Na)
Fake Canada Revenue scammer
about 1 day ago (135.23.xx.xx)
Calls my cell every few weeks.I've never answered.Caller never leaves a message.
about 1 day ago (Susan )
Beware, this robotic caller threatens litigation if not contacted.
about 1 day ago (Anonymous )
Claim they from warrenty dept on car..spam
about 1 day ago (karen )
Is this sangeeta sharma number
about 1 day ago (Deepak singh)
I bought a pup from this breeder and he is perfect.Contact
about 1 day ago (Alvin)
This advertiser is geniune.please contact him
about 1 day ago (Roland)
please buy from this breeer he is a perfect one
about 1 day ago (Etellah)
this is a perfect breeder.Please buy from him
about 1 day ago (Carl)
This number is genuine.I bought a puppy from this owner and everything was him if you want to buy
about 1 day ago (Helena)
No name attached to it and never leave a message
about 2 days ago (47.35.xx.xx)
Geezer, Kharma. Get a life.
about 2 days ago (Quiet Bob)
Sales by JC Penny. Nuisance!
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )
has called numerous times-unwanted- unsolicited call-did not answer-did not know #-no message left
about 2 days ago (Allie)
Missed call went to voicemail where this message was heard: from. Hi I'm calling with Amazon money dot co. we need people in your area to work with Am... Read More
about 2 days ago (Essence)
No message left
about 2 days ago (Ggrif)
some debt collector trying to collect bogus debt
about 2 days ago (a noy mous)
Its a scam. The person goes by the name Jennifer Jones. BE CAREFUL.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )
running scams from this number on kijiji.put a deposit and never heard back ..
about 2 days ago (jki )
Scam robocall trying to steal money. Don't answer!!
about 2 days ago (JJ)
Call claimed Angier, NC, but 984 AC is not Angier. No voicemail left. Blocked.
about 2 days ago (anonymous)
Just rang. No message
about 2 days ago (Fedup)
Called, but I did not pick up. If next time I pick up by accident, I will tell him that if he is an engineer from Microsoft, my name will be Bill Gate... Read More
about 2 days ago (Tim)
12/02/18 Caller left no msg.
about 2 days ago (dnz47)
Charity Scam.
about 2 days ago (SB)
No one responded when I answered.
about 2 days ago (Anon)
Got 10 calls within 1 hour , from 9735645813, stating they was a problem with my account call Apple support team at 8777160111. Thank you to the peopl... Read More
about 2 days ago (Robert)
Same call same number left for me to call.
about 2 days ago (Vicky)
Offensive messages about my person
about 2 days ago (Estefany )
They called asking about pain history. Just scammers. I hung up immediately.
about 2 days ago (tim hues)
Portfolio Recovery Associates. Old medical debt bill collectors.
about 2 days ago (R)
Called twice today from two different numbers - both 980 area code. I have not answered.
about 2 days ago (Cathy)
Cld. Left no message.
about 2 days ago (AndyH)
recorded message from account services. that lets you know this is a scam of the first order. Crooks spoofing numbers, trying to get people to bite. r... Read More
about 2 days ago (bythebook)
Apparently, they're dialing directly into voice mail boxes now. My cell doesn't show this number actually rang (no caller ID, no record of a call), bu... Read More
about 2 days ago (TD)
This number is registered with the FCC for spam. Blocked Now.
about 2 days ago (bis owner)
never left message. don't know what they want, other than bother me with noise
about 2 days ago (Don B.)
This is a legitimate Medicare Advantage or Savings Program for people who don't make a whole lot of money, on social security or disability they can't... Read More
about 2 days ago (Paula)
Auto-Blocked. No idea who this is.
about 2 days ago (NeverAcknowledge)
Total fraud
about 2 days ago (Bob)
Every day I get a call from Convergent - 205-386-2323.
about 2 days ago (CHG)
They call and dont say anything. I called back and it says the number is not valid. Def a scam
about 2 days ago (Claudia)
954 is Broward County, FL where that old Brenda Snipes who ran the vote counting was finally fired for trying to fix the election year after year. Loo... Read More
about 2 days ago (Tired of it)
Same here; I get a daily call and no message left. I never answer.
about 2 days ago (Tina)
CID displays: Madison NJ. No message left. Call reported to DNC.
about 2 days ago (Fed Up)
Try to return call and carrier says cannot be completed as dialed.
about 2 days ago (Michele)
My Mr. Number says its a scam or fraud from Dos Paris, CA!
about 2 days ago (Mr. Number)
Has anyone checked out their address: 1920 3rd ave Bessemer alabama?
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Left no message. They are blocked.
about 2 days ago (Jim)
No response when call was answered
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )
Me, we're suppose to speak Spanish cuz they don't speak English.....learn English or don't call
about 2 days ago (Mary)
caller ID said Assets Recovered. A man left a message but didn't say what product. Just said press 1 to have it delivered. Said best in town. Scam for... Read More
about 2 days ago (Jean)
Debt collection for Cleveland Clinic
about 2 days ago (Not a chance)
This number called and said they were just verifying the number :(
about 2 days ago (Marnie13)
numerous unwanted calls. My number is on the National Do Not call list.
about 2 days ago (jerry)
keeps calling even though blocked. Can not call back, line just goes dead
about 2 days ago (Dom)
Same with me, Donna.
about 2 days ago (Chris)
Constantly calls, never leaves a message. I'm sure it's scam/spam as Caller ID shows "Not Assigned"
about 2 days ago (Carol)
This caller is once or twice a day caller at any time of the day.
about 2 days ago (Harry)
Calls a lot, never leaves VM
about 2 days ago (Irritated)
got a message stating that i needed to call them back or they would start legal was an automated digitalized message
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )
I am getting a call every morning from this number while I am trying to work! I am paying on my loan and set up on ACH.
about 2 days ago (Angela Hall)
Has called twice, no message. Now blocked.
about 2 days ago (Crash56)
Portland, OR; leaves no message. Most likely robocall
about 2 days ago (Kari)
Our answering machine received the call. No message was left.
about 2 days ago (dt)
called four or five times in as many minutes
about 2 days ago (Carol)
UPDATE - After a year, they're calling again. When I called back from my cell phone, I could hardly make out the outgoing message it was so garbled. I... Read More
about 2 days ago (Joey)
Call from Portland OR. Does not leave message, assuming it is robocall
about 2 days ago (Kari)
Ring and run.
about 2 days ago (New Yawker)
I know no one in Mass. I answered and there was dead air.I blocked this number.
about 2 days ago (BeScamAwareInTexas )
No message left. CID = Texas call
about 2 days ago (AndyH)
Medical collections for Cleveland Clinic
about 2 days ago (Not a chance)
Keeps leaving messages saying they are from gateway looking for Marilyn. I finally answered and they said theyd mark me as a wrong number....
about 2 days ago (Me)
I received several calls from this number but I dont pick up if I dont recognize the caller. After reading the report, I blocked the number on my phon... Read More
about 2 days ago (Dee)
no interest to me annoing
about 2 days ago (stephanie moniz)
Rings 4 times and hangs up
about 2 days ago (Mike)
I never answer these calls unless I know the number.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )
I just got a call and was told that there were legal proceedings against my Social Security number. Was told to call back immediately. I didn't call. ... Read More
about 2 days ago (ET)
Same as ALL the rest of the previous comments..they call my business almost daily for the last week and automatically disconnects after 12 seconds of ... Read More
about 2 days ago (John)
just blocked, no message left by caller?
about 2 days ago (Rick)
They called numerous times , I called back they are selling some sh t told them i have no car car i told them to take me off list . That dont wo... Read More
about 2 days ago (Ray)
I picked up the phone and could hear paper rustling on the other end, meaning there was someone on the other end, and then I hung up on them without s... Read More
about 2 days ago (Daisy)
Multiple calls, no message. As many as 3 times in an hour.
about 2 days ago (Marg)
[***] your funding you piece [***].
about 2 days ago (RJ)
Univeral Prinitng - for ordering toners/ink. Told her our printer is on Contract and we get the toners/ink with it. Lady was so persistent and said sh... Read More
about 2 days ago (Janet)
Caller Id says direct tv. I cancelled their service this week and they wont stop calling. I have blocked them but they use different #s. They dont lea... Read More
about 2 days ago (Dc)
Did not get a single ring tone, but got three voice to text alerts in the same minute, no voice mail left. Robot call ?
about 2 days ago (William)
Calls at least 20 x a day first my cell then my home
about 2 days ago (Annod)
They called my mobile phone.
about 2 days ago (Judy)
Robo call said they where with Senior Care.
about 2 days ago (Jim)
Called a couple of times. Didn't answer the phone and caller didn't leave a message.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Harassment phone number
about 2 days ago (Marvin Edwards)
just called my home phone at 9:10am on 11-13-2018 and did not leave a message. I will not pick up on numbers that I do NOT know.
about 2 days ago (Debbie )
Calls- no message
about 2 days ago (Smy)
Call every week. Marked urgent but never leave a voicemail.
about 2 days ago (cp)
Got a. All this morning didnt answer it then they called right back
about 2 days ago (Dolores warren)
about 2 days ago (Josue)
I've had 17 calls from this number since Dec 10 2018, 11 of them today, the 13th! CID is usually "HEALTH ADVISORY" or one of those long Vxxxxxxxxxxx n... Read More
about 3 days ago (Red Noise)
Same. Called to talk about our electric bill. I told him to take me off his call list and he said "I don't have to".
about 3 days ago (crcrc)
same sh** Hi my name is kate blah blah ..... my husband interested ....send him email to:
about 3 days ago (Mark)
Called the number back and I pressed 1 to have my number removed from the calling list last night. Got another call tonight and I did the same thing. ... Read More
about 3 days ago (E)
"An Indiana sounding man"?
about 3 days ago (Tygerkat)
Oh, good, you know who and where they are! Please tell us so others can sue them, too.
about 3 days ago (Tygerkat)
They called my mobile two days running. I tried calling it back, nothing but a recording in Spanish. Who are they and what on earth are they trying to... Read More
about 3 days ago (X-Lydia)
Just received a call from this unrecognized number. I did not answer. They didn't leave a message. 12/12/18 6:50pm CT
about 3 days ago (Mary)
i used up 3000 blocked slots in 2 years. erased them las, started fresh and am running out of space again, . Lovely world we live in. we're no longer ... Read More
about 3 days ago (bostonholly)
I'm curious as to why you felt the need to look up your own phone number.
about 3 days ago (Tygerkat)
209 272 7052 calls all hours of the day...even 8pm.....never leaves a message,then hangs up.....If I do not know the #, I do not pick up or reply with... Read More
about 3 days ago (73.198.xx.xx)
we are not Edison Customers - this caller is one of dozens of stupid harassment calls from various numbers but obviously the same people. the only thi... Read More
about 3 days ago (MM-Southern-CA)
Called my cell phone and left no message. It's a nonfixed VOIP number from Onvoy. Telemarketing center it would seem.
about 3 days ago (angryGramma)
Called using my Called my ex husbands number and then my current number. Have a reference.number. Seems like a scam.
about 3 days ago (JW)
Robot call, scam call!
about 3 days ago (CTC)
Recording: Joni Earnst inviting me to attend a free live telephone deal. Hung up
about 3 days ago (ichy7)
Another call from this message! Caller ID shows Portland,Me
about 3 days ago (Jan)
Oh, I saw it. I just thought perhaps his pointing out the call-back number was different from the CID number was meant to indicate how he knew the cal... Read More
about 3 days ago (Kat)
1, why did you answer your phone if you were in a meeting? That's discourteous to your co-workers, at the least. 2, if he was very rude and accused yo... Read More
about 3 days ago (Kat)
Scam.....Mike left voicemail stating he is a US Veteran Coordinator. I thought it was a scam and sure enough I see all the complaints.
about 3 days ago (Realtor Kathi)
Caller hung up when I answered
about 3 days ago (Irene)
My beau got a similar text. Do you look at porn sites or use webcams? Curious to know how things like this know hes a male..?
about 3 days ago (Seanna)
I got so many calls from them and at the end decided to answer... they told me I got a $9000 grant from the government coz Im a good citizen that pays... Read More
about 3 days ago (Ahmad Shehadeh)
It's a recruiter (headhunter). Unless you're job hunting, ignore or block it.
about 3 days ago (Wayne)
Picked up; they hung up. Blocked
about 3 days ago (Danny)
They called and didn't leave a message.
about 3 days ago (Michelle)
Trying to sell me on education and did not hear me when I told him "no" twice.- SCAM
about 3 days ago (203-424-0335)
Got call today and left no Message. Thanks to your earlier feedback. I am blocking this number.
about 3 days ago (Karl)
Scammer trying to steal your information
about 3 days ago (Anonymous )
I did not answer, no message
about 3 days ago (Beep)
Spam caller. I have no debts in collections.
about 3 days ago (Mickey M.)
Received a voicemail Sunday Dec 9 @ 6:45 pm from "Cara/Kara @ your national merchant service company" regarding "changes on our account." SCAM. She is... Read More
about 3 days ago (Customer Service)
Chris Fletcher from the chimney cleaners asking if Id be home and if he could come look at my furnace. Said he got my information from the town hall.
about 3 days ago (KCost)
This butt hole had the nerve to not speak clear untill if i dontvcall they use force ....i owe noboy so no reason to talk to me like that.
about 3 days ago (Eagle 1 )
Received same call looking for investor. Knew first name and kept asking to confirm.
about 3 days ago (Bruce)
Same thing happened to me today
about 3 days ago (Laz)
This number called and said they were Dell computer and they needed to remote into my computer for an upgrade I had coming. An obvious scammer. I put ... Read More
about 3 days ago (Jim)
Calling for IT personnel, says she is with IBM (I've noticed others said she claimed to be with Microsoft).
about 3 days ago (Mean Gene)
Spam. Called saying they could purchase a business. Do not answer
about 3 days ago (WDWS)
Told me they are from Nation social security disability. Theyv want to know about my disability, etc to help me with more service. Give me your ss#. H... Read More
about 3 days ago (Annette B.)
They call several faculty members at my university telling them that they have jobs for drivers. They hang up after you tell them that you are quite h... Read More
about 3 days ago (Kelly in Texas)
Calls and never leaves a message.
about 3 days ago (Major Fun)
"They do not respect the do not call list," Actually they do. It is you who either could not read or failed to read that the DNC list is only required... Read More
about 3 days ago (BigA)

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