Im In the Caribbean on the islands of Turks and Caicos s. I needed a $10 per day unlimited calling international plan with AT&T, and a representative ... Read More
about 30 minutes ago (RobMoritz)
Literally spot on
about 12 hours ago (Ryan)
also now looks like 631-456-4041
about 13 hours ago (sWINDL3)
about 14 hours ago (Jerry)
Collection agent of some sort. Left VM. Looking for a bizarre name possibly a previous phone number owner.
about 14 hours ago (Geo)
I mustve gotten a new one because I got a call stating that I was getting a new Apple iPhone deliver to Tennessee and I was a deer Amazon customer
about 15 hours ago (Irosadi)
Oops I called to company noteuthanasia...have no idea why iPad printed that word...sorry
about 16 hours ago (Jean)
We moved from Maine to Florida 11 years ago, and we get this number calling us in Florida several times a day. No message left on our voicemail.
about 16 hours ago (Jackie645)
It's husky insurance. They've called before and left a message but it's 530pm, just got a call and no voicemail. Not sure what's with the inconsistenc... Read More
about 16 hours ago (Dee)
I also got one of those.
about 18 hours ago (SJB)
Wants to know Census information
about 18 hours ago (BB)
Insurance scam
about 18 hours ago (Hater)
Called me 3 times today alone
about 18 hours ago (Jack)
Just another drop in the ocean of spam.
about 18 hours ago (OneRingyDingy)
There scam artists, they will try to intimidate the elderly and there buts belong behind bars. Dont answer and if you do intimidate them,in other word... Read More
about 19 hours ago (Sam)
This guy calls all the time! Asks for me, when I acknowledge it is me, he hangs up.
about 19 hours ago (BRec)
Weirdo spam calls me. Then text me asking for my name, saying he likes my voice.
about 20 hours ago (Sam)
started calling again. You can go to their website and add your phone number to their internal DNC list:
about 20 hours ago (Trim)
I have had numerous calls from this number. Can it be blocked?
about 21 hours ago (xx.xx.128.70)
Probably Frontline Assets. This is a debt collection outfit, and if you don't have any unpaid debts, they are out to scam you. Remember, a phone call ... Read More
about 22 hours ago (B-Edwards)
Call silenced by my provider, I blocked caller
about 22 hours ago (Dee)
It rang twice and hung up before I could even pick the phone up.Caller ID shows as Frontline Asst
about 22 hours ago (Kim)
Calling numerous times for months. Call back number and receive voice mail about some type of vehicle protections and if you wish to opt-out, hit keyp... Read More
about 23 hours ago (Elizabeth A Rawnsley)
Car Warranty scam
about 1 day ago (Toots)
Knew veterinary info
about 1 day ago (Jan Jensen)
selling car warranty
about 1 day ago (Kent p)
Sounds suspicious, not rude but it just dont sound right, said someone was going to serve me papers, gave me a case # and had me call a law firm.
about 1 day ago (Laquanda  cobb)
Hope nobody falls for this....been giving me my "Last Chance" for about 10 years. Haven't seen anyone show up yet. Ignore the call!!!
about 1 day ago (hip1)
Its a school (i think a online continuation school) I wasnt paying attention but its in CT and Im in a completely different state soo. And I asked why... Read More
about 1 day ago (Anon)
If your call was from 3607404652 why are you in THIS thread which is clearly for an entirely different phone number? And why is the thread for that nu... Read More
about 1 day ago (Kat*)
Child predator
about 1 day ago (xx.xx.48.215)
SCAM - call the hospital or just go there. The phone number is not holy cross site and the website that says call center is not associated with Holy c... Read More
about 2 days ago (Armando)
This phone came a part email Norton+ It was some kind of service center
about 2 days ago (Jagan)
I receive a lot of texts from that number, he said he knows me
about 2 days ago (Da)
Claiming to be an Amazon raffle
about 2 days ago (Adam)
They call numerous times each day and hang up without saying anything. Very annoying.
about 2 days ago (LISA D)
Keep calling about someone thats NOT me!
about 2 days ago (Misty Key)
Who's number is this?
about 2 days ago (W.)
Called at 8pm and mentioned my contact information (phone, address, job title) and asked if it was accurate (it was). Then asked for a $250 donation.
about 2 days ago (M)
called at 18:49 my cell marked it as potential fraud i did not answer it
about 2 days ago (Rod)
called and got automatically redirected to scam bucket. Online recording doesn't give enough info to know the scam but is indicated as severe robocall... Read More
about 3 days ago (Go Away)
AC starting with 95 are on my block list. No caller ID. Attempt to call them immediately went to a voicemail (no name, generic leave msg for 954-278..... Read More
about 3 days ago (snowmole)
Definitely a scam since you aren't warned in advance if you're going to be arrested. Block & ignore such calls if you can.
about 3 days ago (Kat*)
They said they were looking for owner to see if they want to sell.. He said my address and that really bothers me
about 3 days ago (Craig)
Hung up when I answered.
about 3 days ago (me)
Called and just sat there.
about 3 days ago (LJW)
Called my cell phone.
about 3 days ago (April)
Silent Call
about 3 days ago (Unknown)
"Hi, my name is Kathy! I'm looking to buy a house in the area. Would you consider a fair offer within the next year for your property at ______"
about 3 days ago (DB)
did not know #-did not answer unwanted call-know no one in San Antonio Texas
about 3 days ago (Allie)
Asking for initiation fee
about 3 days ago (Jay)
Been getting a series of calls done 206-426 series
about 3 days ago (Lisa)
Someone is spoofing this business phone number to Robo call scam about a Fresh Start IRS Program
about 3 days ago (Rod)
about 4 days ago (Mc)
robocaller - "selling counterfeit drugs"... suspected scam... numerous complaints on the internet. Numerous cautions that this is a repeating caller. ... Read More
about 4 days ago (Betty)
Received a call from this number today my caller Id said Ssi from Ignacio, CO. I know for a fact there is no Ssi office in Ignacio as Ive lived here f... Read More
about 4 days ago (Tracy)
This # calls me at 6:50 am . Does not leave a message.
about 4 days ago (Kimberly Everett)
Recording that said something was compromised and that I should contact the police by pressing 1. This is a scammer using basic fear tactics.
about 4 days ago (Bob)
Look, everyone knows or should know that if you commit a crime you don't get a phone call. The cops simply come and arrest you. Criminal acts are hand... Read More
about 4 days ago (BigA)
Medicare sales person
about 4 days ago (MisterMean)
called again and again got redirected as severe robocaller.
about 4 days ago (Go Away)
They never call me, they called my wife saying that I never answered the phone and they needed information from me. I called the number several times ... Read More
about 4 days ago (Moises Rivera)
Calls repeatedly. I never answer. They never leave any message.
about 4 days ago (Hayt)
Called and asked about buying my home, gentlemen with a Indian accent.
about 4 days ago (Lionel )
no message on my machine...must be a robo!
about 4 days ago (CAT)
the company is HRG Associates the address is 505NE 20th St, Boca Raton, FL 33431-8141 who ever would like to report them
about 4 days ago (Garcia)
Received call from 213-769-0517. No message left. Caller listed on cell as "Scam Likely"
about 4 days ago (SoCalGal)
Called saying I had suspicious activity in bank account and that there was a warrant out for an arrest like what
about 4 days ago (Tjay)
Robo FAX COVID-19 small business loan scam. Caller ID is 607-707-0502. FAX back is 214-241-4611.
about 4 days ago (Orley)
about 4 days ago (Sandra Mell)
Got a message to call 202-391-0973. It was a mail voice with a slight accent of some type. Said he was from The Lottery and Gaming Control, in Washing... Read More
about 4 days ago (Alasia)
"Out of area" caller with local number left no message.
about 4 days ago (EB2)
Unsolicited call about buying property
about 4 days ago (Richard)
Call Protect auto blocked the number as a Fraud Risk.
about 4 days ago (anonymous)
get calls asking got for son. he's not here and when I ask who's calling they hang up
about 4 days ago (PATRICIA A CARTER)
Calling about "legal matter." Left only this information and phone # with my secretary.
about 4 days ago (Curtis Graf)
Also received call. Looks like scam. Said they represrnt a company i have never had a loan. With. Would like to report this somewhere as a scam
about 4 days ago (Ccurtid)
Orkin pest control local office
about 4 days ago (e)
Scam text saying I have 4 new viruses. The only virus is these scammers trying to F up peoples lives
about 4 days ago (Suzy)
Scammer saying he is for the homeland security.
about 4 days ago (R)
1-216-666-0089 Saying that they tried to deliver my parcel but it was returned to them. Then they asked me to contact them with a link. Read More
about 4 days ago (Roseville, MI)
An Indian guy call me about some T-mobile debt and he needed my social security, day of birt and some other information. Waste of time just hung up.
about 4 days ago (May)
Threatened to call the cops on me. Still waiting for them to show up.
about 4 days ago (Jeff Duham)
Spammer offering to buy houses
about 4 days ago (Rod)
Robo scammer about IRS taxes
about 4 days ago (Rod)
Spammer trying to buy real estate
about 4 days ago (Rod)
He just hung up on me too lol. Didn't like that I asked him a straightforward question: "Are you a broker, or a lender? What kind of business are you ... Read More
about 5 days ago (Cody)
Anyone who harasses me repeatedly gets put in pay last
about 5 days ago (Last2pay)
I got this same message just now.
about 5 days ago (AR)
Female with a heavy accent, pretending to be from National Grid. Her "name" (she said) is Sherley Brown. Offering 30% savings. Asking for the last 4 d... Read More
about 5 days ago (Nio)
I told them to stop calling my number and the response was "[***]"! What an a hole with too much time on their hands.
about 5 days ago (ncbt)
Called and left no message.
about 5 days ago (Steve)
Call went to voicemail, no message left. ATT flagged it as a "spam risk"
about 5 days ago (JoeKier)
about 5 days ago (v)
Repeated calls
about 5 days ago (Jean)
White Pages Reverse Look-up says this is a T-Mobile call from the DC area.
about 5 days ago (Val)
Its a scam caller; claims they will take legal action without more information from you. Also, they misrepresent the company they are affiliated with.... Read More
about 5 days ago (Ty)
Lady asked me if I had called for information regarding my social security. She told me she was on a recorded line. I said no I didn't call. Not inter... Read More
about 5 days ago (Anonymous)
Car warranty scam
about 5 days ago (Richard Long)
Calls every am. Never leaves message
about 5 days ago (Susan)
Got the same message. I guess we are all in trouble :)
about 5 days ago (MJM)
Number was automatically silenced and labeled as Junk by iPhone.
about 5 days ago (E)
This # called me twice at 9:20 am and left no message. When I dialed the # back it said "Thank you for calling auto warranty specialties" which is pro... Read More
about 5 days ago (Nunya)
Robo call left message. Offers no information on who is calling or who they are trying to contact. Just says they are going to take legal action and n... Read More
about 5 days ago (Cw)
Who are these people? Keep calling my cell phone? Called them answer and mailbox was full.
about 5 days ago (Linnette)
about 5 days ago (MD Parvez miah)
Radius Global Solutions - debt collector
about 5 days ago (marksus)
Received a text with an offer from "Rock Star Energy Drink" to advertise their drinks on my car for $500 a week! I googled it because I've never heard... Read More
about 5 days ago (Rascal)
This number is calling my elderly mother constantly, no voice mail left and when she answers they hang up.
about 5 days ago (RLW in Florida)
Did not leave a message
about 6 days ago (Ja)
The person who called, would not speak. eft no message.
about 6 days ago (Sheryl Mesarich)
Have had a couple of these calls in past two days. Claim to be Cigna-but we are certain based on other info we read that they are fraud calls. We neve... Read More
about 7 days ago (Sam)
I answered the call and heard a noisy background, then I heard a woman laughing, chuckling as if she heard a funny joke, then the call ended, only las... Read More
about 7 days ago (Jayce)
Left spam message about suspected unauthorized charge in my amazon account with this number to call.
about 7 days ago (Mary)
What if the number and even the name is being spoofed? What is true for you might be a scam call to others.
about 7 days ago (B-Edwards)
Called at 5:30 this morning - I answered but no one responded. I hung up and will not answer the phone when I see this number - I usually don't answer... Read More
about 7 days ago (Bee)
After reading the other posts I think that this might be a debt collector. The previous poster put a name up but I don't think it is the correct name.
about 7 days ago (BigA)
Tired of these calls when searched it shows a few options including debt collector. I have no debts to collect. No name is asked for either. Scam call
about 7 days ago (Jill )
This number is Dynamic recovery solutions
about 7 days ago (notyouraveragejoe)
Robo call about something wrong with my cc. Called back to help THEM and provided my account #. That was not enough and she wanted more id info from m... Read More
about 7 days ago (ddc)
Same here emailed billing 119.00 for AWS on 2/19/21. Called Amazon, couldn't find anything. Did report it to Amazon.
about 7 days ago (Louise)
Got a call saying she is mavis Have you heard about me before ? Mavis L wanczyk And she has won massachusettes powerball and is randomly giving $100.0... Read More
about 8 days ago (Elle)
They are determined, every time I call the number I get the "tone-that number is no longer in working service - if you received this message in error,... Read More
about 8 days ago (Uncle Roy)
Police charity
about 8 days ago (MisterMean)
called at 6pm left no message
about 8 days ago (Joey)
Lgbt hot line looking for new recruits
about 8 days ago (Osfcar)
Caller said he was from a cruiseline - name of cruiseline company purposefully inaudible in his message.
about 8 days ago (Joseph)
Same as other callers - received robocall voice mail stating to call them back about my case or they would take legal action. This reeks of a scam.
about 8 days ago (FDT)
received a call from this number saying shes from ei asking for sin number
about 8 days ago (Anon)
Did you ever learn anything more about this? I just got called by a Frank Rizzo for the exact same reason. He did have a lot of personal information a... Read More
about 8 days ago (Sean)
Why woul you feel sorry for scum bags.
about 8 days ago (Ben)
A stooge (female) babbling in Chinese.
about 8 days ago (Godot)
Extended warranty scam
about 8 days ago (AG)
ERC - Some collections company (do not owe anything) that is calling people in Texas during this disaster. And they keep calling back...over and over,... Read More
about 8 days ago (Ginger)
Man with accent wanted a specific IT manager "regarding exclusive IT reports." Sent to IT division of Purchasing. Caller ID read COTIVITI, which accor... Read More
about 8 days ago (Switchboard)
No one said anything. Just hung up. Called back. Automated message said that the number is no longer in-service.
about 8 days ago (Andrew Adams)
A recorded message was left from this phone number saying I had made purchase on Amazon using my VISA card and to call them.
about 8 days ago (Jame Fanning)
I live in Sonora and recently visited Hollywood with a Scientology building and now two day later get a text with them asking my name and then ask whe... Read More
about 8 days ago (Harold)
I supposedly had a package to be delivered by USPS on Feb. 6 with two items and coupons, with a tracking number that I knew wasn't valid.
about 9 days ago (R. D.)
Stilll going strong . Bought a house in January 2021 ans got the same exact yellow postcard saying to contact miss Burke to claim my reward
about 9 days ago (Randy)
Asking about a if known the name of home owner And gave me the address
about 9 days ago (Claribel )
They're back at it. Electricity supplier scam. 2 calls today
about 9 days ago (Tom)
So what was the outcome from this caller?
about 9 days ago (D A)
Answered the call, someone called me an [***]and hung up.
about 9 days ago (Cara)
Called cell phone and left no message
about 9 days ago (Pat)
Debt collector calling from a rote script - robo call would have had more emotion. Name provided a "Melissa Johnson" - prob a scripted name, "Hi, I'm ... Read More
about 9 days ago (Joe)
Got the 799.99 notification. Called the number, and when we told the heavily accented 'agent' to get rid of it, hung up.
about 9 days ago (skip)
Same but they are calling about my dead ex - I'd pay to see them try to serve him with anything at his place of residence or employment!!
about 9 days ago (deborah)
Left no message. Caller ID says ST OF CT-JUDICI - New Haven, CT. I have no relatives, have done no business with anyone nor do I know anyone in CT. Su... Read More
about 9 days ago (Sick-Of-It )
Calls daily. No message left. Calls are blocked but they call anyway. Must be a robo.954-
about 9 days ago (Anon)
The called my cell phone at 9:26AM and a recording got me to say "Yes". i'm afraid they will use that as a recorded acceptance.
about 9 days ago (Christopher Heins)
leaves no message , calls range from 3 to 5 times everyday Monday thru Sunday , why don't they just leave a message..
about 9 days ago (Mike)
This number keeps calling me and I don't remember who it is.
about 9 days ago (Jackie)
caller asked for my husband. When I said this is his wife, she hung up. Never identified themselves.
about 9 days ago (Karen)
An oriental lady wanting to talk to my husband about a property that Ive never heard of that she apparently thinks he owns. Sure to be a scam
about 9 days ago (Maiden )
I get repetitive calls from this #. Picked up once and no one was on the line.
about 10 days ago (j)
Recorded scam call from "Ashley" about qualifying for an interest rate reduction for a Capital One credit card that I don't own. Referred to call 1-80... Read More
about 10 days ago (Annoyed)
Same called and did not leave a message
about 10 days ago (Anonymous)
Another call. Claims I asked him to call me. Future Prism Technologies? Never heard of them
about 10 days ago (Ryan)
Constantly calls and no message left. I don't answer any unknown calls.
about 10 days ago (cathy)
Call back and has a recording. Have no idea. BLOCKED
about 10 days ago (Cheryl)
Their Robo caller called: no message; no name on the caller ID. FCC should fine these people heavily for every call made without an ID.
about 10 days ago (Anon)
Auto warranty scammer, scum of the earth , shut these sob's down already, they are cowards and hide behinf fake numbers
about 10 days ago (anonymous)
Keeps calling 5+ more daily saying hes from a law firm.its ridiculous he wont stop
about 10 days ago (Thomas)
was on an email from XYZ claiming I was being invoiced from Paypal for a $800 Sig Sauer that I did not order from Springfield Armory
about 10 days ago (Joe)
Spam suspicion...blocked!
about 10 days ago (Anonymous )
Who has this number?
about 10 days ago (Harry)
They called 2x on 9/16, no msg left. Caller ID says GasElec Savings. I've seen this name in our caller ID previously.
about 10 days ago (CA employee)
Ur mom
about 10 days ago (Nunya)
Apparently a UW student asking for donation to COVID relief. No website available about this. Only taking payment through phone.
about 10 days ago (Raul)
No message, callerid said Modesro CA.
about 10 days ago (Roadrunner )
Calls but never speaks
about 11 days ago (rd)
Bother me too much no voice mail please
about 11 days ago (Ernest Victorbothet)
I didnt answear and they didnt leave voice mail no go on texting it too
about 11 days ago (Vivemuerto)
Unrecognized number. No message. Probably spoofed number. Scammers and fraud.
about 11 days ago (Harold )
Same as Al but almost 2 years later. Robo caller. No one there. Hangs up after a few seconds.
about 11 days ago (Andrew)
Saying that my account will be deactivated.
about 11 days ago (TJ)
Caller "mike" asked for owner. Inquiring regarding property. Claims to be from the company "iag" internet shows nothing regarding this company. Phone ... Read More
about 11 days ago (DL)
Did not know this phone number. Didnt answer.
about 11 days ago (Sharon)
Yes! About my cars warrentee but dont think there should be an isssue with it. Assumed it was a scam.
about 11 days ago (Nolan)
My mother also received this same money scamming letter today, 2/16/21. Mailing address says: Invitation Processing (for The Secret Society) 3490 Sout... Read More
about 11 days ago (Lee)
Someone just called me saying the same thing
about 11 days ago (Bill)
Debt collector.
about 11 days ago (DM)
The same here; telemarketer signing up for Better Business Bureau.
about 11 days ago (Carlos)
Visa/Master Card scam regarding lowering your interest rate. Just want your card number so they can use it.
about 11 days ago (Vet)
Hung up, no message
about 11 days ago (new york)
caller id indicated the call was from Comcast. We did not answer. Did not leave a message
about 11 days ago (jim)
They called me for a possibility to sell my house with cash. I told them a million and they said it ain worth that much..I am reporting all this
about 11 days ago (Yu lan)
received call from this robo-caller today. They left no message
about 11 days ago (mcf455)
Called about buying my house. She wanted to ask questions. I did not answer any
about 11 days ago (Cindy)
Don't answer this number
about 11 days ago (Jesse)
Got a missed call from this number don’t know who I’m assuming a scammer
about 11 days ago (Ali)
Got call today same ask me for bank information Scammer confirmed
about 11 days ago (Fred)
This is a SCAM. Woman who called asked for me by name, but in a very heavy accent. I said, wrong number, and hung up. Got another call 2 hours later.
about 12 days ago (NJGal )
Call not answered. Automated voice message stated my Acct (??) would be deactivated further info.
about 12 days ago (Jim)
I didn't answer, but it sounds like a person about to leave a message.
about 12 days ago (bitemespam)
Scam text messages
about 12 days ago (ALB)
Mr. Cooper loans?
about 12 days ago (DD)
Political spam
about 12 days ago (George)
Yes i got this same call offering same amount of money. Said it was something Obama approved in 2009. I didn't call the number because it sounded "fis... Read More
about 12 days ago (Tstat)

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