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about 59 minutes ago (ExportSmall)
This guy is crazy.He has stalked me for months.Hacked into all of my accounts and will not leave me alone.
about 3 hours ago (Anonymous )
If you meet this person. Stay away. Slimy cheater and woman beater.
about 4 hours ago (Sarah)
No msg--blocked
about 4 hours ago (joycee)
Health insurance scam
about 5 hours ago (Anonymous)
left no msg
about 5 hours ago (scammerJammer)
Called at 8:35pm and left no message.
about 6 hours ago (Tim)
Exact message shown above. Call came in @ Midnight!!!
about 6 hours ago (Kristen Shea)
(815) 363-9673 4:43 PM For a 2009 requires Banks to periodically review credit card accounts because we have been monitoring your account and your o... Read More
about 7 hours ago (Interest Rate Scam)
After I picked up, I heard the telltale beep of a number transferring lines (usually VoIP). Sounds of a bustling call center in the background. He cal... Read More
about 7 hours ago (Fal)
Repeated calls; no message. Also done so by nearly the same number, but Instead ending with 8.
about 8 hours ago (N)
Received a call from this number. No message. Likely spam.
about 9 hours ago (Anonymous )
Called, left no message
about 9 hours ago (Rod)
s**m of the earth telemarketing a**holes that deserves to be dragged out and sh*tted on.
about 9 hours ago (Anonymous )
(631) 274-1186 1:26 PM This message is intended to contact you in regards to a legal case filed against your name. This is Officer Michelle White fr... Read More
about 9 hours ago (Irs scam)
Same here same number called but they jus hung up twice to me in a day no clue who this is
about 9 hours ago (Michelle)
I just start telling the the person you are looking for is deceased. They arent, but it seems to end the call. When they ask well can they still take ... Read More
about 9 hours ago (Tony C)
Just as I was typing this report got another call from these jerks. Now it is 9:11 EDT. MY wife an invalid is already trying to go to sleep. Pitiful t... Read More
about 9 hours ago (Glenn)
Got a call from this number called it back got a person. Said not a scam I said I would sue their ass they hang up on me couldn't tell me what it was ... Read More
about 9 hours ago (Dee)
This number called and left a voicemail saying i was going to be arrested and to call them back immediately...before i get arrested. Total fraud.
about 10 hours ago (Kelly)
Pretended to be a Pharmacy but no Indian accentbthis time. First tried texting I blocked then called using the same prefix but different number
about 10 hours ago (Pmaze)
Received call. Did not answer. No msg left
about 10 hours ago (MK CA)
Called the number back and it's a Spanish speaking that works at ATT.
about 10 hours ago (David C)
Forgot to mention the man who answered sounded like he was from India and possibly the same person.
about 10 hours ago (Teresa)
cam / CB: Green World Pro. They have called 49+ times from many different numbers
about 11 hours ago (JMac)
Didn't answer it. No msg left.
about 11 hours ago (Tom)
No message.
about 11 hours ago (Florida)
silent, hung up after 5 seconds
about 11 hours ago (Cia )
Called me four times in 45 minutes. Left a message about getting my info off a job site and I could make $60,000+. First couple times I answered, no o... Read More
about 11 hours ago (lauren)
Called 6:45 p.m. - do not know number, do not answer. No message, my guess is spam.
about 11 hours ago (Katie)
called no answer might be a scamer
about 11 hours ago (anonymous)
Constant harassment!
about 11 hours ago (WirelessFinder)
Called my cell but the call was blocked by an app on my phone. The app labeled this call as a 'Severe Fraud Threat'.
about 12 hours ago (djg)
Spam! This is a spanish speaking guy claiming that he works for at&t. Hung up on him and blocked the number :)
about 12 hours ago (alex)
Recording saying they where back pain specialist and in my area. Asked if I wanted to speak to a specialists then hangs up!
about 12 hours ago (Ken)
GWU coming around with the begging bowl again. If they'd pay off my student loans, I might consider making them a donation. :-/
about 12 hours ago (Fran)
It's a spoofed number.
about 12 hours ago (Nope)
It's from Sirius XM. I told them multiple times I wasn't interested in renewing my service- which I technically never even bought in the first place, ... Read More
about 12 hours ago (Cori)
Got a call from Consulting looking for some Nellie, stated he had a package for her. What the [***]is that! I told the caller that this was not her nu... Read More
about 12 hours ago (Diana)
5 calls from this number today. T-Mobile labeled this caller "scam likely"
about 12 hours ago (Anonymous)
called me multiple times and hung up most of the time. when i called back i requested they remove my name from their list. 10 minutes later i received... Read More
about 13 hours ago (ronald davidson)
No message. If you call, leave a message.
about 13 hours ago (Calf)
caiied. I answered. number not in use. definitely some spam.
about 13 hours ago (Rich)
We receive this call at least once a day but have never answered. Just looked up the number and found we're not their only target. We've blocked the n... Read More
about 13 hours ago (Ed)
Got a TEXT from this number. Saying "Someone complimented you! See more on IRL:" Then gives 2 internet addresses.
about 13 hours ago (Missbzmommy)
I waited to talk to them. Then I talked like a moron till she hung up. I called the number right back and a recording said the number was no longer in... Read More
about 13 hours ago (Pedro)
This number calls me twice everyday!
about 13 hours ago (Jackie Harper)
numerous calls, with out any messages, says the call originated from Fort Lauderdale, Florida...i blocked it too, haha
about 13 hours ago (Don Keybols)
Call is a creditor looking for people
about 13 hours ago (Hank)
Credit card scammer. Block
about 13 hours ago (Fred)
Unknown Caller. No message left.
about 13 hours ago (Mike)
8/13/18 2:18pm - called - activate a new line business credit. Told them not interested and take me off the list.
about 13 hours ago (yakabu)
Continues to call repeatedly will not leave vm
about 13 hours ago (Bonds L)
about 13 hours ago (DiscountsCottages)
Called three times within 7 minutes. Did not leave a message.
about 14 hours ago (AndieIsMe)
They call me twice a day. I have them blocked so it just rings twice & they are disconnected. Still aggravating.
about 14 hours ago (KATHY)
They call constantly and dont say anything
about 14 hours ago (DJ)
Again, just received a phone call from them, but they don't leave a voicemail.
about 14 hours ago (Crystal)
Scammers. Try to threaten you and say you owe them money. Trust me, if the IRS was really after you the FEDS wouldve already been at your door. Dont g... Read More
about 14 hours ago (Kayla)
Romania CRA Scam " we have to issue an arrest warrant" Message left from +40 391 71209 to BC Canada cell phone
about 14 hours ago (james_h)
Scam solicitation from Silt, CO - no one that I know lives there - they didn't leave a message on machine, so now they are blocked............. Idiots... Read More
about 14 hours ago (Athena   )
Lance Moore said there were some overcharges on my merchants account and I needed to log in and they would walk me through it on the machine. Told him... Read More
about 14 hours ago (DJT)
Same as DM said above. The tip provided was to put a sticker on my toothbrush to remind me when to take my meds. I blocked the number.
about 14 hours ago (Kerry)
I have the same problem
about 14 hours ago (Chunk)
This caller has tried to call me on my cell phone numerous times since March 16, 2018. No caller ID has ever been given. As an unknown caller, I sent ... Read More
about 14 hours ago (miker)
Two calls without messages
about 14 hours ago (Granny)
Always asking for different people/professors/employees. Claiming they need to interview for the local paper, or have documents that they need to give... Read More
about 14 hours ago (College switch board operator )
Electric bill scam Framingham similar to 508-861-8986 number
about 14 hours ago (Ken)
They called my cell phone asking for my sister.I do collections myself and no process server will call you asking for someone to accept a summons.They... Read More
about 15 hours ago (CHICO)
These people called 7am this morning, no one was on the phone.
about 15 hours ago (RC)
about 15 hours ago (DC)
Called at 2:37pm Central time. Left no message.
about 15 hours ago (J. Graham)
answered,caller had my zip code & name, wanted to discuss my mortgage, which I no longer have, did not ID myself, the caller had a strong foreign acce... Read More
about 15 hours ago (Richard)
My place of business gets a call from this number once or twice daily business hours only. When answered, the line goes dead. Call back and recording ... Read More
about 15 hours ago (PAS)
Just received a phone call from this number with caller ID Amazon. I normally don't pick up, same story as others. Male caller, heavily accented Engli... Read More
about 15 hours ago (Linda)
Same as others reported. I said hello a couple times and then I heard a recorded voice speaking Chinese.
about 15 hours ago (Carla)
Keep calling talking about a warrant out for my arrest when u call the number back it says call was rejected they calm from all different numbers
about 15 hours ago (Tina yancry)
I don't answer number I don't recognize and of course if it's a call from a scammer they never leave message. I just let them waste their time because... Read More
about 15 hours ago (Max)
Called and said they were trying to get a hold of so and so and that I was on the list of relatives, and could I get a message to them? I said no and ... Read More
about 15 hours ago (Scam)
I got 10 different numbers calling. They sounded Japanese. Would leave a message. I blocked all 10 haven't hear from them again.
about 15 hours ago (mar)
I recieved two calls, left voice mails stating "how dare I keep her things" etc, and was calling while driving. I called back number to tell her she h... Read More
about 15 hours ago (Sick of spam calls)
Calls daily!! Get either dead silence or a loud click followed by a dial tone when we answer. What is the purpose of these assinine calls?????
about 15 hours ago (NortheastTradesmen)
I called this number back and got a VRU which allowed me to put my number on their Do Not Call list.
about 15 hours ago (Mike)
Cherylee Silber - Cheryl Taylor Past Charges Description Leaving Scene of an Accident & DUI 1: ASSAULT IN THE THIRD DEGREE 2: DOMESTIC VIOLENC... Read More
about 15 hours ago (Las Vegas)
unknown number, let it go to voicemail but caller did not leave voicemail. blocking this number.
about 16 hours ago (Annoyed)
Caller ID showed Volunteer Fire. Taking advantage of current fires all over the state. Scam!
about 16 hours ago (anon)
You're so right. People have no idea.
about 16 hours ago (Richard Crane E.M.)
Just received a call as well and i told the person Im going to report this and they told me to f!@k off.
about 16 hours ago (Jf)
That is my exact experience also this morning. Idid not answer call. There was no message and when I called them answer. Typical scammers.
about 16 hours ago (G.K.)
I have received calls from this number a hand full of time now. No voicemail left. they call twice in a row.
about 16 hours ago (Bubb Rubb)
Wont stop calling. They open with "calling about your health care inquiry"
about 16 hours ago (Chance)
about 16 hours ago (AShok Sood)
about 16 hours ago (G)
No message - after reading other posts- robo/scam call. Blocked
about 16 hours ago (arlaxin)
I work in Oregon, my employer uses BCBS of Texas. So it could be valid. Some of my co-workers live in Washington.
about 16 hours ago (Cheryl)
Warranty company calling for a car I do not own
about 16 hours ago (Mar)
This was an automated call apparently from Express Scripts. The message contained no particularly personal information about me (that isn't already pu... Read More
about 16 hours ago (Sarah )
Got a call from them today. When I told her I wouldnt give out my address she should have it.... she hung up on me and said she would not my account a... Read More
about 16 hours ago (Angela)
Called me today around 11:00am. Told me they found my name on website. Caller was nice but transferred me to a female with an accent. She said I was o... Read More
about 16 hours ago (Sinnamon)
My no robo shows the info and rings once before it disconnects. After reading it's a non profit, Ocean Conservancy which is a legit environmental org ... Read More
about 16 hours ago (Caroline)
Caller with accent asked for supply chain staff, when being asked to please leave a message, she just abruptly hung up.
about 16 hours ago (Operator)
Scam. Industrial warehouse. States they sell safety and warehouse supplies. Then push a free cooler. The caller then asks for your home address and is... Read More
about 17 hours ago (Buyer)
I did not answer the call & they did not leave a msg. According to a website that I visited, its possibly, a debt reduction scam.
about 17 hours ago (Dia)
This number continues to call and mentioned that they are serving papers. They called my job and provided a number to call and when you call the numbe... Read More
about 17 hours ago (Guernardo L Smith)
Same as the scam reviews already posted. Same message, everything. Don't go there. Don't recall the # the call originated from. I'm in central Florida... Read More
about 17 hours ago (Tess)
All my accounts are paid up. I have the Mr. Number app and it comes up as Capital One. I do not have a Capital One credit card. Harassing the wrong pe... Read More
about 17 hours ago (Amanda G)
Calls our business every day. I answered one day and no one was on the ohter end so I just pick up and hang up now when they call.
about 18 hours ago (Ava)
My mobile phone rang with this phone number in the caller ID. I did not recognize the phone number. I did not answer the phone call. No voice message ... Read More
about 18 hours ago (M)
Keep getting calls from this number and when I call back it says not a working number.
about 18 hours ago (Joe)
I received a call from a machine saying they have an arrest warrant with my name on it. They also said they are a debt collector. If anyone receive a ... Read More
about 18 hours ago (Salina C)
received a message that i had a warrant for my arrest.
about 18 hours ago (spam)
I can see why the sleezy debt collectors come on here and shill, but I dont see how its worth the time of an overseas scam call center. I mean, its ob... Read More
about 18 hours ago (Irritated)
Got a call today from the above from mediation services stating I have a pending case that if I dont call back I waive my right to legal counsel.
about 18 hours ago (Krista)
I have been called by this number several times! I am told to get an Attorney or face legal action! Is this Spammer ? How can i stop them ?
about 18 hours ago (Darlene Beach)
704-585-8987 954-228-1507 Source One / Source 1 (debt collections) They purchase OLD debt then attempt to collect. They called asking me to provide th... Read More
about 19 hours ago (Myname)
Picked up, dead air. Robo to my business phone. Have friends in Ashburnham MA so answered. Now blocked.
about 19 hours ago (anon)
This is your Final Notice for your credit card account...Recorded message played
about 19 hours ago (Anonymous )
about 19 hours ago (LITIGATION OFFICE)
Calls several times a day every day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never leaves a message !!!!!!! I hope they BURN -N-HE*&^%$#
about 19 hours ago (Had Enough !!!!!!!)
I received a text from +1 (209) 286-3072 reading: Someone complimented you! See more on IRL: IOS: Android: https://play.googl... Read More
about 19 hours ago (Random text)
This isn't the DNC. The ID reads "NOT IN SERVICE." So I picked up the phone and asked, "Why are you not in service?" This must have confused the calle... Read More
about 19 hours ago (I Talk, You Listen)
about 19 hours ago (DougRoyer)
Just got the same call and did the same thing when asked for my SOB. I hung up.
about 20 hours ago (Audrey)
these people just called me saying one of my loved ones filled out a patient care form for me that i was in pain and they were calling to extend benef... Read More
about 20 hours ago (pissed off)
Claims to be Express Scripts. It may not be a scam, but I have a real problem with an automated line asking me for PII like my birth date. You need to... Read More
about 20 hours ago (Paul)
Keeps on calling me. Speaks chinese or I do not know what language.
about 20 hours ago (Nicole)
CID "Ft Lauderdale" and was immediately blocked.
about 20 hours ago (Shinyong)
This number called this morning, male said it was my oldest grandson. I asked his name, he replied Sean. I said I'll tell you what I think this is; he... Read More
about 20 hours ago (Pete)
As BigA said, this person is not going to respond to you but take control of the calls coming into your parents' home by investing in a call blocker. ... Read More
about 20 hours ago (Mutton)
Robo call
about 20 hours ago (RepresentsAttractive)
Bad..never my account
about 21 hours ago (Latoneye)
Same as others...scam?
about 21 hours ago (JCL)
Called me left no message tried to call back at 9:31am but was told closed
about 21 hours ago (Pete)
Caller ID Said was san antonio tx. Left no message
about 21 hours ago (Sam)
Automated callers have not been outlawed. The post you are replying to was made 10 years ago. I doubt that person will be back to reply to you, and I ... Read More
about 21 hours ago (BigA)
about 21 hours ago (68.187.xx.xx)
Bogus SSI
about 22 hours ago (Phonebuster)
New York Private Equity Company sent a fax and asked that we call "Steve Watson" at 954-586-1000. They will help us to "increase" dramatically our sal... Read More
about 23 hours ago (LS)
Rachel called me
about 24 hours ago (Yah)
Модные женские советы здесь
about 1 day ago (CharlesVom)
you are mistaken. let's talk about compose to me in at all does not technique. have missed the most crucial.
about 1 day ago (lulljdto )
I was contacted by Darrel Simpson as well and was pressuring me and telling me that I was being investigated for money laundering and aiding terrorism... Read More
about 1 day ago (John)
Interstnrate scam
about 1 day ago (SchoolsGaming)
This person claims to be in Edmonton but I am not sure of it.
about 1 day ago (Anonymous )
It is being used by someone in Nigeria to text message me. His name is John William
about 1 day ago (Sue Hickman )
Trash service
about 1 day ago (GentlemanComparing)
I think we are all too nice. I got call, too. I told them I was going stick my shotgun up their [***].
about 1 day ago (Pissed Off)
This is a real working number from the Duvall county jail and the friend that got arrested couldnt talk to anyone until I gave credit card info.
about 1 day ago (David)
Calls at 10 pm
about 1 day ago (CamHowe)
I think she failed reading comprehension.
about 1 day ago (Ismellascam)
I was told by Scott Kellerman, that he was from Johnson Smith & Associates and that I owed past medical bills totalling $7,000. Now because I did have... Read More
about 1 day ago (Pilar)
Someone called asking about political climate and direction. They hung up after I said "Wrong direction".
about 1 day ago (G)
Called on Sunday evening re CA survey
about 1 day ago (N)
Then the courteous thing to do would have been to say, "I am sorry I dialed the wrong number", not to simply hang up. I guess the bigger question is w... Read More
about 1 day ago (BigA)
Same here! Started texting via WhatsApp and phone number. Creepy text. When put number in, it says Daniel Moreno, located in Weston, Fl.
about 1 day ago (Tammy)
A robocall attempting to steal information
about 1 day ago (LearnedAcdbentity)
Why is it you happen to reply to a post from a few months ago?
about 1 day ago (One more Thing)
Yes, incessant. Block it!
about 1 day ago (Pioneer)
One should never spread rumors or inuendo. One should always take the time to see if what they are posting is true and verified. One should use things... Read More
about 1 day ago (Umm)
It would be most helpful if you said WHY you think its a scam call. Opinions aren't helpful to anyone when they want to know why they got a call.
about 1 day ago (MikeHuntleton)
You never want to say "yes" when they call. That's what they want. So when they take your money or whatever else they want to do, they can play the re... Read More
about 1 day ago (LindsayDD)
US Health
about 1 day ago (Anonymous)
Another call from this number....CID shows Portland,Me...No message!
about 2 days ago (Jan)
Supposed to be just friends number
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )
Exact same words, but from 857-271-4077. I searched ICANN WHOIS and no such domain exists. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names an... Read More
about 2 days ago (Rex)
My phone caller ID tells me this is "Spam Murietta...CA" or something like that. Ostensibly to sound like Marietta, GA. They've been calling daily for... Read More
about 2 days ago (DukeD)
347-565-0356 Left a robocall message And if you listen to my message until the end, we will give your business a completely free unlimited executive... Read More
about 2 days ago (US Citizen)
This a recorded spam for employment
about 2 days ago (Unknown)
They call me several times a day. They change numbers as well. I don't even have an icloud account. Total scam.
about 2 days ago (Dawn)
The OP is describing what is known as neighboring calls. They happen to get a call from the same area code and prefix as their phone number with the l... Read More
about 2 days ago (Ismellascam)
You don't know that... They are scum......
about 2 days ago (me)
This number came up as Capital One. It's Portfolio Recovery. 2nd number from these losers this week with Capital One displaying. Reported to Capital O... Read More
about 2 days ago (StopFraudsters)
Got a call a message from this number. Did not answer and later I redialed. No one picked up and the google subscriber is no available .
about 2 days ago (RS)
got text from this number claiming work available at but when i tried calling it CALL COULD NOT BE COMPLETED check number and try again
about 2 days ago (michelle)
Calls and hangs up. No messages left. When called back it says, "The number you dialed is not a working number..."
about 2 days ago (B_Red)
Just got my first call from this number today, after canceling yesterday. NEVER will go back to directv now that att owns them, 5-6 months straight Iv... Read More
about 2 days ago (Rob)
Scam...don't engage
about 2 days ago (Carol)
This number had a fake rent house available
about 2 days ago (Paige)
Automated text messaging service for All About Storage that sends dunning texts in an attempt to get their customers to pay more than they owe. A repl... Read More
about 2 days ago (Maverick)
It all has been said before me. Nothing to add.
about 2 days ago (Charles)
Had to block this number after repeated calls. These calls claiming to be "peco" are not from "peco". My advive is if you can't block them don't engag... Read More
about 2 days ago (ANGEL LADY)
about 2 days ago (MissingEarth)
Sends inappropriate things and links to my 10 year old.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )
Same call at ll:13am....Who calls political or other telemarketer on Sunday morning !!!!
about 2 days ago (donotacceptunknowncallers)
Wow... 105 pages of complaints about this "survey" robot from an unknown marketing research company
about 2 days ago (Chelsea)
CID = WSHNGTNZN1 DC, no message left. BOGUS
about 2 days ago (Charles)
Speaking Chinese. Number disconnected on call back
about 2 days ago (ConfigureConsole)
called today @10:49AM, caller id said unknown, so I did not answer. No message left.
about 2 days ago (RToki)
Do NOT answer!
about 2 days ago (Josh Goodman)
Texted and called from the same number for items I posted on Craigslist. She left two different names for the same phone number. Total con artist.
about 2 days ago (Amy)
Calls 4 times a day
about 2 days ago (SolidSelection)
Prank caller.Will call multiple times in a row if you dont answer.Called at 1:00am and left messages with no voice.
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )
I got the same recorded message on my voicemail. It seems to be a scam to me.
about 2 days ago (Sue)
scam scam scam !!! Adam winston from " google ..." go1542m an indian scammers 216-539-1439 # 240 call this scammer 24/7
about 2 days ago (Mike)
Stalker and big flirt watch out for this man
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )
Scammer claims to be police. Blocked.
about 2 days ago (me)
Called at 6:56, 7:13, and 7:43 on a Sunday morning! The phone rings one time and hangs up. Ridiculous!
about 2 days ago (Maddog)
Gotta wonder why he/she even looked the number up if she/he "actually pays bills".
about 2 days ago (Tygerkat)
I like his statement that the cops will call pretending to be someone they aren't to verify someone is home.
about 2 days ago (Tygerkat)
Text scam claiming they are Verizon with an internet address to click on with the domain of a French island off the coast of Africa
about 2 days ago (Anonymous )

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