calls me daily and no one says anything when I answer.
about 30 seconds ago (Dustin)
Reminding me to get my flu shot.
about 27 minutes ago (A. Tank)
Received call on my cell. No message left.
about 29 minutes ago (Mapsman)
Had a very similar person call, but she didn't have an accent. But said the same thing.
about 30 minutes ago (Admin)
Sorry to tell you this Ray, but all you did was to confirm for them that your number is a viable, working number that they now will continue to call y... Read More
about 60 minutes ago (ichy7)
Machine picked up, lady said administrator then hung up Another said medicard scam, discount insurance cards
about 1 hour ago (Lynn)
Call to a cellphone, not answered. See comments, above.
about 1 hour ago (NJdotCOM)
I did online quote and getting non stop email and calls from this number. Answered it one time and the guy hanged up on me twice! because of my accent... Read More
about 2 hours ago (Asian girl)
Fraudulent call pretending to be Dunn & Bradstreet. Rude and pushy woman on the other end.
about 2 hours ago (Carl Z)
called left no message
about 2 hours ago (nick)
They called, I answered, no one responded and hung up.
about 2 hours ago (Linda)
Same thing happened to me is this real or should i just ignore the calll?
about 2 hours ago (Javier Martinez)
Hearing aid scam.
about 3 hours ago (MrJack)
Hang up caller.
about 3 hours ago (Cameron)
They call but dont leave a message. I dont answer calls I dont have in my contacts, or that come up unknown, or numbers I havent programmed into my ph... Read More
about 3 hours ago (Heidy)
blank call no one speaks at other end. Blocked
about 3 hours ago (John doe)
Portfolio Recover harassing debit collectors they try to collect on 10 year old debit . and settle debit .
about 3 hours ago (caller XX)
Left a message stating important info on medicare. They also left a 1 800 number. I did not call back. They even knew my name. It was out of Massachus... Read More
about 4 hours ago (Sal)
This number has called about 9 times this morning. Back to back to back calls. I don't answer and they keep calling.
about 4 hours ago (Office)
gets annoying how they track your cell # and find an area code that is close to your region. Typical BS
about 5 hours ago (Billy)
I have been away for a patch, but now I name why I used to enjoy this journal. Thank you, I faculty try and assure backward much frequently. How oftti... Read More
about 7 hours ago (Gymnrelry)
Hi guys! Yolo Online Meds is now using this number.
about 14 hours ago (Lauren)
CID says...VOIP CALLER. Another site says this is a scammer/ threat caller. Didn't leave a message when call went to machine. Call came in some what l... Read More
about 14 hours ago (bugman)
CELL - UNK - (no ID) - RoboCall Scam !!! - "Calling behalf of Medicare..." DATE: TIME: 2019-10-14 - 14:27 PM MST
about 15 hours ago (BTI)
Called, no message. This is the 7th Unknown call today. The scammers and their dialers are working overtime.
about 16 hours ago (Cowmilker )
Police charity and would not listen or stop talking when I ask him to not call again. So rude and loud that I would not give for that cause due to his... Read More
about 16 hours ago (Gary)
about 16 hours ago (....)
Male called and asked for Mary Lou, I said she was busy and he hung up. I called back and reached a voice mail for fund raising service
about 17 hours ago (Joe)
I just received the same message & never made any kind of payment for software services. Especially since my husband has his own IT business. Total sc... Read More
about 17 hours ago (Mare)
Calls but does not leave messages. I do not answer numbers that I don't have named in my contact list.
about 18 hours ago (JeNellen)
Amazon gift card support calling to verify that I reloaded my gift card earlier today via credit card. They asked for no personal information other th... Read More
about 19 hours ago (Bruce Armstrong)
Scam caller, legitimate callers leave a message, never call a number on the National Do NOT Call List, and certainly don't call three times within a o... Read More
about 19 hours ago (Phed Upwith)
Medical prescriptions.
about 19 hours ago (Mark)
gave name of Michael Matts(Matz?) then it went into a warranty recording. Unsolicited. Not interested in FIVE warranty calls/day.
about 20 hours ago (Ms. B)
Called home land line. Voice mail answered. Nobody on the line.
about 20 hours ago (Erik)
Claiming to be the justice department requiring me to surrender myself or call a police offer and turn myself in for infractions of the penal code. Th... Read More
about 20 hours ago (John)
Collection agency.
about 20 hours ago (Make My Day !)
404-341-5062 'Atlanta GA' was caller id. Left a message. Hi, my name is Bradon, looking to buy property...etc. Cold calling unsolicited Telemarketi... Read More
about 21 hours ago (Willy)
Try the old rotary dial phone,or yell loudly!
about 21 hours ago (Buster the Phone Adjuster)
Called twice within 20 minutes with no message.
about 21 hours ago (Sarah )
No message left. Called twice in a row. 208-258-7564 Boise, ID
about 21 hours ago (Bama Mama)
Same scam voicemail left as blocked.
about 21 hours ago (grannyb)
Calls & dosen't leave V M . Now blocked
about 21 hours ago (D. Paul Davis )
Hangs up on my answering machine
about 21 hours ago (Sue)
Spam 202-757-5871
about 22 hours ago (GUMSHOE)
Rang one time. No message left.
about 22 hours ago (Lilly)
Do not answer this scammer calls for a school bs they say there a job service nothing but a scam asked for email did not get that far I hung up and bl... Read More
about 22 hours ago (Kieth)
This is NOT a spam call. This is ADP payroll. We use them for our payroll and they called from this number to verify a change we did after we publishe... Read More
about 22 hours ago (Hank)
Answered this number and I got some Chinese speaking machine.
about 22 hours ago (Terra)
I received calls from this number and I live in AZ. When I picked up the line they did not say anything and hung up after I said hello 4 times. Seems ... Read More
about 23 hours ago (Maria)
Scam scam scam. Don't answer or block
about 23 hours ago (Salamanca)
Robo call that keeps calling and says call Stacey
about 23 hours ago (PLBR)
National Rifle Association is who I got when I called them back.
about 24 hours ago (TNorsted)
Chinese language scam targeting Chinese community in US.
about 24 hours ago (James)
Call about SS fraud. I would be arrested. Right after I applied.
about 24 hours ago (Rick S)
It's Anthem BCBS. Sorry for the post, would be nice if they identified themselves.
about 1 day ago (LakeMechanic)
Calls from 800-275-2273 Apple Support and to call back at tool free number 208-262-0000. This is a scam. I do not even have an Apple account and on DO... Read More
about 1 day ago (SS)
Recorded msg. Did not identify themselves. Just said they would deduct 299.00 from my account (what acct.--I do not know-lol) and to return call. Me... Read More
about 1 day ago (Patricia)
about 1 day ago (M.H.)
Received another call today with no ID left no message. I Called back number; again today gIven 2 choices: #1) pick 1 to speak to rep (no rep availabl... Read More
about 1 day ago (the elder)
Wanted to buy house .
about 1 day ago (Jennifer)
Called 3 times in a row. Called my mother and said a courier was in route to my house.
about 1 day ago (Suz)
Caller ID said "Alhambra California", no message
about 1 day ago (Mcdel)
This was a telemarketer call (male), caller ID said KMC TEL RO, he was selling insurance and although it appeared to be a local call---it wasnt. I tol... Read More
about 1 day ago (Lynette Harris)
Multiple calls. No message.
about 1 day ago (Rx EU )
Have sent disturbing messages to my phone with diragatury language. People need to stop being so disrespectful.
about 1 day ago (M.O)
Phoned twice in 9 minutes. NO identifying information. Left no message on recorder.
about 1 day ago (roger)
Called my mobile number and didnt leave a message. Blocked.
about 1 day ago (Irritated in California)
Said calling for police annual fundraiser. Wanted me to donate over phone, fat chance of that! Has called several years with same script.
about 1 day ago (S. Brown)
727-565-8967 'Daniell Ledoux' was caller id. Left no message. Almost always no message here is a solicitor - or spoofed numbers.
about 1 day ago (Willy)
no msg caller id identified
about 1 day ago (Mrs)
Do not pick up. It will be a guy saying that you applied to some part time jobs but he wont really answer your questions. Its a pre recordered voice.
about 1 day ago (mIKE)
No one is on the line.
about 1 day ago (Faith)
Response to a research study for which I had submitted my name.
about 1 day ago (James)
Annoying call,when number checked,magic,the number not in service.
about 1 day ago (Allfed up)
Called at 5:45 am asking for Michael Hoffman. Appeared to be a prank.
about 1 day ago (Jan smith )
Political call. Very irritating and persistent.
about 2 days ago (Sawant must go)
Commonly I do not acquire article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to decide a appear at and do it! Your writing ta... Read More
about 2 days ago (Breetteenfors)
about 2 days ago (Peter)
This number [***]. They took $77 dollars out of my account with out my permission talking about I dont make sense. They wont give me my refund back!!!... Read More
about 2 days ago (Leah)
This is a scam.. For apple products only
about 2 days ago (K.Deal)
Called at 9pm on a Sunday!! wtf
about 2 days ago (LC)
Did not know #-did not answer CID Beverly Ma.-know no one in Beverly-no message left
about 2 days ago (Allie)
Keep getting these calls that I let go to messages. Never a complete message. Just says that if I want to call them later I can. That's all that comes... Read More
about 2 days ago (Sandra)
calls all hours of the day and never leaves a message. Blocked as my credit has been compromised. If you need to get up with me send a letter.
about 2 days ago (Lisa)
I keep getting calls from this number hourly even after I blocked it. They still manage to leave voice messages.
about 2 days ago (Darlene Joiner)
Recording saying my Apple Icloud account has been hacked
about 2 days ago (twaina)
Wiltrack Construction And Development is located at 532 S Colorado Ave, Stuart, FL 34994, and has an amazing reputation. They have great experience in... Read More
about 2 days ago (Abigail Chloe)
Link’s Locksmith Services 904-615-8397 is located at 903 Candlebark Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32225 Links Locksmith Services of Jacksonville Florida is ... Read More
about 2 days ago (Barbara Smith)
Called. Left no message. AT&T Alert: Telemarketer.
about 2 days ago (ImNAlienUrNAlien)
Honest Air Fayetteville is located at 2018 Fort Bragg Rd Suite 126B in Fayetteville, NC 28303, and has an amazing reputation. 910-849-8818 is complete... Read More
about 2 days ago (Sharon alee)
The number texted me at 9:45pm and said hey, I said hey, then asked why someomne would randomly text a person, they said it was fun, blocked the numbe... Read More
about 2 days ago (Kim)
Hey there just sought to stretch you a precis heads up and let you cognise a few of the images aren't burden right. I'm not trustworthy why but I cons... Read More
about 2 days ago (Gymnrelry)
Heya i am for the freshman second here. I constitute this table and I maturate It genuinely utilitarian & it helped me out a lot. I hope to break some... Read More
about 3 days ago (Tenonaili)
Hiya, I'm real pleased I hump recovered this information. Now bloggers create exclusive almost gossips and cyberspace and this is really frustrating. ... Read More
about 3 days ago (Gymnrelry)
Hiya, I'm rattling gladsome I get launch this info. Nowadays bloggers release only around gossips and cyberspace and this is rattling frustrating. A s... Read More
about 3 days ago (Tenonaili)
Unknown to me, so didn't answer; given other comments, just recording it happened.
about 3 days ago (Alabama resident)
called 7 times in less than an hour. I finally answered it and pushed 1. The person on the other end said very nasty perverted things. Legally it woul... Read More
about 3 days ago (Natalia)
about 3 days ago (Jim)
More unwanted calls to cell:10/11 & 10/03
about 3 days ago (Annoyed in WV)
Woof, woof, give my master a break-calls all the time Master does not answer. He is too smart for these stupid people from Ashby
about 3 days ago (Allie the Golden)
Just now got a call from this same #. Hung up, didn't leave a message. Seems unlikely that this is really Cox, as reported here.
about 3 days ago (Tiomiguel)
I received ten (10) calls from this number since October 6 that I did not answer. Dont these people have brains?
about 3 days ago (Babs)
Junk call with no ID and no msg. Blocked and forgotten.
about 3 days ago (Old Lady)
Since I don't own any Apple devices, and they were warning me about a problem with them in the voicemail they left....pretty easy to figure out this i... Read More
about 3 days ago (Kaia)
Do not know the number. Did not leave a message. Checked it and it said debt collection. Scam call.
about 3 days ago (Lena )
Seeking donations. A different "worthy cause" each time.
about 3 days ago (WmHBlair)
Call back number for huge number of unwanted calls, fake Apple support scammers.
about 3 days ago (Will)
Simply a scam. Don't give them any information at all.
about 3 days ago (Dan)
Called my landline Oct. 9 at 1:29 pm. Left no message.
about 3 days ago (Sierra)
Called but left no message, so it's not important.
about 3 days ago (OverIt)
Car warranty Scam Robocall
about 3 days ago (Nunya)
Call came in before 9 AM! Caller said she was from something that sounded like "CBD Oil" but might have been "CBDS" which is apparently a debt collec... Read More
about 3 days ago (Bianca Little)
Call came in while I wasn't home. Got SIX calls yesterday all of which came up as EITHER "Unknown Name" (like this one) or "Potential Spam". I'm giv... Read More
about 3 days ago (Jane Doe)
Same experience. Same email story with a different name. Asked him for utility bill to prove ownership and he yelled at me and said im not buying his ... Read More
about 3 days ago (Jordan Lynn)
Call came in while I wasn't home. One of SIX spam/scam calls I got yesterday while I wasn't home. All of which said EITHER "Unknown Name" (like this... Read More
about 3 days ago (Jane Doe)
Didn't recognize number. Didn't answer.
about 3 days ago (Reporting)
first access credit card
about 3 days ago (scam hater)
As of 10/12/2019, 10:26 am the person associated. With this phone is located at 11216 N 68th West Ave , Sperry Ok United States
about 3 days ago (Hamid Choughale )
Be aware somehow this person got into my apple location services and can track me. The funny thing is that I can track whom ever has this number also.... Read More
about 3 days ago (Hamid Choughale)
Was called by this number It is some Transmission company claiming to charge me $399 they are from New Jersey and said if you want to cancel this paym... Read More
about 3 days ago (Judy Gosselin)
Calls several times per day.
about 3 days ago (Annoyed )
Mike, I ended up calling the number and had words with a woman but didnt give her any info. The next day I was sent a certified letter...still believe... Read More
about 3 days ago (Lori M)
blocked them about 2 yrs ago...they never stopped calling ..yeah still get the one ring anyway..must be desperate or mindless
about 3 days ago (rick)
Robo scam call company going out of business call for refund
about 3 days ago (Cuz)
A robocall saying it was V tech Solutions and I would see a charge if I didn't call 203-998-9042 in 48 hrs to cancel subscription. Since I didn't subs... Read More
about 3 days ago (Nora)
Will NOT pick up if I do Not recognize phone number...WILL BLOCK!
about 3 days ago (SoCal Lady)
Rang a good 4 times in the last couple of days. Let's it ring continually before hanging up. Have not picked up. Leaves no message.
about 4 days ago (Rodney)
Called but left no message
about 4 days ago (Chez)
Claimed to be from Bell Mobility, was very rude and asking for an odd name.
about 4 days ago (Bb)
Calling and hanging up
about 4 days ago (Jenifer Adams)
Just got a call from this number on my cell. I blocked the number.
about 4 days ago (Jo)
Showed up on my caller ID as Phone Number. My call block only let it ring once.
about 4 days ago (Linda T)
They call but never leave a voicemail. I called once back and heard what sounded like a recording of an Indian man. I answered one other time but he k... Read More
about 4 days ago (Zoe)
They called my house number and I dont work.
about 4 days ago (Tina)
Called twice and didn't leave any messages.
about 4 days ago (Jim)
called and asked for "Jay" when i mentioned no one by that name was here he said "oh well there was no message I will try later". Blocked but they cou... Read More
about 4 days ago (sheila)
A robotic voice asked me if (my name) was there, I said what and the robotic voice repeated the question in the exact same tone. I then hung up.
about 4 days ago (A)
Totally scammers! Do not pick up or answer!
about 4 days ago (Shimery)
Caller left a VM saying that our DOT number had lapsed and I must call back to get it back into compliance ASAP. If it's like all the others, they hav... Read More
about 4 days ago (Kristen)
Did not answer. Rang just 4 times the disconnected. Usually indicates a robo call.
about 4 days ago (Karen)
They said I had a grant for 9000 but I dont believe them
about 4 days ago (Sterling Wilkins )
got at phone call- did not leave a message
about 4 days ago (Rosa)
he must have changed jobs and is now calling from a different number; I got here by googling his name
about 4 days ago (Donna)
Said his name was Jordan Cliff and he was a civil court process server. He called from a Dallas Texas number. Wanted me to call a Zapata Texas number ... Read More
about 4 days ago (Debur)
Hey there retributory desirable to create you a little heads up and let you eff a few of the images aren't loading correctly. I'm not careful why but ... Read More
about 4 days ago (Gymnrelry)
Didnt answer. Googled the number and was led here
about 4 days ago (Tami)
I don't answer calls without caller ID. No msg. left. Number now blocked.
about 4 days ago (Midtown)
Got a txt msg from this number soliciting for sex !
about 4 days ago (TLBTX)
Calls everyday three or four times, I do not ans but when you call back, wont ring or goes to not working number
about 4 days ago (Ann )
Called three times today. I did not answer and they left no message.
about 4 days ago (Scott)
Calls my office and asks for me in particular then hangs up when I answer.
about 4 days ago (jm)
got a call saying follow up on letter about presciption drug help, but have no letter, it's easy for scammers to spoof a phone number.
about 4 days ago (daryl)
Act like they are texting innocently as a mistake and then turns into asking if you are a female and if you are on dating app. And other inappropriate... Read More
about 4 days ago (NM)
978) 522-4565 comes up beverley Ma
about 4 days ago (V.Unknown)
i get a call almost every day whereas they leave a VM with someone speaking Chinese. Keep getting calls from similair #'s with same message
about 4 days ago (MARK)
Just got done posting on another site and I could not finish post and they called again. I got 2 from 1053 and 1076 last 4 numbers. They are now block... Read More
about 4 days ago (Eten)
Called and asked for the owner by his 1st name, strike one, gave his 1st name only, strike 2,would not tell me what his company was or what it involve... Read More
about 4 days ago (COP) Rent-to-own for $58.94 per month after $1.95 for 10 days. Must cancel after 10 days or automatic!
about 4 days ago (Bernie)
These guys keep calling, and I don't have any account with Synchrony Bank. Never have in the past, either. I blocked this number.
about 4 days ago (Citizen)
Call from number showing as WellCare, Andover MA. I once had coverage from them so did not think much of it at first. Then, computer asked me to respo... Read More
about 4 days ago (Brooks)
Received call from 216-278-0989 on 10/11/19 at 12:25pm. Male caller immediately prompted me to tell him who I was. Male was young and sounded fake ang... Read More
about 4 days ago (B)
about 4 days ago (-----)
Claims to a biller looking for provider check information and amounts.
about 4 days ago (Angel)
The calls I got were from different areas of the country. I called the one in Albuquerque back and got a recorded message that Apple was aware of the ... Read More
about 4 days ago (Lyn)
called - message left was simply music.. Strange
about 4 days ago (Tee)
Called five times in less than two hours. Never left a message. Blocked.
about 4 days ago (LMFH)
This number has called me everyday for the past month. I don't know who is calling and I don't answer it, because I don't know who it is.
about 4 days ago (Michelle)
Came thru stated as UNITEDHEALTHCARE- then proceeded to question me
about 4 days ago (Suspect)
They called daily for last couple days. Same number 2123373900. Female robot voice bumbling something about my SSN and suspicious activity in Texas an... Read More
about 4 days ago (sergey)
I just received a call from this number. It was "dead-air" when I answered. It disconnected after 10 seconds.
about 4 days ago (Jocelyn )
Called and left a voicemail with the call back number saying they were from the social security administration and it was an urgent matter.
about 4 days ago (Lex)
Also true for Lauderdale County, Alabama. Same valid message, same number.
about 4 days ago (John)
got two calls from number and both times left messages a with an 800# to call back and talk to Well Heath on important info on my insurance. Called th... Read More
about 4 days ago (Kms7777)
called 10/11/19 at 10:50am called 10/10/19 at 12:38 pm, but from 6808 extension called 10/9/2019 at 10:36am, but from 6910 extension called 10/8/2019 ... Read More
about 4 days ago (dee)
A man named Mike working for Woodbridge International called asking for someone who doesn't work here. Claims he was trying to reach said person as he... Read More
about 4 days ago (recept)
3463306390 called numerous times in last week. Claimed to have "business" with someone unknown at this number. My number is on national do not call li... Read More
about 4 days ago (JS)
Caller ID says, "Washington, DC." No message left.
about 4 days ago (MAG)
probably a skip tracer been calling for about two years looking for someone named Angie
about 4 days ago (Charley)
Bot caller. The automated voice was not in English but what sounded like Mandarin.
about 4 days ago (TB)
This number keeps calling my phone It says it is looking up my records this is not right I need to know who this is and I will sue
about 4 days ago (Bob Dykes)
Calls from various numbers
about 4 days ago (rocket1)
Usually these calls from Ambler, PA. begin later in the day. Today they called a little before 8 AM. I blocked the number a few weeks ago but it doesn... Read More
about 4 days ago (Linda)
Called 5 times within one day. I did not answer, nor did they leave a message. 4 of the 5 calls were received within the same hour. Blocked the number... Read More
about 4 days ago (LB)
Still calling, daily
about 5 days ago (JA)
They called 5 times every 20 mins and left a msg. "Before using any of your apple devices we strongly recommend for you to talk to a support advisor. ... Read More
about 5 days ago (Deb)
Phone rang a couple of times but they hung up before I could answer. Probably another scam call.
about 5 days ago (Lady javelin)
Another person scamming people by saying he is collecting donations for the police fund--the number is listed as Andrew Kerr in Beverly, MA
about 5 days ago (dee)
Just got a call from the same people claiming i had 9000.00 waiting for me at Walmart. Same number 202-417-8409, I called the number and its a google ... Read More
about 5 days ago (Angel Escobar)
Many calls, no msg ever left. Called ID lists "SSI".
about 5 days ago (Annoyed)
Called at 6:50pm interrupting my dinner, and hung up on the answering machine.
about 5 days ago (Missouri)
Why would you bother calling back a scammer? This is the fake process server scam. Just block and ignore their calls.
about 5 days ago (Tygerkat)
called at 6 pm, left no message, Blocked.
about 5 days ago (st larry)
Received a first time call today from this number. Turlock is nearby, but the ATT caller ID said "Telemarketer" so I sent it to VM. They did not leave... Read More
about 5 days ago (Raider)
I just got the message from this 951-801-2163 number. It seems to be a scam. Be cautious.
about 5 days ago (Anonymous in WI)
Have no idea who this is. It never rings on my phone as T-Mobil automatically classifies it as "Scam Likely". Can not find a shred of information on i... Read More
about 5 days ago (Jeff Lebowski)
Scam. Trying to get your information.
about 5 days ago (MR)
Didn't answer
about 5 days ago (Wendy )
Google scam.
about 5 days ago (Joe)
Didn't you read your paperwork before you signed it?
about 5 days ago (Kat*)

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