Caller said this is Rebecca with Medicare in a recorded line then she disconnected. It was a robot caller
about 4 minutes ago (B)
Mr Kevin Boyd left a message stating someone submitted an application with my name & ss#
about 5 minutes ago (Denise)
Robocall at 1149AM Wednesday. Recorded female voice said hello twice. I didn't say a word and it hung up.
about 5 minutes ago (bigtex)
They will help you out of every penny you ever thought of having. How do you know you will receive a denial letter? The rest of your post makes no sen... Read More
about 7 minutes ago (BigA)
The two posts above describe our experience to a T. I think the caller's final sentence was something like this "I guess you guys didn't want to talk ... Read More
about 7 minutes ago (Perplexed)
4 calls in a day so far, no message left
about 8 minutes ago (Will)
Received a message claiming I've had 4 allegations against me for some loan. That I needed to call them back or they would be filing it in court Frida... Read More
about 9 minutes ago (Christina)
August 2019 Liver Foundation
about 25 minutes ago (NC)
Was searching for someone. same name, but different DOB & different last four of ssn. Seems to be collection/lawyers office chasing debtors!
about 38 minutes ago (Florida )
about 39 minutes ago (foch)
I had someone from the clinic call me and they were asking for a Jim burry or something like that and I told her she called the wrong number... and th... Read More
about 1 hour ago (OOP )
Showed up on my phone as "Fraud Risk". Blocked!
about 1 hour ago (bunnymom)
They are CLEARLY not accessing people's voter records. Because if they were, they wouldn't bother calling us all the time.
about 1 hour ago (Anonymouse)
Call auto-switched to a life body (or halfway decent voice synth/recog system). Lisa at Senior Benefit Agency
about 2 hours ago (Anon Akronite)
Oil and gas telemarketer.
about 2 hours ago (Robert)
prerecorded message plays asking "hi, is (name) there. hi, is (name) there." then hung up. did not say "hello" when i picked up the line, autoplayed t... Read More
about 2 hours ago (tm)
about 2 hours ago (TAYLOR)
they called my parents house trying to get ahold of me gave me some funky case number when I told them that I was the attorney representing Ryan Wilso... Read More
about 2 hours ago (Ryan)
Caller ID says McKinney TX... keeps calling and hanging up
about 2 hours ago (John)
Get hang up calls---no message left.
about 3 hours ago (John Conley)
Calling me at least twice a day - never leave message - blocking them now.
about 3 hours ago (Susan)
No one picked up on the other line, called it back and it said the number was not in service
about 3 hours ago (M)
Might have been a simple wrong number, not sure... I received a text message.
about 3 hours ago (Martine)
They are back again the caller scammer/robocallers
about 3 hours ago (KittyCop)
Stupid scammer, I blocked the number.
about 3 hours ago (Chrissy62)
This number called 21 times yesterday.
about 3 hours ago (Brandy)
No voice mail left
about 3 hours ago (Sandra)
Called, left no message
about 3 hours ago (Vicki)
Display shows SSI DYNATA 206 312 0929. Female requested to speak to CFO or Accounting Manager to get their feedback on their banking experience, did n... Read More
about 3 hours ago (name)
constant calls. I never answer. Based on other reports, I will block.
about 3 hours ago (Pete)
reporting a problem with a card that Idon't have
about 3 hours ago (Mcdel)
Police assoc scam
about 4 hours ago (Linda)
Pitiful, desperate, uneducated ghetto trash BEGGING for pennies! Just hilarious but annoying. Blocked this useless tool's VOIP number(s)!
about 4 hours ago (Anonymous )
Calls continually and I never answer on my cell phone. Never calls my internet phone.
about 4 hours ago (Dick)
Got a call from this number. Er however att said it was a spam number
about 4 hours ago (T)
August 21 2019 - not answering but his number is calling me non stop........
about 4 hours ago (Lyndsie )
Well if the delivery person is right outside when they call, who would decide to check online to see who might have called? Why would they call, when ... Read More
about 4 hours ago (MikeHuntleton)
Girl Asian Accent as Canadian Officer offers employment visa starting wih basic questions to profile for a job vacant position.. after that asking for... Read More
about 4 hours ago (PRV)
I just got the same thing with Tarrant county and I call the county and nothing is file I have not even have a speeding ticket in my life
about 5 hours ago (Claudia )
No message lsft
about 5 hours ago (Washashore)
Well if the delivery person is right outside when they call, who would decide to check online to see who might have called? Not very intelligent over ... Read More
about 5 hours ago (MikeHuntleton)
According to posts on another site, this is the solar energy SCAM calling itself Texas Energy Alliance.
about 5 hours ago (Pudge)
I was surprised to find so many reports on this one. Same deal here - I had zero clue of what she was saying, and instructed her not to call again, Th... Read More
about 5 hours ago (Pablo)
had to block
about 5 hours ago (That guy 2)
Yeah, that's what I got, too. A voice mail asking if I thought Tump was doing a job.
about 6 hours ago (Pam)
Keeps calling even after I asked them not to. Da Bella Roofing. They wanted 4k over the other 4 bids I got.
about 6 hours ago (KR)
Robocall said it was important and to not hang up the phone, so naturally I hung up. ("Google info update" - whatever)
about 6 hours ago (Reject Scam Calls)
Receiving the same message. Really frustrated.
about 6 hours ago (Jack c.)
Yeah, social security trying to get ahold of me, or federal charges pending...right
about 6 hours ago (Michelle)
Press one if you approve of Donald Trump and press 2 if you don't. I don't approve of him in any way shape or form so I blocked the number.
about 7 hours ago (Trojan-Horse1)
Is this a scam? Its about paper work?
about 7 hours ago (Veronica)
Already have them blocked but they insist on calling. Called the number they called from, was hung up on on the first ring. Called them back....just l... Read More
about 8 hours ago (S.M)
about 8 hours ago (Anon)
980-254-8961 belongs to CINGULAR VM and is operated by AT&T Wireless, so everyone who is subscribed has their voice mail there too.
about 9 hours ago (MikeHuntleton)
They call me a lot too starting at 8:15 in the morning. It doesn't say who they are. It says unavailable above their phone number on my phone. I never... Read More
about 10 hours ago (Disgusted)
Unwanted text to my cell phone from Amazon or spoofer
about 11 hours ago (Rodney Kennedy)
Scam number
about 18 hours ago (Nikki)
Didn't know the number, didn't answer. They left no message. Strongly suspect a scam call.
about 19 hours ago (Mike)
about 19 hours ago (Gaurav)
213-784-4588 calls and never leaves VM.
about 20 hours ago (Jennifer)
I don’t know these person
about 20 hours ago (Marcia)
Called and left no message
about 20 hours ago (Nameless)
Got a call at 7:40 pm from this number 210-288-2020. It was a woman with a really heavy accent saying it was from AT&T. I didnt call AT&T and I couldn... Read More
about 21 hours ago (Ivy)
Keeps calling no message. Definitely a land line cause I texted it back and comes up not a cellular number.
about 21 hours ago (Chrustine)
I get the same message from this and other #s. Filed complaint with Do Not Call but doubt it will help. I get this several times a week. Auto calls ne... Read More
about 22 hours ago (H)
2019-08-20=at 7:30 pm=I received one call from (514) 375-5681=I didn't answer it.
about 22 hours ago (YING)
about 23 hours ago (Beerbly )
called - didn't leave a message. Cr*p call.
about 23 hours ago (GRR)
A search by phone number provided two different results: it is known to be a robocaller which is what I experienced, but it is also the phone number o... Read More
about 23 hours ago (Jobseeker)
They called 3 times today. I got a recorded message and they wanted to know my birth date before transferring to a live person. I hung up
about 23 hours ago (TEW)
This number is associated with Fraudulent activities.
about 23 hours ago (John Watson)
Multiple calls without message left
about 23 hours ago (Me)
has called here 10 times-these people should be hanged
about 24 hours ago (Allie)
CID says Modesto,CA...hung up on machine. Had a series of similar numbers calling months ago and blocked most of them. Looks like another round
about 24 hours ago (bugman)
VM staring my SS# was linked to an account of fraud and I will need to call back to settle my case or be in contempt
about 24 hours ago (Enough )
Tired of this crap, someone needs to put a stop to it!
about 24 hours ago (Fuzzy)
Called our landline. I answered. Heard nothing for about 10 seconds, said again "Hello!" in a louder voice. Robot said "Goodbye". The only thing worse... Read More
about 1 day ago (Julio)
Computer service
about 1 day ago (Debby )
Got the call today. Same representation. I dialed back and got voicemail of Mike saying he is out of the office. I did not leave him a message, but go... Read More
about 1 day ago (Realtor California)
Actually, all there are is RUMORS of scams where they try to get you to say "yes". There is NO documented proof of anyone being harmed by it. It's not... Read More
about 1 day ago (Kat*)
Healthcare scam
about 1 day ago (TJ)
scum of the earth
about 1 day ago (a. victim)
Called twice, within a couple of minutes using same number, but did not leave a message
about 1 day ago (DMS)
about 1 day ago (---)
Called Aug 20, 2019 It's the Liver foundation .
about 1 day ago (N C)
Called Aug 20, 2019 It's the Liver foundation .
about 1 day ago (NC)
My cell rang then the house phone rang. Same number. I didn't answer....they didn't leave message.
about 1 day ago (Mar)
about 1 day ago (Anon)
Got a call from this number this afternoon. I waited to hear if there was a message. No message was left. Blocked.
about 1 day ago (KYDaisy)
Silent caller.
about 1 day ago (Anon)
Called to let me know my social security number has been frozen, and a lawsuit has been filed aganist me. Press 1 to talk to my case worker. Aug 20, 2... Read More
about 1 day ago (Cindy)
robot. Don't answer. Blocked.
about 1 day ago (Ed)
calls numerous times and when I answer and press 1 to verify my business listing like they ask me to - they disconnect the call. it's some type of... Read More
about 1 day ago (Patrice)
DO NOT ANSWER. It is a computerized voice claiming to be GOOGLE Disconnect this call - its a scam.
about 1 day ago (Julie)
No VM, other sites say robocall, now blocked.
about 1 day ago (abagne)
Just got a text message from this number with my address listed and a link to click
about 1 day ago (Denise)
This number keeps trying to send a fax but my phone number obviously isn't a fax machine...third time this has happened, quite obnoxious.
about 1 day ago (Kara)
No name ID no message. Suspect Republican Natl Com. lookng for money.
about 1 day ago (rpm)
Black woman did not identify herself or the company. Says a file with my husbands name and ss, need to call about mediation. The local number came a... Read More
about 1 day ago (Red)
This number is a Scammer.
about 1 day ago (Bev)
about 1 day ago (SUE)
A legitimate call from a woman in my Congressional representative's office.
about 1 day ago (Mary)
Phishing scam or some other scam based on data from job board.
about 1 day ago (My Resume is Public)
Scam. Don't return the call. My phone is set not to ring for any number that isn't on my contact list. Scammers don't bother me at all.
about 1 day ago (JimB)
call from New York-left message of charge of $77.99 on an Amazon account-told to return call-I guess they think people would give them their info-alwa... Read More
about 1 day ago (SC)
American Heart Association left a message thanking me for my past participation and reminding me when the next walk is in my area and how to reach my ... Read More
about 1 day ago (Dee)
Caller ID comes back as VETETANS AFFAIRS; however, hackers spoof legit numbers all the time. No voicemail. Highly suspect criminal scam, unsafe, block... Read More
about 1 day ago (bluesteven)
Said they will charge me $299.99 if I don't get in front of computer to fill out a form to cancel the 'contract'. I called back twice asking when I s... Read More
about 1 day ago (Joe Michaelson)
SCAM, calls from several different numbers, 202-792-0446, 412-533-2566, want's to know who I am so they can file correct paperwork, well you called me... Read More
about 1 day ago (Sv)
Scam trip recorded call
about 1 day ago (George)
Answered the call. No response from the other end. Blocked.
about 1 day ago (Jan)
So did I.
about 1 day ago (Mtguy)
Said they have legal documents for me. Best not to have conversation at all.
about 1 day ago (Mike)
Same experience as above. I hung up on the guy and he called back 5 minutes later. I did not answer.
about 1 day ago (M)
Confirmed robo with "severe activity." INSTA-BLOCKED
about 1 day ago (DoNotCallMe)
Robocall saying would charge $1000.00 if I did not renew the contract on my computer. Dangerous scam call.
about 1 day ago (Sue Norris)
Same thing here. Rings landline then cell phone. No message and I don't answer.
about 1 day ago (sam)
Never leaves a message. Unknown caller.
about 1 day ago (Jackie Jones)
I just received a phone call from this number. There is no message being left on my voice mail.
about 1 day ago (William )
its a Spoofed CITIBANK number.. 2 things a REAL Citibank employee would never give out their employee ID number and 2- the amount they said owed was W... Read More
about 1 day ago (DL)
This numbers called 4 times in less than a hour n I'm fedup!!! We just spoke with Duke Energy this past week bout our bill. Can't they stop this??
about 1 day ago (Karen)
person left message saying they were SSI ADMIN. said they were canceling my SSI # DUE TO IDENTITY THEFT I called back for shits and giggles. someone... Read More
about 1 day ago (Todd)
Calls all the time from different numbers and never leaves message.
about 1 day ago (H3miGirl)
Fax machine is calling our business line not stop
about 1 day ago (Don)
it's a collection agency......I get a call every day. Don't answer.
about 1 day ago (gp)
This is St. Jude Children Hospital donations
about 1 day ago (Sharon Rador)
Calling me about clinical trial. Not sure if legit or phishing scam. Sounded like a Pajeet.
about 1 day ago (BJ)
We have received over 90 calls from this number within the last month. Either music is playing or no one there. I normally let it go to voice mail sin... Read More
about 1 day ago (BW)
Called at 8:31 pm last night.
about 1 day ago (Alabamense)
A guy named Brian wants to buy my house.
about 1 day ago (Jim)
about 1 day ago (Mr. So n So)
Sent several text messages. Looks like the person/people can’t speak English! “Hello good mornings (spelled my name wrong)” Then “Hello good ... Read More
about 1 day ago (No idiot!)
Losers called after 5pm and as usual no message was left concerning their scam. They showed up as Fraud Risk on the caller ID.
about 2 days ago (CL)
Called me on my mobile number. Did not leave a message.
about 2 days ago (Lydia)
Texted exactly as above. Went by Kennith something
about 2 days ago (S man )
Automated Google Business listing message. No matter how many times I have hit the prompt to remove this number "Google" called 15-20 times a week.
about 2 days ago (anonymous )
Caller calls and leaves broken up message
about 2 days ago (Pita2 )
No message
about 2 days ago (Pepe)
Called several times and hung up.
about 2 days ago (Pedro)
This girl is trash gave up her kids for crystal meth she will fuck anything for a fix. Located at 109 young st kitchener goz by the name Britt Scotts
about 2 days ago (Jessie )
Shes a fuck pig whore. Dope DONKEY gave up her kids for drugs. Gos by the name Brit Scott
about 2 days ago (Dj)
Harassing calls all hours of the night
about 2 days ago (Janeen Rosenberg)
They call me 3 times at a crack all one right after the other. Message is just beeps. They call numerous times a day. It is getting extremely annoying... Read More
about 2 days ago (LWil)
Scam caller trying to get my email address and my personal information. Dont give them anything. 9543314501
about 2 days ago (Carl)
Claiming from loan company asking personal information that a loan company does not need.
about 2 days ago (Haley)
They have changed the name to Emily, but the same robocall. You would think the government would put a stop to this. This recording calls several time... Read More
about 2 days ago (Tammy)
This number and other similar numbers call me about 30 times a day. I block them and a minute later another similar number calls again. My block list ... Read More
about 2 days ago (Serpico )
Called from 972-942-7210 four times in 20 minutes. Told that my Apple product had been hacked. Told to call 206-309-9231 to resolve. Our only Apple de... Read More
about 2 days ago (Denise)
Scam- normally they never leave message Once I heard some say is jr there .. then hung up Scam -
about 2 days ago (Jason )
Man with indian accent told me that my IP address was used in Japan and Germany. He told my IP address and said he can correct it. I said, my brother ... Read More
about 2 days ago (Ella)
Called and left no message
about 2 days ago (Z)
over and over and over and over --- could I say more?
about 2 days ago (Royce Burton)
Its a scam !!!!!! Do not give your information. They are lying and want to hack your system. Do not pick up!
about 2 days ago (Paola)
called today, no message was left. now blocked
about 2 days ago (Mike)
So - you know who called you yet decided to look up the number anyway? Why? Telling others YOUR call was legitimate doesn't do THEM any good since sca... Read More
about 2 days ago (Kat*)
Are you available for this job? Random message, no call or voicemail.
about 2 days ago (Xen)
Called me 5 times at home and on cell about suspicious activity
about 2 days ago (Vanessa)
Called 3 times within 15 minutes. Caller ID showed call from Apple, Inc. 972-942-7210. I let it go to voicemail. Each time female voice left same mess... Read More
about 2 days ago (mlp)
I have received dozens of calls from this number over the past few months. No message is ever left. I am also receiving multiple calls from other numb... Read More
about 2 days ago (Joe B)
calls numerous times robocall-did not answer-recognized CID-PPFA
about 2 days ago (Allie)
Actual call coming to my cell phone was coming from numbers with 506 area code, which is New Brunswick, Canada. I have an app on my phone that doesn't... Read More
about 2 days ago (DMP)
Same as the rest. They called 5 times leaving VM message regarding a charge of $77.99 to my Amazon account. Don't call the number they leave--check wi... Read More
about 2 days ago (Barry J)
Scammer - Called saying my computer may have been hacked. Wanted me to install supremo remote desktop to do a free diagnosis and check up.
about 2 days ago (RJL)
IRS scam Scheduled to appear before a magistrate
about 2 days ago (Michele)
How do these idiots get my cell number? I let it go to voicemail and then blocked the number.
about 2 days ago (T)
Left a voicemail on a business phone telling me to call 207-530-8084 regarding my claim.
about 2 days ago (Jay)
about 2 days ago (RD WAYNES)
I received a text message from "Angela" today saying, "Hi Thomas!" There was also a picture of a woman sent. I'm not "Thomas," and don't know "Angela"... Read More
about 2 days ago (Not Really Thomas)
Called 5 times last month. They are in blocksville right now.
about 2 days ago (SI)
Regal Medical Group trying to sell you something so that they can make more money! SCAM!!!!!!!!
about 2 days ago (I Hate SCAMMERS)
Called cellphone (registered scam likely), left no message. 46 mins later, called , my place of business. No message left.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Same message as others reported.
about 2 days ago (Marsha)
Got it blocked. Don't know anyone there
about 2 days ago (Bill)
Don't answer. "Hi, is the head of the household there". May ask for an unknown person to start conversation off.
about 2 days ago (Alan)
Caller id showed "Bainbrdg Is WA", which is halway across the country from me. Would not talk to the answering machine. I'm assuming they're a scammer... Read More
about 2 days ago (Mellie)
Voice mail about local news article. Not sure what they are selling/scamming.
about 2 days ago (Colorado )
(727) 877-3679 New Pt Richy FL = caller id. Left no message on my answering machine typical of solicitors. The number it called is my private google v... Read More
about 2 days ago (Willy)
after blocking the number they called a third time and caller id switched from showing me the 978+877-4759.. to showing 401-305-1684 (Pawtucket RI)
about 2 days ago (tired of this)
Twelve Susan calls yesterday and 6 this morning. No Im not going to press 9 or any other #. I dont have caller ID and not going to squeeze the money o... Read More
about 2 days ago (Disgruntled old lady)
Senator Charles Grassley for Joni Ernst
about 2 days ago (Anonymous)
Same as above
about 2 days ago (A)
constant calling and texting wanting to buy my house. I have told them no and asked them to stop calling and texting and they just continue. Block one... Read More
about 2 days ago (mo)
They called the office and when I tried calling back it said not working.
about 2 days ago (Cindy Guerrero)
Apple Caller ID says "Scam Likely"
about 2 days ago (Steez)
Called and interested in buying business. I am a sole proprietor. Blocked.
about 2 days ago (anon)
Two back to back calls at 1147AM Monday. The first hung after half a ring. I answered the second and said hello but nobody wa son the line. I hung up.
about 2 days ago (bigtex)
Actually they don't "get" similar numbers, they just spoof them.
about 2 days ago (Tygerkat)
Called and left blank message. Called back and it went straight to voice mail. No name on mail box.
about 2 days ago (KBush)
Numerous calls from this and other varying numbers, never leave a message. Usually some medical thing but I quit answering unrecognized numbers.
about 2 days ago (buckeye fan)
My phone advised me that it's a telemarketer. I have my ringer down low so I didn't hear it ring since I'm at work. No message was left.
about 2 days ago (Android User_AZ)
masked ID no message
about 2 days ago (Mcdel)
Asking for donations. Spoke to my local officers about this and they assured me never heard of it and police do not solicit by phone. SPAM.
about 2 days ago (R Gibson)
Claim to be a debt collector. Will not stop calling. Told them they have the wrong person (birth date for the person they're looking for is about 30 y... Read More
about 2 days ago (Susan)
Total scam.
about 2 days ago (SK)
I received a a call from this didnt know who it was. So I didnt answer it and they left no message.
about 2 days ago (Big Daddy )
Received a call at 8:18 AM. Let the machine answer it and the message from a guy said "I don't want to leave a message....idiot." no idea.
about 2 days ago (Shannon)
Call logging is considered spamming which is against site TOS. You can easily keep track of your calls using a pencil and a piece of paper.
about 2 days ago (TOS)
Multiple calls from this number everyday and they never leave a message. Makes me think it's a scam.
about 2 days ago (Ryan )
This is one of the standard charity scam operations. Never give to any charity over the telephone. Most of them have less than $0.01 on the dollar tha... Read More
about 3 days ago (Ali Ben Garza)
Called, did not answer. No voicemail.
about 3 days ago (Your Name*)

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