Unsolicited calls to minors, unknown caller seeks personal information and data, appears to be recruiting for something. Does not accept return calls ... Read More
about 55 minutes ago (James)
Unsolicited calls to minors, unknown caller seeks personal information and data, appears to be recruiting for something. Does not accept return calls ... Read More
about 56 minutes ago (James)
Unknown caller, calls to unlisted minors, does not accept or return calls or take messages, no identification available.
about 1 hour ago (James)
Unknown caller, calls to minors
about 1 hour ago (James)
Thanks for taking the time to come all the way out here and share that with us. I was a little worried that you might have answered it, but now I am r... Read More
about 1 hour ago (MikeHuntleton)
They lain to be Verizon tech but they are phishing for any info they can get (passwords, pin #s, etc).. they kept calling me back and it even got weir... Read More
about 6 hours ago (Erin)
Thanks Carl. Now blocked.
about 8 hours ago (Tom)
971 is an Oregon area code. Why would you think that it would connect you to France?
about 8 hours ago (BigA)
Tonight it is a male voice robo caller asking for donations to the Firefighters Support program. It's a Massachusetts call to Illinois. Has scam writt... Read More
about 8 hours ago (Bubba Blair)
Hang up, no message.
about 8 hours ago (SDBud)
Called, left no message.
about 8 hours ago (Annoyed in WV)
No message means spam. That is so silly to think it means anything other than they didn't want to leave a message.
about 8 hours ago (MikeHuntleton)
Thanks for sharing what everyone already knew before you posted.
about 8 hours ago (MikeHuntleton)
The person had my name and said he was calling about disabled vets. I said thanks, but already help and hung up
about 8 hours ago (Steve)
Same issue. Many calls in a short period. Same BS message. I finally blocked the number.
about 8 hours ago (Eb)
called, left no message
about 8 hours ago (gideon y)
Never gets past my blocker and are annoying as hell calling at 7:30am twice, it only clicks and am usually asleep so don't hear it. Whatever everyone ... Read More
about 23 hours ago (BluWolf)
Checked #, it is a robocaller, blocked#
about 24 hours ago (Barbara)
According to the call back it is a political campaign office that no one is there and they cant take your call so I have to assume its fake
about 24 hours ago (Concerned)
This number calls, doesn't leave message then I will get 3 more calls back to back from different area codes
about 1 day ago (Coe)
Calls never leaves message
about 1 day ago (Coe)
A weird guy don’t answer.
about 1 day ago (xx.xx.1.188)
Just called me. No message.
about 1 day ago (Lyn)
An actual psycho named Domanique who is obsessed and deranged and creates multiple fake numbers through google voice and whatsapp if you block her.
about 1 day ago (Anon)
Why would they need to know your unlisted number to call it? Computers can dial any and all numbers in a given sequence and yours just came up in the ... Read More
about 1 day ago (Tygerkat)
yeah, me too, had my name, address and 'buyers'
about 1 day ago (creeped out in NC)
I get those too and dont use icloud
about 1 day ago (Donna)
I recieved 8 yes 8 calls while i was out and they left 8 messages claiming that my cloud was hacked and not use any of my apple accounts. I dont have ... Read More
about 2 days ago (Donna cavill )
Many unwanted calls. Annoying.
about 2 days ago (Lolo)
The yard man answered and said they wanted to know about my car insurance. I don't have a car.
about 2 days ago (Doc)
Weve received 5 back to back calls about our icloud and apple product breech.
about 2 days ago (Me)
Calls, Calls, Calls All day long. Probably some Idiots!
about 2 days ago (Jim R)
Calls multiple times everyday
about 2 days ago (Dawne Fried)
Calls repeatedly even tho blocked. Another useless scam.
about 2 days ago (Brianna )
Did not recognize number and did not answer
about 2 days ago (SharonS)
Said hello and they hung up.
about 2 days ago (Mk)
Ive been having the same problem with my cell number. I checked my bill from AT&T and most of the calls where 12 seconds.
about 2 days ago (Maegan)
11 calls in last 2 hours! STOP THEM. SCAM
about 2 days ago (anon)
Called friggin 10 times in an hour and they keep leaving voicemails even after I blocked the number, I've had it with this spam number!! They wont sto... Read More
about 2 days ago (Paige)
Multiple calls w/in a short period of time. Once I connected, they claimed to be Apple and my account was compromised by overseas activity. I asked se... Read More
about 2 days ago (Dan)
I didn't answer, but I never answer any numbers that come up here on 800 notes while the phone is still ringing.
about 2 days ago (Uncle David)
This phone numbers owner is calling me none/Stop No matter what I do, including blocking, he/she keep abusing & disturbing me - it must be a scam &/or... Read More
about 2 days ago (Aduchka )
called 4x in 2 hours claiming a breach in my Apple icloud account. I don't have Apple anything in my home! I have once before told them to stop callin... Read More
about 2 days ago (Ann)
Also called and hung up, i called back thanks to caller ID and she gave the name Michelle McGreary. Couldn't give me a company or what it was about du... Read More
about 2 days ago (Sharon)
I have received a call from this number everyday lately. I don't answer it and they call be immediately but does not leave a message.
about 2 days ago (sam)
They keep calling me too and pissing me off. I blocked them only to call from a different number.
about 2 days ago (Nia Short)
Call came in on my cell, fortunately my carrier displays possible SPAM calls, and I did not answer. Now that I see the other entries on this site, I k... Read More
about 2 days ago (RealtorD)
Same message, but the message also stated to push 1 if you want your refund, or call.
about 2 days ago (Mb)
Received text about FedEx tracking with an invalid tracking number format. I did not open the link. Phishing suspicion.
about 2 days ago (Nicholas )
This number has called me at least ten times today!!! This is Kate...,,,,about money they owe me!
about 2 days ago (Jeanette Clayton)
Called several times, says they are from my Home Loan Provider and want to connect me to a loan officer.
about 2 days ago (Apophis)
Payment past due
about 2 days ago (Credit One Bank)
Over 9 calls from this number.....very annoying!!!!!
about 2 days ago (Pete)
thanks. No message, CID: Call. blocked! - Los Angeles, CA 1/17/20 10:45 AM
about 2 days ago (RPV)
Just got their scam call.
about 2 days ago (Mary)
supposed call from PECO about my payment history / had to enter a menu
about 2 days ago (Bill Baker)
Texted to say they were interested in purchasing a home near me and gave me my address and asked me if it was still mine. Definitely a SCAM. BEWARE.
about 2 days ago (Troy)
Claiming to be from Apple support. Recording had that scam feel to it. Didn't even use good grammar. This was the callback number
about 2 days ago (Josh)
Robo call for Google business listing. Caller ID showed Sealed Air.
about 2 days ago (Robama)
no message calls constant, blocked caller
about 2 days ago (Chole)
Left computer-voiced voicemail saying this is regarding Social Security and call back was needed or a lawsuit would be initiated. I Blocked this calle... Read More
about 2 days ago (SS Scam)
Typical Google listing not up to date scam. India call center. Too bad we don't have legislatures that could address these scammers with existing tech... Read More
about 2 days ago (called party)
Another useless post, by another useless poster.
about 2 days ago (Yoda1725)
about 2 days ago (James Charles )
I am getting free money! Not! Scammer nothing is life is free, theres always a catch or a scam behind it.
about 2 days ago (Lisa)
Same as above. No name just robot voice saying informing me of criminal activity regarding my social security and to call back right away to 202-681-2... Read More
about 2 days ago (Xyz)
Tele-beggar from San Antonio. Called my (family-only) cell phone number at random. An apparently real person said "Zack calling for the American Veter... Read More
about 2 days ago (Tim)
Advance fee personal loans are illegal in EVERY STATE! NO legitimate lender accepts gift cards for ANY reason! Be Safe. Be Aware. Gunnar
about 2 days ago (Gunnar)
They left a voicemail and I called them back. The person said I had a refund of $299. Suspicious! Then they wanted to get into my computer! I hung up ... Read More
about 2 days ago (Dr. X)
These people have called over 10 times. I have blocked them on my cell, still see them calling almost daily. Try to call back and no one ever answers.
about 2 days ago (R M )
Woke me early in the morning and saying that I am qualified for government bond LOLOLOL
about 2 days ago (Meggy)
about 2 days ago (Zelda)
This number has entered my phone numerous times this week. Never any message. Assume it is spam.
about 2 days ago (Debbie Ramsey)
I accidentally pushed emergency SOS on my iPhone at school. 911 answered, but I hung up fast. Then 972-446-1389 called back about 5 times but I just k... Read More
about 2 days ago (Alexandra Jasper)
Fake charity call.
about 2 days ago (Jim)
Who is using this number
about 2 days ago (Kim )
1st call no response. 2nd call sales pitch
about 2 days ago (J. Doe)
Same here
about 2 days ago (Gina Young)
Got a phone call. No message left.
about 2 days ago (Kira)
robo call - probably scam
about 2 days ago (Cocomut)
Roboscum. Blocked
about 2 days ago (Anti Scam)
Same thing happened to me he asked for my email which I gave him and he sent me a questioner which I answered I felt weird about it so googled the num... Read More
about 2 days ago (Crystal Montalro)
Not sure it helps, but I have quite answering if I do not recognize the namer or number calling. For sure it is annoying, but I can block only so many... Read More
about 3 days ago (I. M. Harassed)
I let the answering machine pickup. They didn't leave a message, just hung up. I blocked them.
about 3 days ago (Enough Already)
Said there was a civil suite pending and give me a case file number to refer to when I returned his call. Said he was with law firm Myers Wentworth an... Read More
about 3 days ago (Rhonda)
They claim to be apple Company
about 3 days ago (David )
8 pm...asked for someone else said wrong #, oh, do you.own your home?!
about 3 days ago (Lee)
Call would call every 5 minutes both on 1/15/2020 and today 1/16/3020. Last call today no one spoke or hang up had a chance to scream DO NOT CALL AGAI... Read More
about 3 days ago (Leeny)
Rang about five times and hung up. Sure sign of a telemarketer/ scammer. I have blocked
about 3 days ago (Mom)
This caller is a scam and tried to get my personal bank information!!!!
about 3 days ago (Jamie Eitel )
Got 2 consecutive anonymous unsolicited calls from UNAVAILABLE they are concealing their identity suspect scamming.
about 3 days ago (Senior Citizen)
Former Kaplan student also receiving calls and messages to return call.I called back and tried leaving message but line went dead.
about 3 days ago (TINA P)
I got same exact message
about 3 days ago (Lisa)
Get calls from this number several times a day. I never answer, but they continue to call. Never leave a message.
about 3 days ago (katy)
called home and cell. almost need to never give out phone number
about 3 days ago (sick of spam)
3 calls in the last hour asking me to call this number back that my iCloud has been breached. Called me from 704-972-3280 which is Apple SouthPark 440... Read More
about 3 days ago (Lisa in Mississippi)
Hang up. No message.
about 3 days ago (Disgusted)
telemarketer selling drugs
about 3 days ago (Stuart)
Has called several times using different numbers. Never leaves a message.
about 3 days ago (nail_man)
This was the call back number listed on a JUNK FAX I received. The fax advertised a roofing company that does not exist. SCAMMERS.
about 3 days ago (STOP JUNK FAXES)
I do not even live in a house so I dont own the building biut I have the number blocked so tge number cannot get a hold of me
about 3 days ago (Alice)
Cancelled my direct tv last night. Thanks for these postings I can now block the number
about 3 days ago (Dee)
was trying to get my information, robo?
about 3 days ago (joepicker)
We received numerous calls from this number saying that there was a legal lawsuit against me and I had to pay them $3,000 cash or else I would have go... Read More
about 3 days ago (Fidel Reyes )
I received this message and definitely dont have anything in collections.
about 3 days ago (Tori)
Portfolio Recovery Specialdicts
about 3 days ago (Uh oh. )
These left me a message saying same as jess comment, I blocked number and did not call them back
about 3 days ago (Yolanda )
Got 2 consecutive anonymous unsolicited calls from UNAVAILABLE they are concealing their identity suspect scamming.
about 3 days ago (Senior Citizen )
about 3 days ago (Jimbo)
I did not answer - theyleft no message
about 3 days ago (I HATE UNKNOWN CALLERS)
Received a voicemail, female voice is garbled. Unable to understand what they are asking. Have received several calls this month from this number.
about 3 days ago (Caroline A)
I returned call from another phone, very heavy accent. Wanted me to allow him access to my computer. Then hung up on me when I said just mail me the r... Read More
about 3 days ago (Rita)
frequently spamming
about 3 days ago (PT)
Called Blue Cross/Blue Shield of TN and apparently this is a legitimate firm taking a survey for them. Basically a 15 minute quality survey if you wis... Read More
about 3 days ago (Don)
Just recieved a call stating they were from Edmark Toyota too ... Indian man. New what vehicle I had but I haven't gotten my maintenance done there fo... Read More
about 3 days ago (AK N)
Social Security NEVER CALLS customers for anything! If and when there are issues they only send out letters! Never answer phone calls from this number... Read More
about 3 days ago (Kara)
hang up call, no msg left
about 3 days ago (ron b)
Conns collection
about 3 days ago (MB)
i got a call from this number but i didn't answer it because i didn't recognize the number,probably a scammer!
about 3 days ago (evelyn)
They've called 3 times in 30 minutes but won't leave a message! My husband works 3rd shift & is trying to sleep & this is total bull [***]!!!
about 3 days ago (SO Annoyed)
Pretending to be Apple .......scam Incoming 212 336 1140
about 3 days ago (Bryan Pazyk)
She did the same to me just now
about 3 days ago (Rp)
I genuinely apprize this transfer. I?ve been dilettantish all over for this! Give grade I make it on Bing. You've made my day! Thanks again
about 3 days ago (Inenseeffot)
Same message here but was a guy named Dave. No last name given. No name of the private investigator he works for or the reason he is calling. He asked... Read More
about 3 days ago (Mark)
Unknown number called my private line leaving no message. Blocked!
about 3 days ago (No Fool)
Nuisance call. Called at 8 pm. So annoying!
about 3 days ago (Fed Up)
I called to get information from them from the tv ad I answered the call from this number 215 928 8000 when I answered they hug up.
about 4 days ago (Car)
Scam veterans charity. Blocked.
about 4 days ago (Rachel)
this number has called me 6 times today and sometimes 10 minutes after the prior call just a robo scam call
about 4 days ago (johnny)
Old old scam. Do not give one penny. Hang up.
about 4 days ago (Fed up )
3-4 back to back calls and leaving voice mail. Claims to be a problem with ICLOUD. This is the callback number but its calling from various numbers ou... Read More
about 4 days ago (Ayantee)
I think you might be right, but more likely just a scammer.
about 4 days ago (Greg)
Avoid this number negative rating
about 4 days ago (Someone)
Me too in this weird calls boat.
about 4 days ago (Dennis Cruz)
know they are spam by the way the #'s are laid out. You mean like any normal 10 digit phone number used in North America?
about 4 days ago (BigA)
Thanks for info!
about 4 days ago (Patty)
What does this pertain too
about 4 days ago (Jeri Lynn Long)
I never got the actual call, but I had two identical voicemails that were the tail end of the message, asking to press 2 to listen to it again, or to ... Read More
about 4 days ago (Jamie517)
Woman asked for someone who hasn't been here since 2017. Then she asked for the person in that current position, she mumbled some BS, so I asked again... Read More
about 4 days ago (Receptionist )
No message. No one on line. Could be an active number miner. They create lists and sell them to robocallers.
about 4 days ago (Bill)
Oh no what can I do
about 4 days ago (Lebron Jordan)
Keeps calling and saying a package would be between 9 am to 5pm. Please call to confirm address.
about 4 days ago (Andy)
Spoof call. 970-667-4204.
about 4 days ago (* *)
CID = Spam? ALLEN TX = POLICE DONATIONS - Received unsolicited call. Criminals looking for gullible victims. Old scam to get personal information and ... Read More
about 4 days ago (bob)
Do not trust
about 4 days ago (Ray)
Scam or fraud. Blocked
about 4 days ago (zz1)
Same as above. No name just robot voice saying informing me of criminal activity regarding my social security and to call back right away to 202-681-2... Read More
about 4 days ago (CS)
I have gotten almost 7 calls from this number in the past 24 hours.
about 4 days ago (Phone usar )
Silent robocall
about 4 days ago (Mel)
Dorks call from this number and 206-536-1306 & 206-536-1336, scammers. Telemarketers will not remove your number, nor will they stop calling. Sorry fo... Read More
about 4 days ago (mista t)
Received a fraudulent call from this number. Left message claiming to be Officer Amanda Barnes, Social Security Administration, saying my SSN was used... Read More
about 4 days ago (Phil)
No message left.Is listed as Sheriffs Dept scam
about 4 days ago (chucky)
Called 4 times in the last hour saying my iCloud has been breached
about 4 days ago (Tam)
CID shows SEALED AIR, recording about an important message.
about 4 days ago (Annoyed)
Don't think I want to talk to someone who claims to be "Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee" calling from Pennsylvania. They have called a few times f... Read More
about 4 days ago (Russ)
This person called telling me she was sending my insurance info to my home from my employer but I dont work
about 4 days ago (Rosa)
Continues to call me stating I owe money to bank of America from almost 15 years ago and they are representing them. Claiming if I don't pay they will... Read More
about 4 days ago (chris)
Called 1/15/2020 robo call stating there was an issue with my Apple iCloud, hackers from Japan, China etc scamming my iCloud account, I dont have an a... Read More
about 4 days ago (Sue)
Another one of those tax scamming calls threatening federal court charges if you don't press 1.
about 4 days ago (Judi Gray)
This is a phishing attempt. DELETE DO NOT RESPOND. Per the real APPLE SUPPORT they do not make these kind of calls.
about 4 days ago (Babs)
dead air on robocall from spoofed number. If senses answer get google listing scam
about 4 days ago (nospammer)
Follow up call trying to recruit some more business.
about 4 days ago (Maly)
you called my package has NOT been delivered tracking # CH085303469US Thanks Erika Hartwieg
about 4 days ago (Erika Hartwieg)
Called. Hear background noise, no one answers, call disconnected.
about 4 days ago (Hate these)
Another scammer!!!
about 4 days ago (M J )
Hes tryna get me to drop $100 for a $5000 loan money transfer to Walmart 74020
about 4 days ago (Dylan Robinson )
Caller said my bank account will be charged 290 $ . Scam
about 4 days ago (Oliver)
The same message I received from this number with the womans voice.
about 4 days ago (Bornay)
Im not one to usually answer the phone to a number I dont know, but for whatever reason, I decided to pick up the phone. It was someone looking for in... Read More
about 4 days ago ( )
Called about 299 I paid which I didn't and to call number to get refund
about 4 days ago (Huh)
rang once then hung up
about 4 days ago (Happy)
Don't leave a voice mail. When you call back with a hidden number, they don't answer. When you call back without hidden, they answer "Business Offices... Read More
about 4 days ago (South Florida)
Mine was a robotic sounding voice mail saying something about illegal activity and to call before they start criminal proceedings.
about 4 days ago (Melanie )
I had the same call and I informed him that we get ours thru a business but that we are under a contract and don't pay for toner and he hung up on me!... Read More
about 4 days ago (Georgia)
Not sure what the significance of mentioning how old a relative is that received a call can help determine who might have called. Would it have made a... Read More
about 4 days ago (MikeHuntleton)
Received call so didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.
about 4 days ago (mten)
Called my 91 year old mother at 6:35am
about 4 days ago (sickofscammers)
Called work phone after hours. No message left.
about 4 days ago (MM)
I called this number thinking it was Kaiser and realized right after that they were fake and got my card info. Stupid scammers
about 4 days ago (Carrie)
CID Out of Area caller no message
about 4 days ago (Baba)
Scary! Came as a text message saying it was from one of my medical providers wishing me a happy birthday. They addressed me by the wrong name but I'm ... Read More
about 5 days ago (Zip)
Five calls from this number in the last two days. Two 3 second empty messages were left. I never picked up.
about 5 days ago (Gomez)
Thank you, Jim, for clarifying my gut feeling about these calls I have been receiving. I suggested to one caller that it might be a scam and he hung u... Read More
about 5 days ago (Janet)
Filthy Christ. 4:25 PM I am at work and these animals call me up. As soon as I saw "Seattle Washington" I knew it was going to be a scum bag scammer c... Read More
about 5 days ago (telemarketers suck)
Angela stated from "Up and Up remodeling company" from Los Angeles Ca. To assist with water efficient landscaping caller ID stated California numbe... Read More
about 5 days ago (E. Ojeda)
Call Center Scam, the dude claimed to call from the pharmacy, what pharmacy? The one that your employer is contracted with... Most likely scammers usi... Read More
about 5 days ago (Joe Dallas)
CID Cleveland no msg
about 5 days ago (Lynn)
Called, left no message. Says it is a wireless number, no name found
about 5 days ago (E)
Since my last post I received 5 more voicemails that day, from the same number and with the same message every 30 minutes.
about 5 days ago (RjB)
Yeah, they want to give you a refund because they found out that your nickname is "Little Willie".
about 5 days ago (BigA)
They are scamming and calling me about “3,000$ in credit card debt”
about 5 days ago (Anthony Martinez)
Update: it's a pre-recorded message, same each time, some guy saying "hello, can I call you right back?", then it hangs up and calls you back seconds ... Read More
about 5 days ago (Texas Native)
called no message its a scam
about 5 days ago (fozi)
called from Freeport TX, left no message.
about 5 days ago (dan)
Didnt answer didnt leave a voicemail
about 5 days ago (Timathia )
My Wife and I received a phone call from this number. Like my previous two times, they didnt leave a message.
about 5 days ago (William)
Calls. Leaves no message. Get lots of calls about donations for police fund. Sounds like same based as above.
about 5 days ago (2Kim)
I did not recognized name Woodson Sandra and did not leave message at 210 -932-8069 possible scammer
about 5 days ago (Peter )
calls claiming apple support and that my account has been breached
about 5 days ago (Aruray)
Call came but there was no voice mail. I wonder if it was a SS scam as I'm a senior.
about 5 days ago (Mary Interrante)

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