Same! Said he had "many counts of fraud" under my name
about 11 hours ago (Mary)
This is a scam.
about 16 hours ago (Shelley)
I got this phone call from Texas so i didn't pick it up. who the hell would think that i'd be getting a call from Social Security from Texas for a Bro... Read More
about 17 hours ago (Janet )
Also posting fake CL ads for cargo trailers.
about 17 hours ago (fnord)
Regular hang up calls
about 17 hours ago (Sally)
this number came in with a message to call about work? I am self employed. so I dont know who this is.
about 18 hours ago (t)
Many calls from this number, finally blocked them. So annoying
about 18 hours ago (Jade )
about 19 hours ago (----)
International scam !
about 19 hours ago (Jack Stuntman)
Maybe instead of posting here your first act should have been to contact Medicare to get a new number?
about 20 hours ago (BigA)
I had the number on my block call list. They dont get the message. I wont answer the phone at all.
about 20 hours ago (Trustops)
They were taking about swelling in my legs and asked different kind of questions including Medicare card number. After I gave that number I realized t... Read More
about 20 hours ago (Ilya Kagansky)
Caller i.d. said Telemarketer so I disconnect from call...
about 21 hours ago (Ram)
Caller said he was from IBM. Asked for me but wrong department of business. When asked again what it was in regards to, he repeated he wanted to talk ... Read More
about 21 hours ago (Stacy)
While on phone, saw this number come up on another line. I didn't answer, no message.
about 21 hours ago (spamassassain)
Must be a scam. Left on message.
about 21 hours ago (Helen)
My caller ID said SPAM?Edcouch TX. No message was left. I noticed there is a report on a robocaller site with a transcript. The recording started with... Read More
about 21 hours ago (Liusa)
calls -hangs up when I answer several times
about 21 hours ago (wjh)
Got a call and no message left. Caller came up as TX INSRUM -- Have not been able to find out who or what this is.
about 22 hours ago (Linda)
Me too it freaked me out I tried calling him back it says voicemail full fell on hard times during the pandemic says filing fraud I'm like what fraud ... Read More
about 1 day ago (Chanelle)
Dear Jason, we tried to send your item, but there is an overdue import fee. Resolve now: But I never ordered anything so scam.
about 1 day ago (Jason )
They are harassing me by texting me & calling saying they have multiple counts of fraud against me.
about 1 day ago (Mary)
called asking about my credit card
about 1 day ago (derek)
didn't answer the call in time........immediately called number back...wondering who it was...said it was Anthem. Said to call back another time becau... Read More
about 1 day ago (Debra)
Same text for me. Received May 11, 2021.
about 1 day ago (Laura)
Unanswered call from unknown number. It is listed as a robocaller spam on another site.
about 1 day ago (Angry Grandma)
I got this same text today
about 1 day ago (Scammed)
Its a scam. Here is another number they use. 262-289-3277. I have a burner phone that maybe a handful of people have the number too. About once a week... Read More
about 1 day ago (Spudz)
Texted me, opportunity thru Walmart for job?!
about 1 day ago (Blondie)
Number spoofing assholes
about 2 days ago (Timbo)
Unsolicited call from unknown caller. No message. Blocked.
about 2 days ago (Android being)
These people keep calling and threatning to harm they are supposebly witch craft people i dont know who they are looking for
about 3 days ago (Maria quezada)
Called cell, no message
about 3 days ago (Kathy)
Called and didn't leave a message. We don't answer unknown numbers.
about 3 days ago (CrazyInNY)
Robo caller
about 3 days ago (Sarah Jean)
yes call me everyday im tired of this
about 3 days ago (manuel)
I have this number blocked but somehow the calls keep ringing right on thru
about 3 days ago (lynnie)
Phone ignored call as spam
about 3 days ago (Tom)
This idiot calls with a threatening tone as if he were from some government entity, demanding you speak with him and had the audacity to leave my a VM... Read More
about 3 days ago (Yalawnda)
Thank you so much now i know that she is definitely a scam artist , and i do hope she gets caught
about 3 days ago (Ida)
OK, so if that is the phone number involved then why are you posting in the the thread dedicated to calls from 205-598-5928?
about 3 days ago (BigA)
203-646-8785 Collection scam SCUMBAGS
about 3 days ago (Telemarketers Nightmare )
If I do not know a number, it will go straight to voice mail. This time it said Walgreens but there was not any message. I put this number in the sear... Read More
about 4 days ago (Joanie Crane)
Called two times today. No message left.
about 4 days ago (Rene)
Added this number to my call blocker.
about 4 days ago (Elizabet)
Caller ID says it's from "New Hope Celebration". They left no message. I have blocked it based on comments here. 215-200-0000
about 4 days ago (JS)
If you already know who called you, why would you look up the phone number? There's no logical reason to do so. I'm with B-Edwards. I think you're her... Read More
about 4 days ago (Tygerkat)
Text message. Scam. Do not click on the link.
about 5 days ago (Dee)
Scammer offering to buy real estate
about 5 days ago (Rod)
Scammer sending texts offering to buy real estate
about 5 days ago (Rod)
Now Im getting it but they are leaving voicemails that sound like a technological alien. Thank god the laws have been updated since 2015 because I wil... Read More
about 5 days ago (Richard)
Comcast sales call
about 5 days ago (Denver Resident)
Says it's from USPS about delivery of a parcel. Asked me to confirm "here" but I didn't.
about 5 days ago (Sally)
Has called six times in the last nine days. My automated service has hung up in it for me so I dont know what they want.
about 5 days ago (Sick of these calls)
Calls every morning and afternoon. Never leaves a message and no one there if I answer
about 5 days ago (Suz)
We got one too. Tried to call back for company name but no answer
about 5 days ago (Mimi)
Keep calling my number and not leaving a message.
about 5 days ago (Helen)
I didn't answer - went to voicemail and no one left anything.
about 5 days ago (RFM)
Calls a lot. Never leaves message.
about 5 days ago (Neil)
trying to sell me solar panels.
about 5 days ago (brad)
Someone with an Indian accent called rattled off something I couldnt understand, then asked for my email address. Yeh right! scam all the way.
about 5 days ago (will)
My friend ask me to send to them the picture of her driver license and credit card.Even do it sound it fishy to me I did, but I told my friend to take... Read More
about 5 days ago (Maria)
Received call no message. Called back and the above Janet Wells has now changed her number to Volga SD
about 5 days ago (Wkd)
I received the envelope with a $1900 cashier check and deposited in my trash!
about 5 days ago (Ola Milton)
My cell phone is getting a lot of calls lately from different spam/scam numbers (all around the US) with the CID ACCOUNT SERVICES. Some are already kn... Read More
about 5 days ago (D.)
This is a debt collection agency.
about 5 days ago (Good Fellow )
Called my cell phone 9:34am this morning, left no voicemail. Assuming it's either spam call or wrong number but either way don't want them ringing my ... Read More
about 5 days ago (StingrayJG)
scumbags are at it this morning. hang up call
about 5 days ago (r2)
Scammer called National Dealer Services about car warranties
about 6 days ago (Rod)
Scammer sending texts offering to buy real estate blocking unlisted numbers
about 6 days ago (Rod)
Scammer using this disconnected number offering to buy real estate
about 6 days ago (Rod)
They said my brother had a case against I suspected total scam because process servers just show up, they dont announce themselves.
about 7 days ago (Joey )
Says he's from Washington DC Airport and has a package for my husband
about 7 days ago (Kate)
Says they are a location services finder and they have a case number for one of my relatives which they named. I told them if they were savvy enough t... Read More
about 7 days ago (Mel)
We got a note on our door claiming that they are a claims processor.
about 7 days ago (Diana Weatherson)
Claim to be UHC ... they are being heavily scammed. With the message I have on my phone they always hang up and that is the end of it.
about 7 days ago (Charlie)
this number has called at 1115 pm so id hope this isn't a drs office
about 7 days ago (Dawn)
Called left vm to call them back right this is BS
about 8 days ago (Bob g)
I get dozens of fake calls from United Healthcare or a subsidiary. Some have asked to review my medications ... I review my medications with my doctor... Read More
about 8 days ago (Den)
Do NOT give out any personal information to this number that claims to be United Health Care. They are phishing.
about 8 days ago (NoOne)
Have called 7 times in two hours. Finally fed up, picked up phone, didnt say a word .... IRS wants me
about 8 days ago (Dgil)
Received 2 texts back to back stating: Order ID: 52125 - Payment declined - action required
about 8 days ago (KC)
Called multiple times with no messages when researched further I found this and all the reviews indicating a SCAM- thanks to all for reporting!!!
about 8 days ago (LLC_ Law)
Said no my order was declined and send a link
about 8 days ago (Kat)
They called and left a message about my App't with SS Disability for the next day. It is not a scam unless you got a spoofed number? I do have an app'... Read More
about 8 days ago (Rich)
Called today, on my cell. I never answer unknowns but they left a scam voicemail about automobile warantee bull!
about 8 days ago (John)
Got the same call a couple minutes ago. First off, YOU should know if you're eligible for the vaccine. If not, call your local health agencies and mak... Read More
about 8 days ago (JonBoz)
Called and said they looked at public records and found my property for sale and wanted to buy. My property is NOT for sale...
about 8 days ago (C)
Exact same text from Jennifer. word for word, including times available for tomorrow.
about 8 days ago (Michael)
Creditor's rights? Looks like you are a debt collecting attorney, assuming you really are an attorney. Thanks for identifying your scummy company for ... Read More
about 8 days ago (BigA)
Got 3 consecutive unsolicited calls no messages were left.
about 8 days ago (Boomer )
Robo-'Kayla' (aka 'Taylor'?) - is very interested in my property and wants to buy it for cash.
about 8 days ago (S)
Same here. Called and no message. Annoying!
about 9 days ago (Annoyed Seattlite)
I blocked this number back on 8/1/2020. The NRA is using this number again. This is after I asked them to put me on their limited mailing list with NO... Read More
about 9 days ago (Harmon)
Same. Dont know this person asked about buying my home, sounded like a script anyway
about 9 days ago (Wtheck)
Debt collection callers Abusive
about 9 days ago (Billb)
I got a call where caller ID showed 206-397-1153. The caller claimed to be someone working with Medicare. He wanted me to give him my Medicare card nu... Read More
about 9 days ago (Jack Rosenthal)
Received fishy text message from this number with WhatsApp code... Some scam. Blocked this number.
about 9 days ago (Annoyed Citizen)
Got this call from 978-533-3439 about COVID. Just ignore it and don't call back.
about 9 days ago (Jerry)
I am reporting this phone number because I dont know who the fake person is
about 9 days ago (Tammy )
It's a solar energy scammer. They stuck a bright yellow tag to my front door marked "FINAL NOTICE." It says to call and "schedule an inspection," but ... Read More
about 9 days ago (Susie)
9:58 AM 5/4/2021 local ac says OUT of AREA which means 1.THEY R LYING BLOCKING#
about 9 days ago (angi marek)
called a number of times trying to push funding for small business
about 9 days ago (raojr)
Received a text from this number reminding me to complete a form. I don't have any connection with this place.
about 9 days ago (Atrelle)
This call came in last night about 5pm. I never even looked at my phone until this morning. After checking this number out here I can see the complain... Read More
about 9 days ago (LSKKMa)
Dozens of calls, robot voicemails telling me my auto warranty is expiring. I've never owned a car and medically cannot drive. Classic scam pattern, an... Read More
about 9 days ago (Ac)
Texting graphic mutilated body pics, threatening me, trying to extorht for money.
about 9 days ago (Joe dirt)
This number is listed as my message center. Cannot get 6 digit codes Now that I need tonproceed
about 9 days ago (Linda Crispin)
multiple ROBO CALLS from this number... 3 calls in one day... they did NOT leave a message... online search for this number suggests it is associated ... Read More
about 10 days ago (GR)
Women called selling extended warrantee that covers car.she even gave me my vin number but when I asked what insurance company is it and there underwr... Read More
about 10 days ago (Tom)
gb calls several times a day never leaves a message
about 10 days ago (gb1)
Seems to be a criminal attorney in New York. Likes to sue people over debt and then probably hopes that they don't show up so he can get a default jud... Read More
about 10 days ago (BigA)
Same here
about 10 days ago (M)
OOPS. Minor typo. Obviously I meant, not
about 10 days ago (J L Despammas)
Texted, used my first name, "...we have received your order. Please specify the place of delivery, thanks:" scam scam
about 10 days ago (Milla)
VoIP number serviced by Twilio in Dallas TX. Unsolicited call regarding off-market property (NOT FOR SALE). Harassment. Block and Report.
about 10 days ago (Anonymous )
texted me an asked if I owned a piece of property
about 10 days ago (anonymous)
Text me stating Maria, please check and confirm all the details of your order you have placed. It is ready Then there is a link to click. Dont click ... Read More
about 10 days ago (Maria)
Huge Scam company. Doesn't follow FDCPA. Just says I'm being sued. Pay balance in full or get sued. Won't answer the phone anymore. Just threatened me... Read More
about 10 days ago (jacob)
Just got the call and he said he was from a mortgage company then hung up so I blocked the number.
about 10 days ago (Vic)
Lodi, Ca. call--scam? alleged debt collector? prank? telemarketer?
about 11 days ago (rae)
This man might be a rapist. Stay away from him and do not call him!
about 11 days ago (Mike Franks)
If you already know who called you, why would you look up the phone number?
about 11 days ago (Tygerkat)
I missed the call from WA. I read everyone else's post. I am a donor to that and other funds. It is normal that students have job doing fundraising. A... Read More
about 11 days ago (JP)
robocall political screed
about 11 days ago (rmm)
Then logically you would have no reason to look up the phone number, would you?
about 11 days ago (Tygerkat)
Caller-ID showed "SPAM RISK" From: Carrollton, TX Carrier: Gte-sw DBA Verizon Sw Inc.-tx
about 11 days ago (SpamCat)
I didnt get a name. Phone I'd came up as "spam likely". I answered in Japanese. They were looking for my husband. They told me they were recording whi... Read More
about 12 days ago (Beck)
same here
about 12 days ago (lee)
Recorded message - "calling about your insurance.... " no name given, no type of insurance... and they change numbers often
about 12 days ago (tired of this)
This # called me knew my name, provided they reached the wrong person and then hung up.
about 12 days ago (Unknown phone call that knew my name)
Job scam. Called me a fool after I told I knew what he was doing. Texted him a nice message to do better and work hard in a real job. He could be succ... Read More
about 12 days ago (Cal)
Unidentified robo call, didn't understand a word they said. CID had the city name.
about 12 days ago (Fed Up!)
another unknown scammer
about 12 days ago (foch)
This number called me at 8am and just was silent for almost a minute and its creeping me out.
about 12 days ago (Lilly)
Called during non legal hours and tried to interact with my voicemail. SPAM
about 12 days ago (GF)
My phone said "maybe junk" Didn't even have to answer
about 12 days ago (tuck67)
Caller ID showing "NATL NUTRITIONA". Did not pick up, no message left.
about 12 days ago (tired-of-nuisance-calls)
"Asset Recovery"
about 13 days ago (Bull Winkle)
Did she meet with you at the police station? Was it legit?
about 13 days ago (John)
Called (several times) just to hang up on the answering machine.
about 13 days ago (Mitchell)
This guy is still up to no good the previous Post was almost a year ago and my office just received his call, Using the exact same language!!
about 13 days ago (YB Garcia)
Same thing here! They got me all the way to sending an invoice and location details for the sessions. Im normally pretty hesitant with these kinds of ... Read More
about 13 days ago (Ramona )
Called at around 9 pm and verified my details. Said he is calling from UW. I hung up the phone. I am positive that it is a scam.
about 13 days ago (NS)
Facebook SCAMMER: pretends to offer government financial assistance to the needy. This phone number appears on their bogus Facebook page.
about 14 days ago (J Pintry)
Called no message left
about 14 days ago (Random)
". . . thank you for order. It is already assembled and ready to ship, confirm details:
about 14 days ago (Doug)
I hung up when he started asking weird questions, then he called right back and started yelling because I hung up on him. Really!!
about 14 days ago (Jessie)
How do I stop them from calling?????
about 14 days ago (Neldon)
western union scam. Report it
about 14 days ago (Gretchen)
My, my, you are a persistent lying piece of excrement aren't you? Take your fraud shop and advertise somewhere else. We all know you are nothing but a... Read More
about 14 days ago (BigA)
didnt say anything
about 14 days ago (Maud)
They continue to call but don't leave a message.
about 14 days ago (Shelly)
Robocaller. No message.
about 14 days ago (Baylee)
There saying theyre from Citibank I changed my bank they think they got me
about 14 days ago (Maricel Rosa)
Called multiple times even though I was rejecting the call. Answered once heard a womans voice asking to sell something so I hung up.
about 14 days ago (Hailey)
972-694-4524 called my home line. Voice mail answered. Very fast-talking female voice started speaking while VM was still delivering the welcome. Then... Read More
about 14 days ago (Papa Chin)
Fax received from "LOCAL CREDIT & TRUST" no phone, no contact info. It should read from 'LOAN SCAM & DON'T TRUST".
about 14 days ago (Scam Savvy)
Calls, doesn't leave message
about 14 days ago (mainah)
Scam alert! Did not fall for this Robo call scam claiming to be PCH stating Ive won 2.5 million dollars! Beware of this scam. I can see folks falling ... Read More
about 14 days ago (Sylvia)
Don't know who it is so, I blocked it.
about 14 days ago (manxus)
I have them blocked and still got a call just now!
about 14 days ago (Trish)
Repeated calls. CID says New Jersey. No message.
about 14 days ago (D)
A verification code was sent?
about 14 days ago (MikeHuntleton)
Answer, complete static/silence. Told them to call back and leave a message.
about 14 days ago (Katie)
received phone call at 8:50 tonight. Answering machine on, no message left. Scam suspected just b/c of time and unknown numbrt
about 14 days ago (mimi)
Calling from UW Alumni association I think, asking to verify contact information and if this is a good phone number to call at. Really odd call to rec... Read More
about 14 days ago (Z)
About Covid eligibility . UHC, voicemail
about 15 days ago (Jacky)
Constant phone calls.
about 15 days ago (Non of your business)
Same BS as others reported. Had my 2nd Covid19 Poke on March 8th ! Just a robo caller trying to get you to return a call to some scammer. Do NOT retur... Read More
about 15 days ago (Jim L.)
Who are they
about 15 days ago (Kandy)
Don't know who or what the "Fur Care Group" Didn't answer
about 15 days ago (tuck67)
Received a fax for a line of credit sized at $25,000 - $500,000+ for the THIRD time!!! FAKE!!! SCAM!!! Just want them to quit faxing me!!!
about 15 days ago (Beci in Alabama)
Exact same modus operandi. Large order. Thomas Spears from London.
about 15 days ago (Thomas Vic)
Se escucha un hombre llorando realmente me dio mucho miedo
about 15 days ago (Karla)
They have personal information
about 15 days ago (Ashley)
Got text message asking if I would like curbside pickup. No idea who the merchant is. I am not near Levittown PA where the call is supposed to origina... Read More
about 15 days ago (Bruce)
I have received about 15 phones call from various numbers in the last 2 hours. I am so annoyed. I am on the do not call list.
about 15 days ago (r)
Got an unsolicited call no message was left.
about 15 days ago (Boomer )
NO doubt about SCAM suspicion. It is a SCAM calls. DO NOT pick up. Blocked forever.
about 16 days ago (Gregor)
Rec'd an unsolicited call no message was left.
about 16 days ago (Boomer )
Caller ID said "Nonprofit". Woman on the phone said she's with State Farm and wanted to let me know about their reduced rates. I asked why it showed u... Read More
about 16 days ago (Fed up with robocalls)
He called Demanding money! Told me he was going to send all types of people to my house I told him to bring it in when Im ready
about 16 days ago (Everyday person )
Theyve called family members and a former job threatening me for whatever reason. They have threatened to file a court order against me and I absolute... Read More
about 16 days ago (Mari)
Just got a voicemail from a woman named Patricia claiming that my surgery for tomorrow has been canceled due to lack of information. I called my surge... Read More
about 16 days ago (Sam)
Can I help you? IS BILL THERE? There's no Bill here Silence more silence then RUDELY HANGS UP no SORRY, no WRONG NUMBER, no nothing = JERK Google repo... Read More
about 16 days ago (Islands7)
I just got a call from this number saying they had my grandson their in court they wanted money from me or he would go to jail. I called my grandson a... Read More
about 16 days ago (Corrine )
CID said Watch Apple. Didnt answer. Didnt leave message
about 16 days ago (Buford)
I got a call from this number. Caller ID same as phone number. No message.
about 16 days ago (Cram)
Didnt answer but called said from Tracy, CA. If other callers are correct probably Northwest Exteriors as they have spammed me over the years after th... Read More
about 16 days ago (RQ)
Scam - wants details about your annuity & then attempts to get you to sell it to them for pennies on the dollar. They dont take NO for an answer & con... Read More
about 16 days ago (Pennsylvania )
Caller said "this is Mark. I am calling about a house I'm interested in buying and it shows that you are the owner." I am not a presume... Read More
about 16 days ago (CK)
Caller looking for anyone in finance. Caller has employee's names, some first name only. Not sure if this is legit company or cold calling telemarkete... Read More
about 16 days ago (Operator)
Said "Hello this is Owen from my company's employment staffing calling on a recorded line..."and then the call drops. Not the first time I have gotten... Read More
about 16 days ago (Andrew)
Called twice within 6 minutes
about 16 days ago (R A Miller)
This numbers tied to a hacker named jefferey richard steckel married to victoria steckel. Mother yvonne rodriguez. 16022 glenbrook glenn houston tx
about 16 days ago (Cellulite boy)
Called at 6:07 PM on 04/22/21; was a recorded voie about Clean Energy Connect. Called them back, left amessage (in no uncertain terms) telling them to... Read More
about 16 days ago (WeKillSpam)
about 17 days ago (---)
Took care of this problem. I've had my cell phone number changed. This P.O.S. from San Antonio won't bother me anymore. Good riddance. Can't believe a... Read More
about 17 days ago (TOM G.)
Not the same number calling back as the number fortreasury the things they say dont seem legitimate or honest .
about 17 days ago (Paula Brown)

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