Two calls from this number within minutes of each other. I did not answer. Blocking yet another number.
about 3 hours ago (Annoyed)
Don't know this number or who it was but they left a weird message in a whisper that I believe said.. How's this.. The written message in my v... Read More
about 3 hours ago (Anonymous)
- caller id 'name' was phone number - left no message.I called it back - a recording - Direct Solar of America - please press one to be remove... Read More
about 3 hours ago (Anonymous)
They said they were the National Disability company calling in referance to a social security disability claim I filed. I filed no such claim. Scam!
about 4 hours ago (Tom)
They called cell again on July 8. Still did answer and they did leave a message
about 4 hours ago (Don B)
Got a call from this number claiming my SS number was involved in a federal case and on hold. this is the oldest trick in the book. The US govt does n... Read More
about 4 hours ago (Matt)
Called saying a crime had been linked to my Social Security number and I needed to call this number. I did not call because I assumed they would then ... Read More
about 4 hours ago (RS Atlanta)
Have you considered blocking the number? And you're welcome.
about 4 hours ago (Tygerkat)
scam advising my social security Is being suspended
about 4 hours ago (toni)
about 5 hours ago (Anonymous)
about 5 hours ago (Anonymous)
Same as reported below.
about 6 hours ago (Anonymous)
She say she wanted to do a psychic reading on my mama. I told her my mama wasn't at this number and she hung up.
about 12 hours ago (Tweet)
Did not answer, unknown number, did not leave a message
about 12 hours ago (Mac)
same as above
about 12 hours ago (-)
Another day, another phantom menace.
about 12 hours ago (Knock it off, already!)
Called again today, no message.
about 12 hours ago (Rich)
Why is someone calling me from this number?
about 12 hours ago (Dee)
Fake apple support nonsense. Pressed one and cussed them out 3 times today. And stayed on the line. Once I talked calmly and asked why they want to im... Read More
about 12 hours ago (Wes)
same as Bonnie except that i actually drive microsoft employees to work here in redmond and asked for his employee and contractee # and that i would c... Read More
about 12 hours ago (wasp)
Called and asked to get a customer card at cvs walgreen or Walmart and wanted to know my name , but claim I won merchandise .
about 12 hours ago (Lele)
Who the hell is this calling early in the a.m.
about 12 hours ago (M)
Threat on my credit card.
about 12 hours ago (Carol Guthrie )
left voice mail saying he was James Brown and wanted me to call and 888 number to talk with me to verify the address of my son. he has document send h... Read More
about 21 hours ago (Anonymous)
called office 2x but did not answer. caller id listed it as illegal scam
about 23 hours ago (Anonymous)
Fake profile from dating site. Says his name is Jackson Daniels and resides in the Woodlands, TX. He tried to get money from me to take a trip.
about 1 day ago (Elizabeth)
about 1 day ago (Personal)
More than had it with these RoBo's!
about 1 day ago (Ticked-Off)
Super annoying. Getting calls in Winnipeg from 2044804098 3x day for months as well as from 2044801008. Reported numbers on a no contact list months a... Read More
about 1 day ago (Dee)
I just received this call.. I didn't answer
about 1 day ago (Gustavo)
about 1 day ago (Candy)
I receive several of these calls a day usually in groups of 2 ie they call then call back 1 minute later. I haven't answered but they are persistant.
about 1 day ago (Mandy)
Called my phone and a ringtone that I do not have on my phone started playing. Answered and they immediately hung up. Scary!
about 1 day ago (lala)
Called back and it was a recording that they wanted to buy my house. SMH
about 1 day ago (Anng)
Called and said she was from company that buys houses for cash- asked he a few questions and she hung up--
about 1 day ago (JV)
trash calls
about 1 day ago (Fake calls)
Nuicance calls. STOP
about 2 days ago (MEBP)
Constantly calls from all different numbers with same name
about 2 days ago (Catlady)
Shill Post and Spam Ad reported. Gotcha over in WCM as well, so that makes you a spammer. You asked for "input"? There's my input.
about 2 days ago (B-Edwards)
Texted me asking if this was my mom's number. My mom does not and never has paid my phone bill. Gave me a very uneasy feeling.
about 2 days ago (Cass)
Sandra has called me numerous times from Missouri! I have threatened to report them if they don't remove my number. I block the number, only to get th... Read More
about 2 days ago (Tired of it )
Getting call after call from scammer saying they are with ATT and there is a problem with Russians hacking my I-Cloud
about 2 days ago (gp)
They took money from me and I want it back now
about 2 days ago (Betsy lewis)
I have recieved two calls from this Manitoba Commercial Credit Adjusters debt collector, two different numbers. Im from BC and I dont get why Im now g... Read More
about 2 days ago (Me)
Keep calling and calling about auto insurances I block them and they keep calling from new random numbers
about 2 days ago (Ivo Draganac)
I got a call from 202-524-2012 stating that I won 18,500,000 dollars and a brand new 2020 Mercedes Benz. Consequently I did not call back. Caller: 202... Read More
about 2 days ago (Mark)
He said he was with Choice (something) regarding new health benefits for people with Medicare parts A & B. I told him I already have all I need and am... Read More
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
1 of 2FRM:CitiBankSUBJ:ClTIBANK-AlertMSG:Your account requires verification.CaII: (205) 728-0284/(234)(Con't) 2 of 2285-6206/(360) 209-0466 for su... Read More
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Have received five call from this number in two days.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
spammer/intruder that wants to buy your house.People ought to be charged with some kind of illegal home intrusion / disturbing the peace crime. Buying... Read More
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
left voice mail saying he was David Brown and I needed to call back to confirm my son location
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
toverify my son's address to send him documentation.asked for what company, he said Everest Receivable services
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
SCAM, they call you locally and call only to sell you a credit card crap
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Automated call to confirm medical appointment.Press '1' to confirm appointment.Press other options to cancel or reschedule.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
never said anything
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Opponent from chess game flirt
about 2 days ago (Chessman)
tells me that i will be arrested if i dont press 1 to talk to an agent kept going on the call only lasted 49 seconds and it hung up on its own nothin... Read More
about 2 days ago (grandma)
Didn't recognize out of state number so didn't answer to my cell. See many, many complaints from others about calls forms this number.
about 2 days ago (Me)
Scam - Leaves no voice mail
about 2 days ago (Tex)
Calling to inform me of fraudulent activity in the State of North Carolina. Caller had a very strong foreign accent. Requesting a call back at this nu... Read More
about 2 days ago (Chezza)
Solicitation for Trump on my unlisted cell phone number. Seems to me unlisted numbers should not be used by politicians.
about 2 days ago (Chew)
Spam call
about 2 days ago (stopcallingme)
calls constantly, when pick up, no one is there, it's harassment
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
keeps calling trying to find info about annuities. SCAM! BEWARE
about 2 days ago (larry)
The same thing just happened to me a few minutes ago, something about SS illegal activity...
about 2 days ago (Wilfredo)
St Petersburg FL - was caller id & left no message so I called it back.Offices of 'St Petersburg Dermatology' recording saying it was closed d... Read More
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Caller has threatened my safety as well as my children . Derogatory remarks. I don't wish to repeat.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Vehicle warranty scam. You'll want to block this.
about 3 days ago (Pat)
this company is a repo agency and a debt collection agency for finance companies out of texas. kept bugging me about a truck that was up for repo at m... Read More
about 3 days ago (kboss101)
I just got that same one saying I was ordering food all weekend and he gonna go to the police
about 3 days ago (Bob)
CID Out of Area caller/San Antonio, TX no message left
about 3 days ago (Baba)
Its a scam they text Telling me that my cell phone provider had given me a refund because I overpaid and there was a link to get into my bank account ... Read More
about 3 days ago (Colleen)
Says they're a staffing agency but appears just to be a pre-recorded call about "How they can be of assistance in your search." Blocking this one.
about 3 days ago (Griff)
You do realize you're replying to a 6-year old post with your insults, right?
about 3 days ago (Tygerkat)
[1-347-816-2837] [10203040] [#8897-266-4052#]
about 3 days ago (Henry lemuel Nepomuceno Alonso)
Well here it is July, and they're back again. Like most pests, you never really get rid of them. I block them but they just change their number. Just ... Read More
about 3 days ago (JMAC)
Portfolio recovery
about 3 days ago (Jack)
Called and a male just said "Hello" on my voicemail.
about 3 days ago (Stew)
Called at 8AM (didn't answer, of course) but left no message. Sure sign of spam.
about 3 days ago (Rick)
about 3 days ago (Max)
Phone number 213-637-1300 called me but didn't leave a VM. They came up with Vxi Global Solutions. I figured if it was important, they'd leave a VM. N... Read More
about 3 days ago (KayKay)
Ditto peterd: "Willma with Auto Credit Express. I also have not requested auto finance info.
about 3 days ago (Rich)
Just got a call from this number. When I answered they waited a couple of seconds and then hung up.
about 3 days ago (Victor)
hung up on answering machine
about 3 days ago (mkm)
Received same phone call, a women's voice , a recording
about 3 days ago (houston,tx)
Keeps calling. Hanging up and never leaves a message
about 3 days ago (A)
I don't answer calls I don't know, and let the go to Voicemail. This one never made it there. Possible Robo call as no message was left.
about 3 days ago (PDM)
Received a call stating my account would be charged $399.00 for renewal of an anti virus program. We have a yearly antivirus and it is NOT from V Tech... Read More
about 3 days ago (J Holbert)
Still active in 2020 -- called and didn't leave a message, 7/6/20. It felt great blocking him.
about 3 days ago (Bill S)
I had a very similar message as to that noted below. I don't know who Terry is.
about 3 days ago (Anonymous)
about 3 days ago (KAREN)
These guys are illegally spooning phone numbers trying to collect Misreported or fraudulent debt and harassing People. They have even been spoofing ac... Read More
about 4 days ago (Tired of this BS)
Do you honestly think he gave you his real name & location?
about 4 days ago (Tygerkat)
Hung up on answering machine - no message
about 4 days ago (rkm)
Calls back to back. Different person calling
about 4 days ago (J)
Unrecognized number. Scumbags. Tell them it is none of their business.
about 4 days ago (Harold )
about 4 days ago (R)
Didn't get a name
about 4 days ago (Dswn Trahan)
This # calls continuously throughout every day of the week. It is so infuriating!!We so wish they would Stop !!!!
about 4 days ago (Anonymous)
It was a text message
about 4 days ago (Tina)
I don't know
about 4 days ago (Anjana Punchihewa)
Called and said i was a child trafficking person. Scammers dont give them any info.
about 4 days ago (Mr Joe)
Called few minuets ago, did not answer, left no message, now blocked!
about 4 days ago (LAWOMAN)
Called my 11 times in 1 hour from similar phone numbers . Automated message asking me to call 280-262-2000 . Never said apple or why they were calling... Read More
about 4 days ago (Tracy )
twice calling/ broken English, wanted to help with foot pain I was having..
about 4 days ago (twice now)
Dead air then a particularly rude and profane remark.
about 5 days ago (Nunzio The Enforcer)
i can`t verify my phone number
about 5 days ago (sujani)
claimed I owed money. they threatened me with arrest, fraud, said they had 14 technical pieces of evidence against me. they wouldn't give me name or a... Read More
about 5 days ago (M. Harris)
Just got the same call lmao this dude is a weirdo
about 5 days ago (NA)
Robo scam phishing And leaves messages asking for return call. Hello this is Sandra calling you from the timeshare cancellation department...
about 5 days ago (Nancy)
Toyota of Hollywood Salesman
about 6 days ago (Sam)
Why is it "scary"? And what makes you think criminals care about laws?
about 6 days ago (Tygerkat)
answered, a few notes of classical music played and then silence
about 6 days ago (a)
scam. Held themselves out to be the Department of Justice and said that I had no choice but had to answer their question. Called their bs, gave them a... Read More
about 6 days ago (Joe the plumber)
why this number keep call me so many time everyday ??
about 6 days ago (debby)
Ps and the Caller id onmy cell was317 721 6126 but when I went to copy number this is what showed up : 209-887-6520
about 6 days ago (Linda)
17 calls in 4 hrs and counting! Keeps calling from a 469 area code talking nonsense about Apple.
about 6 days ago (Andy)
Call to say Social Security Number has been suspended. Scammers do not call the number given. They are just trying to get your Social Security Number
about 6 days ago (Phil)
Getting 10-15 calls per day from this number,
about 6 days ago (Robert smith)
Yeah, that was the point being made. If you don't know anyone in "All of CT", why not block the entire "ligit area code"?
about 6 days ago (Tygerkat)
Got a call that said was from Washington dc. Said I was approved for grant of 5400. And would have to get a money card and tell them the number of it ... Read More
about 6 days ago (JM)
I tried to call it back and it said disconnected.
about 6 days ago (Michelle)
States his name is Andrew Tucker
about 6 days ago (Chanda)
They called on July 3, 2020 an official holiday for government offices, area code 202 is Washington D.C.
about 6 days ago (GWhiz)
Called and when I answered, he said nothing
about 6 days ago (Nano)
Calls multiple times a day , never leaves a message
about 6 days ago (Mike)
This continues to call my phone and leaves no message; looks like it belongs to Khemraj Singh at SW 6th Street Pompano Beach, Fl 33068, this is a resi... Read More
about 6 days ago (Jerry)
Possibly because it isn't? I'd be more inclined to believe them than someone who looked up a known phone number for no logical reason.
about 6 days ago (Tygerkat)
If this a real number , real person
about 6 days ago (John Robitaille )
Political Action Committee for police officers, supposedly. Not a tax deductible or charitable organization. Told them again to stop calling. Doesn't ... Read More
about 7 days ago (Curmudgeon)
Comcast rep calling to harass me.
about 7 days ago (Tim )
scam they want social security number ,address
about 7 days ago (tom)
Called and left no message
about 7 days ago (Dani)
about 7 days ago (De Thom)
Right. Because as everyone knows, criminals obey laws and legislations.
about 7 days ago (Kat*)
Son unos estafadores me robaron 1,300 no me enviaron mi mercanca y ahora me bloquearon para que no les llame ni caigan se hace llamar Claudia la perra
about 7 days ago (Flor )
I received a text message from this number today saying "Hi Madonna its Dianne, the home buyer. Would you possibly consider selling 521 S Juanita St?"... Read More
about 7 days ago (Six)
I keep getting calls from someone claiming that my iCloud account has been breached.
about 7 days ago (Debra Johnson)
Political call for donation support Donald
about 7 days ago (Inez)
Several messages in last few days have been sent to my phone at early hours in the morning.He called me twice this morning and asked if I was me.. the... Read More
about 7 days ago (Anonymous)
calls leaves no message
about 7 days ago (Anonymous)
about 7 days ago (Scott Dixson)
about 7 days ago (fred)
It came across on our Xfinity caller ID as Target Stores
about 7 days ago (Kim)
This is GEICO insurance. They will call you if you requested an online quote and provided your phone number. Just tell them you're no longer intereste... Read More
about 7 days ago (Brandon)
Getting constant calls from 595-1090. No messages, and I will not return the call. They are persistent tho. And it's truly getting old. They called me... Read More
about 7 days ago (Bonehead)
do NOT buy anything from him. scammed me for a nintendo switch
about 7 days ago (Jenna)
Amazon. Odd thing was when I picked up, I got no answer, and then it went to a voicemail as if I was the one who placed the call. Then about 30 second... Read More
about 7 days ago (George B.)
Told the guy he had the wrong number, and he ignored me.Will file a complaint for harassment.
about 7 days ago (Anonymous)
This # has called me 5 times already. Have no Idea why or what its for. Seeing from these comments that its a scam. Not sure who because I dont answet... Read More
about 7 days ago (Betty)
robo call
about 7 days ago (ggl)
Left message. Very hard to understand (middle eastern accent). Scam alert!
about 7 days ago (S)
My "Caller ID" says caller's name is: Haim Kabessa." and he, so far, has called me twice at 8:45am waking me up.....So I put a: "Caller Block," on thi... Read More
about 7 days ago (Dr. NO)
Why did you come to a phone number look-up site to thank USPS for doing their job?!
about 7 days ago (Tygerkat)
Don't answer any number that you don't recognize. If it's important, they will leave a message.
about 7 days ago (Beth)
I sent a letter to Europe, and took some time to get there ( because of covid 19 ). But they received the letter. Thanks USPS.
about 7 days ago (Leon)
No message, called twice in two minutes.
about 7 days ago (Johnathon)
Spoofed name and number. As soon as I hear that heavy accent claiming to be ATT, the number is immediately routed to my block list.
about 7 days ago (Fontucky)
Received a phone call from this number. The caller left no message.
about 8 days ago (Larry)
I didn't answer call.
about 8 days ago (Steve)
He said he was from the US Census. He wanted info.
about 8 days ago (Richard)
Robocall. Blocked by the phone's reject list. ATT flagged it as "telemarketer".
about 8 days ago (JoeKier)
203-717-9281 calling for misc promo offers that I never requested. Caller declined to properly ID themselves. Blocked.
about 8 days ago (Fredo Cuomo)
Calls twice a day, leaves no message.
about 8 days ago (Covid)
We get multiple calls to our household account cell phones and they are bogus. They start with one cellphone line And work Their way around all others... Read More
about 8 days ago (Don’t live here )
Multiple calls today. No message.
about 8 days ago (Helen Marshall)
It definitely is San Antonio police
about 8 days ago (Mike)
Could hardly hear the person. Major background echo.
about 8 days ago (Ralph)
You seem to be lost. This thread is not for the number you posted.
about 8 days ago (Tygerkat)
Rang four times and hangs up. A sure sign of a telemarketer or scammer. I have blocked
about 8 days ago (Mom)
Same message left.
about 8 days ago (Helen Marshall)
Cowardly scum.
about 8 days ago (D.S.)
Missed call from this number. Looks like they called me a little over two years ago, based on my prior review above. No message left.
about 8 days ago (Steez)
Called at dinner time. We didn't answer. CID read CPTL US. Another web pape says the number is for Steven Scalise (?) a congressman's. Heard the name ... Read More
about 8 days ago (ANNOYED IN MASS)
Keep calling our number but does not leave a message.
about 8 days ago (MJ)
This # calls often, never leave a message. Suspected spam. I blocked it.
about 8 days ago (Jane)
No blocked.
about 8 days ago (grannyb)
Texted, offering to buy my "fire damaged house"
about 8 days ago (Nunya Business)
Called and didnt leave a message. Dont know who it is so I will block it.
about 8 days ago (CKS)
Robocall. Call went to voicemail, no message left. ATT flagged it as "spam risk".
about 8 days ago (JoeKier)
jerk offs called 3 times,1hr and halfaparttoday,working night shift toniteI wish them a foul horrible death
about 8 days ago (Anonymous)
2nd call that opened with a cheerful "Hiiiiiii, Grandpa!!" I said, "Who is this?" to which he responded, "Your GRANDSON!" I said, "I don't have a gran... Read More
about 8 days ago (No, Just No)
Political robocall. Caller ID says New Partners. They have also called under the number (320) 300-4921. Website says, "New Partners can help motivate ... Read More
about 8 days ago (A-Noyed)
Same experience as others have reported. A string of calls from an autodialer that begins talking when my answering machine picks up. Not going to cal... Read More
about 8 days ago (ManBearPig)
Left a text on my cellphone "Regarding your repair appointment for job #' Reply YES or NO
about 8 days ago (VL)
Scam debt collector from ers
about 8 days ago (RHornung)
"Potential Spam" was the caller ID - blocked.
about 8 days ago (MJG)
Called and hung up when I answered.
about 8 days ago (Allen )
Called no voice m search says Pocatello pharmacy I have no idea why they call maybe number was spoofed
about 8 days ago (Eten )
217 350 7014 called but left no message... BLOCKED
about 8 days ago (SALLY PEARL)
called cell phone twice about an hour apart. I did not answer because cell phone said it was a spam risk. If it really is Chase; as stated above; they... Read More
about 8 days ago (Don B)
yes and from close numbers like 973-737-5148.
about 8 days ago (Pete)
Says we have 2 collections things against us and gives a case number and a phone number starting with 402 area code but comes up Illinois on caller ID... Read More
about 8 days ago (Bidleman)
Called my cell and didnt leave a message
about 8 days ago (Joel )
Got a text that said: (My full name but misspelled), if you're able to would you give me a call? I would like to talk with you about something.
about 8 days ago (JS)
Auto warranty caller
about 8 days ago (Erika)
No one spoke.
about 8 days ago (Shannon)
Called and left a message for my husband or my father, who is deceased, to call back right away. He said it was a time sensitive matter. Who in the he... Read More
about 8 days ago (Tamara)
Whoa, they are on a roll today. Calling back to back twelve times. Also using another number, 919-421-3248. Don't answer either, scam. We can hear you... Read More
about 8 days ago (Operator)
I dont want this phone number calling my phone again please
about 8 days ago (Matthew Mcintyre )

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