sent me graphic photos of bodies n guns.
about 3 days ago ( Andersen)
Called twice today no message
about 3 days ago (Ben)
about 3 days ago ( Hugh )
Calls. Leaves no message. Hangs up.
about 3 days ago ( Mark )
Funeral home worker Trying to sell equipment
about 3 days ago ( Janie )
This is Jeanni and I'm looking for my sister missing her very much over the years would be awesome to have some kind of relationship
about 3 days ago ( Araya)
Health Care Telemarketer
about 3 days ago (Paisley )
Calls but then disconnects. Probable scam
about 3 days ago (Curtis )
said "let me know when you get the money"
about 5 days ago (Orlando )
Hey it's KJ I've been trying to reach you about your recent accident I have good news call me directly 214-281-8355 don't stop claim Is what they said
about 5 days ago ( Debby )
Criminal scammer
about 5 days ago (Jack)
Pretending to be celebrity actor jeremy renner
about 5 days ago (Quinn )
Credit card spoof went to my VM. Will mark as spam
about 5 days ago (Nicky )
Real Estate Fraud
about 5 days ago (Dempsey )
Did you finally tell him to go away? This is my new number. I'm single.
about 5 days ago (Washington)
Sophia with the processing center I'm reviewing your student loan profile. It's urgent that you return my call to complete your application prior to w... Read More
about 5 days ago ( Buonarroti)
Harassing text messages saying they were going to kill me
about 5 days ago ( Jonson)
Received threats for money and demands payment by sending dead body pics .. sounds like scam
about 5 days ago ( Nath )
Received a call from this # stating that he is calling re police. I hung up and blocked #.
about 5 days ago ( Exxon )
A guy named Luis Fernandez promised $3500 a week. Would provide a condo in Houston and to borrow his Tesla. He supposedly lives in California and inhe... Read More
about 5 days ago ( Muffin )
Google says it's spam and blocked it.
about 5 days ago (as )
Scammer and thief stairs money
about 5 days ago (Janáček)
Same for me, claimed to be from Sinaloa cartel, wanted money or he was gonna "send people"
about 6 days ago ( Fernanda )
The text said that they were the cartel and trying to get money from us.
about 6 days ago (Burnham)
shady phone call call the cops for scam
about 6 days ago (dudda)
The message said to click on a link due to my banking account having unusual activity.
about 6 days ago ( Rodney )
Claims to be your bank
about 6 days ago (Ben)
Western Union scam +19295647096
about 7 days ago (Careen )
Number 3238533192 reports. Suzanne Obnamia is a stalker and domestic terrorist. Suzanne Obnamia helps stalk people at AYTU. THe Domestic terrorism cel... Read More
about 7 days ago (Smith)
Said he is from Publishers Cleaning House and I’m supposedly a third place winner. Ha!
about 7 days ago (Killah Goose)
How much comment do I need to check about yourself
about 7 days ago (Todd )
Scam regarding Queen death
about 7 days ago (Kris )
harrasing caller for females
about 7 days ago (Aleisha )
+1 (778) 292-7539 Looks like a Scam call
about 7 days ago (Christiana )
Inmate call asking for money.
about 9 days ago ( Dallas )
[NAME], I'mSara. I am probing for my next place and wanted to see if you would review a proposal on your place at [REDACTED]
about 9 days ago ( Floss )
this person is stalking my phone
about 9 days ago (Kesey, Ken)
Presented self as employee of Mountain Dew company. When I asked him the country he is from he did not want to tell me
about 9 days ago ( Greeley)
Moon face Chubby nose Flabby arms Decent legs lead to a spare tire Fat fingers Man hands Altogether unattractive
about 9 days ago ( Shane )
No comment on this specific matter
about 9 days ago (Moose )
Found phone
about 10 days ago (Bill)
spam. selling used car warrenties
about 11 days ago (Bill)
I believe Susan Ryan is a scammer for money
about 12 days ago (Domino Combat )
Benjamin j catron is cheating on me he's wife
about 12 days ago (Karlee )
Just that they have called me 4x so far today waite 2 hours and call again.
about 14 days ago (Char wiscombe )
This is a scam number. They threaten you and they put all your info in the email that accompanied it.
about 15 days ago ( Marc )
This number belongs to a very dangerous hacker who hacked bank account and all accounts
about 16 days ago ( Bill )
Tommy holdeman, is the phone number older. I like to know who the person is that comment
about 16 days ago ( Demolition )
They will pose as a girl and try and scam people for money by faking that you were talking to an underage girl. They will then say they will press cha... Read More
about 16 days ago ( Humberto )
Was victim to racial slurs and threats.
about 16 days ago (Cream )
Sent me a text message
about 16 days ago (booger bear)
Claiming they sent payment and sending a link to click, beware
about 19 days ago (Scam)
Scam call
about 19 days ago (robotcall)
about 21 days ago (.)
Received a text from a fake website asking for a cancellation or confirmation of a purchase that I never made.
about 21 days ago ( Johnathan )
I received package from Walmart that FedEx shipped as well. This number is below my address. Has FedEx provide any status?
about 21 days ago ( Jimbo )
USP - Your package could not be delivered.
about 21 days ago (Hudson )
Just Energy
about 21 days ago (Kindrex )
SoCal Edison Emergency Alert. Not exactly spam but super annoying they can't figure out how to keep the power going without people turning off everyth... Read More
about 21 days ago (Smith, Adam)
Scammer!!!Fake liar lil peepee has ED major it's sad really
about 21 days ago (Bleachers )
Scam number… Spanish language
about 21 days ago (June Bug)
Received a text from 808-225-8587 saying "Order Placed:- AMZ#6682238 for Aura Wall Mounted Air Purifier Amount of $514 will be taken out from your car... Read More
about 27 days ago ( Kite )
Some kind of call center called "Agile Defense " violating the Do Not Call Law .
about 27 days ago (Tom)
We have work for this person
about 27 days ago (Habibi )
Fake msg about sending payment
about 27 days ago ( Gabbie )
I only use
about 27 days ago (Kenzie )
Called at 0130 hung up as I answered. Annoying
about 27 days ago (xx.xx.231.34)
said he was Bell offering a 30% discount on my not Bell phone bill.
about 28 days ago ( Isaiah )
this number is a scammer tied to number 404-621-3574 they rip off your money so do not send money to this person.
about 28 days ago (xx.xx.109.34)
Call came from 662-598-1352 New Albany, MS
about 28 days ago ( Sheryl )
May be i should start looking for another site like this one.
about 28 days ago (Codrescu, Andrei )
Community blood bank
about 28 days ago (Kylen )
Robocall from Portfolio Recovery. Added to block list.
about 28 days ago (Sammy )
This number belongs to Aaron Michael Guillen the piece of garbage fake wannabe Mormon who loves to *** pp and is gay. Also loves to *** women in the c... Read More
about 1 month ago (Tyler Towson)
unsafe. This person/people has hacked into my account and is pretending to be me. they even sent a picture of me to me saying it was them. it felt hor... Read More
about 1 month ago (Cho, Margaret)
This number is used for a SCAM that pretends it is the Post Office and needs your credit card number to ensure return delivery if there is an incorrec... Read More
about 1 month ago ( MONSTERCHICK )
Just a tonne of static and noise playing, with occasional clattering in the background.
about 1 month ago ( Alex )
It is a scammer, to the best of my knowledge, but not a robocall. The person on the line was asking for the same person other similar sounding calls h... Read More
about 1 month ago (Elsie )
Text from this number stated to remember that we had a golf date!
about 1 month ago (Austin Shamrock )
I was sent a dirty pic. Do not know this number
about 1 month ago (Patrick )
Part of a house rental Craigslist scam
about 1 month ago (Wild Tesla )
Using new number ending in 86 to engage in illegitimate activities.
about 1 month ago ( Racquel )
Scammer tries to extort
about 1 month ago (Scanderbeg)
Had numerous calls from this number no answer just lil noise in backround but stays on the phone just listening I can only assume Help!
about 1 month ago (Chris Webter)
CALLS LATE AT NIGHT!!!!!! Repeat stalkers/scammers from website belonging to "commio LLC" in forsyth, ga. These stalkers/scam... Read More
about 1 month ago (Margera, Brandon Bam)
Said, this is your daughter… please answer… No daughter in Texas or in jail
about 1 month ago (:xxx::x9)
Spam spam spam spam spam
about 1 month ago (Fellini, Federico)
A guy stepped out of the closet
about 1 month ago (Tiberius )
continues to call every day . I continue to decline answering this caller from New Jersey or wherever these annoying people are calling from.
about 1 month ago (Devine Melon )
Said we probably worked together
about 1 month ago (Kaelynn )
My state congressman
about 1 month ago (Mr. Handsome)
Found me online and wanted to connect with me through phone call and texting. I refused.
about 1 month ago (McCartney, Paul )
CallerID said "Greeneville TN". Didn't answer. Left no message. 39th call from 423-525-nnnn (mostly Greeneville, TN) since 8/30/21.
about 1 month ago ( Terry )
"Do you still owe $5000 in back taxes?"
about 1 month ago ( Chad )
This number was provided on a fraudulent unemployment claim in my name and this has been reported to the appropriate agencies.
about 1 month ago ( Danica )
I got a call from this number saying they found my resume on indeed. The man spoke with what sounded like an Indian accent. when he couldn't provide m... Read More
about 1 month ago (Tom)
Doctor office not spam
about 1 month ago (Lennon )
Thanks for letting me know who this is!
about 1 month ago (Bowie, David)
It's a cold caller, they sell hot water systems
about 1 month ago (Nightingale, Florence)
Received a text message from this number, gave a link that seems suspicious coming from a college (addy did not contain a .edu or .gov) not clicking i... Read More
about 1 month ago (Koons, Jeff )
I have no "what's app" and no idea what this spam is trying to do but the texts are suspicious looking.
about 1 month ago (Mii Osito )
Tried to get you to text back by texting things like "Remove me from your contact list and don't text me again", even though the number is not on cont... Read More
about 1 month ago (lil biscuit)
I’ve had my sister pay for hackers and people to come in attacked me and mess with me they stole nude photos of my computer and put them online hack... Read More
about 1 month ago (Kate)
I am God and want to destroy you
about 1 month ago (Eloise )
Mortgage collection
about 1 month ago (Joss )
This is so tale tail of a bad scam in the recording. ...."That your Geek Squad annual on-line support has been renewed successfully for another year. ... Read More
about 2 months ago ( mad )
Fake notice from "Bank of America- A charge of $122.32 is on hold. Reply YES to process."
about 2 months ago (My vampire)
harrassing, relentless and rude telemarkets for share trading accounts.
about 2 months ago ( totsik)
From the month of May up till today I've been plagued with robo spam calls from this number. Over 700 calls have been placed. All I want is for th... Read More
about 2 months ago (Caucau, Adi Asenaca )
? No response from caller
about 2 months ago ( Harmony )
They send you a check priority mail tell you to keep 500 and send the rest
about 2 months ago (Club Nola )
Scam call. These guys call all the time.
about 2 months ago (Tom)
This number keeps trying to call a different number and keeps getting mine
about 2 months ago (santas lil helper)
I get calls and have been talking to a "Drew" on this number. Claims to have moved to Dallas from New York and claims he has a medical degree but ... Read More
about 2 months ago (Varese, Edgard)
This is a scammer. They send messages Saying your bank account is locked although you don't have an acct with the company they are acting like.
about 2 months ago ( Maja )
Multiple calls this year. Left message to call back and ask for Mike Billings. Sounds like a scam. Called number back several times. Left on hold.... Read More
about 2 months ago (260.3)
Military Romance Scammer
about 2 months ago (AllieBear )
This cell phone number is my current number. I am a number guru member now; please add this information to your database; call me if you wish to v... Read More
about 2 months ago ( Arjun )
Scammer/Spammer. Caller ID using city/state always scammer.
about 2 months ago ( Tallulah )
It seems to be spam though I haven’t picked up. Caller ID reads New Jersey. Though this site says Malaysia
about 2 months ago ( Hannah )
Texting that you have sent money
about 2 months ago (Ximena )
Fake Caller ID: Clermont GA Robocalling Fraudster Scamming the elderly Phishing scam OFFSHORE CALLER
about 2 months ago (Harry Askl)
fraudulent robocall call purportedly from Verizon Wireless saying payment is overdue and phone will be disconnected. Touch 1 to continue. Had music in... Read More
about 2 months ago ( DoXTyle )
received a text "This is M.A.C. Your account is in serious delinquency. Documentation which has been mailed went unanswered after 30 days. an agent is... Read More
about 2 months ago ( Mat )
Some sort of scam. Called number and it states, "number no longer in service."
about 2 months ago ( Nunya )
Harassment our hole family
about 2 months ago (Marisa )
SCammers with nohting better to f=do with their lives but oretend to be amazon workers
about 2 months ago ( George )
Recorded voice asking for a person
about 2 months ago (crazy girl )
Text me to say I got unusual transaction on my credit card, and I don't have that credit card, to call them right now!
about 2 months ago (Stratford, Lord )
Anonymous reported this number as SPAM on August 05, 2022
about 2 months ago (Oppenheimer, J. Robert)
Do I authorize payment for the purchase I just made on Amazon in the amount of $1,200.
about 2 months ago (Una)
car insurance spam
about 2 months ago (Xia)
Called twice - didn't leave a message
about 2 months ago (Henry )
A a harassing phone call
about 2 months ago (Danco )
Randomly texted by this number.
about 2 months ago (CHICA )
Unsolicited call with no basis for calling me; claims to be tax debt and settlement service.
about 2 months ago ( Elliot )
FreeMsg: USPS: There was an issue with your scheduled delivery, for more details go to
about 2 months ago (Halliburton, Richard)
Pretending to be a woman and sending promiscuous pictures. This dude is a scammer
about 2 months ago ( Maddie )
Scam home buyers LLC steer clear
about 2 months ago (Bob )
Was sent a link for a Brittany Spears story
about 2 months ago (Ivanna )
Answered met by dead silence and call dropped after 15 seconds. Robocall phishing for live #
about 2 months ago (Freud, Sigmund )
Robocall phishing for live #
about 2 months ago ( Coralie )
This number shown as Andrew Rockwell has been ****fed on 04-Aug-2022 claiming to represent a purchase of a Mac Book on my account - which is not true ... Read More
about 2 months ago (Sir. Squirmy)
Left multiple messages for our office about them having gas and diarrhea. We are a doctors office, tried to call to schedule appointment and they ... Read More
about 2 months ago (T, NM)
about 2 months ago (Mat )
Unless you can text a landline this info is wrong. Not calls, text messages.
about 2 months ago (Sharon )
Called to tell me I've won a promotion drawing that Walgreens and CVS have games up on with secure spend gift cards. Honestly how I won, not worried i... Read More
about 2 months ago ( Ivanna)
Scam for taking personal information
about 2 months ago ( Ramon )
Status monitoring alert calls
about 2 months ago (Hailee )
Per web search, this is a Robo caller.
about 2 months ago (Curtis )
Bill collection
about 2 months ago (Skenderbeu)
Telemarketing call trying to sell 'first page' on google
about 2 months ago (Promise )
A recorded call about a vehicle warranty. SPAM.
about 2 months ago (Lynn)
Getting unwanted messages
about 2 months ago (Bella)
Claim to be from McAfee virus protection. They sent an email about a $499 transaction that I did not authorize and then went through a computer progr... Read More
about 2 months ago (Paula Mauldin)
My phone showed me calling this number?
about 3 months ago (K.Sose)
Ha ! My prize was $2.5MM. Total scam I am sure. They want information (i.e., SS number) so that they can deduct taxes plus they need bank info to send... Read More
about 3 months ago (JR )
She hacked my Instagram account and is pressuring me to send her nudes or money to get it back
about 3 months ago (Joplin, Janis)
This is a visa/mastercard debt consolidating company. They use different local phone numbers but have the same recording. Robo call. Annoying.
about 3 months ago (Paula Mauldin)
harrassing call, scammer, tried to sell media ads
about 3 months ago (Floss )
They keep calling, I won't answer it,I let my answering machine take it, but they hang up
about 3 months ago (Dianne Barr)
Apparently it is the HR Department, but is probably fake.
about 3 months ago (BooterButt)
Asked for my name when I asked them to identify themselves they hung up.
about 3 months ago (Kyleigh )
Scammer. Don’t waste your time.
about 3 months ago (xx.xx.59.83)
said they were from police dept looking for donations
about 3 months ago (Alice)
Fake Comcast call Robocalling Fraudster Scamming the people
about 3 months ago (Robocalling Fraudste )
This person left an email purportedly from the Geek Squad saying that our bank account would be debited $499 for an annual subscription. The email add... Read More
about 3 months ago (Rob )
I called back this #, but it is not working #. Scam? Block!!
about 3 months ago (xx.xx.59.83)
Unknown caller
about 3 months ago (some dude)
about 3 months ago (Leon Burkhart)
about 3 months ago (Jeff cooper)
Two texts exactly one week apart from 87598, asking to call this number. I don't know what to make of it but not calling!
about 3 months ago (AB)
Repetitious SCAM ROBOCALL from 209 area code. Repeated number this time.
about 3 months ago (Mcnerd)
Medicare card information
about 3 months ago (Benedict )
Number left to call back that’s it
about 3 months ago (Gunner )
Got a random unknown text that said “how are you”
about 3 months ago (Mary)
a fishing call to see if the number was answered by a person. no one responded to my 2 Hellos, then the call was disconnected at their end
about 4 months ago (samual )
Anonymous reported this number as SPAM on June 15, 2022
about 4 months ago (Cherie )
Apparently bill collector calling from a call center.
about 4 months ago (Myah )
repeat caller. does not leave message.
about 4 months ago (Dragon Cat Parrot)
Pain in the***automated fax line. In the past week, I have received 24 voicemails from these morons. Can someone find a girlfriend for the asshat who ... Read More
about 4 months ago (Lovely boy)
want to know who it is
about 4 months ago (Ember )
Spectra Credit Union
about 4 months ago (Tommy)
message cut off on voice answer then continues in Chinese
about 4 months ago (nonion)
Devolver celular a Alfonso Durand 668
about 4 months ago (Emzykinz)
I did not answer. They called twice within five minutes.
about 4 months ago (SunVolt )
Caller ID says Wells Fargo but they never leave a message. Possible scammer.
about 4 months ago (Dragon Cat Parrot)
called and left no voicemail
about 4 months ago (Toy Dogwatch)
trying to verify this person is who they say they are
about 4 months ago (Anand )
I called this number back. And. It went directly to a voicemail that said. Thank you for calling the fund raising center.... Then a long, awkward paus... Read More
about 4 months ago (Drew )
Spectrum,att/directv offering help to lower bills.
about 4 months ago (Wade)
Debit card spam.
about 4 months ago (Cory)
Constant calling. No message left. When call the number, it says that the number is not a working number.
about 4 months ago (Ernesto Mondragon)
Your add says you can identify the call. Your report proves you didn't and probably can't.
about 4 months ago (Skyla)
This person tried to steal my identity to commit Unemployment Insurance Fraud
about 4 months ago (Margera, Brandon Bam)
SCAM! ADT spam trying to sell home security
about 4 months ago (Farrah )
Says from Amazon with huge bill.
about 4 months ago (xx.xx.191.183)
Jasmine was previous owner of this phone but I have a gut feeling it's my my boyfriend Robert dewayne bishop he is the only one that has had access to... Read More
about 4 months ago (Exxon )
Spam Risk. Claims to be ATT. Texts with bonus link.
about 4 months ago (Domino Combat )
Portfolio Recovery Associates
about 4 months ago (Leo)

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